Public Gardens (and Parks) I've visited

This is a list of the public gardens and parks I've been able to visit. If you're curious the link in green will take you to my post(s) on that garden or park...the year noted is when I visited.

The United States:


The Desert Botanical Garden (2011); Part One, Part Two
Tucson Botanical Gardens (2011)


Balboa Park (2014): Intro and Palm Canyon, Old Cactus Garden, The Desert Garden, The Lath House and Australian Garden, The Zoo
Berkeley Botanical Gardens (2009); Part One, Part Two
Berkeley Botanical Gardens (2014); Part One, Part Two
Filoli (2013)
The Gardens at Cornerstone (2012)
The Huntington Gardens (2009); Part One, Part Two
The Huntington Gardens (2012); Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 3, Ch 4
The Huntington Gardens (2014): Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four
The Los Angles County Arboretum (2014); Part One, Part Two
Lotusland (2009)
The Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden at UCLA (2015)
The Ruth Bancroft Garden (2012); Part One, Part Two
The Ruth Bancroft Garden (2013)
The San Diego Botanic Garden (2014); Part One, Part Two
San Francisco Botanical Garden/Strybing Arboretum (2009); Part One, Part Two
San Francisco Botanical Garden/Strybing Arboretum (2013)
San Francisco Botanical Garden The Conservatory of Flowers (2013)
The Santa Barbara Botanical Garden (2012)
Sunset Headquarters Demonstration Garden (2013)
The Taft (2015); Part 1, Part 2
The Ventura Botanical Gardens (2015)
The Wave Garden (2013); Part 1, Part 2
The Wave Garden (2014)

New Mexico

The Rio Grande Botanic Garden (2011)
White Sands National Moument (2013)


Crater Lake (2011)
Elk Rock Garden at the Bishop's Close (2013) (2014)
The Grotto (2010)
John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Clarno Unit (2010)
Lan Su Classical Chinese Garden (2011) (2012)
Leach Botanical Garden (2010)
Lower Macleay Park and Hoyt Arboretum (2010)
Newberry Caldera and Paulina Peak (2011)
The Oregon Garden (2013)
Portland's Japanese Garden (2012)
South Waterfront Park and Tom McCall Park, Portland (2012)


Centennial Park and Natchez Trace (2010)
The Hermitage (2010)
Radnor Lake (2010)


The Bloedel Reserve (2011)
Bellevue Botanical Garden (2011)
The Dunn Garden (2011)
Heronswood (2013)
Hillside Desert Botanical Garden (2012)
Kubota Gardens (2013)
Manito Park (2009) (2011)
The Miller Garden (2013) Part One, Part Two
The Olympic Sculpture Park (2011)
The Pacific Connections Garden at the Washington Park Arboretum (2012) (2013) (2015)
The Pat Calvert Greenhouse at the Washington Park Arboretum (2015)
Seattle Japanese Garden at the Washington Park Arboretum (2012)
South Seattle Community College Arboretum (2011)
Volunteer Park and Conservatory (2010) Part One, Part Two, Part Three
W.W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory in Wright Park (2010)


Vancouver, British Columbia

Bloedel Conservatory at Queen Elizabeth Park (2010)
UBC Botanical Garden (2010); Part One, Part Two
VanDusen Botanical Garden (2010); Part One, Part Two



The Kew Gardens (2012), The Palm HouseThe Temperate HouseThe Mediterranean Garden, Sackler Crossing and "shopping"The Princess of Wales Conservatory Part 1Part 2 ; The Rock Garden and Davies Alpine House
The Chelsea Physic Garden (2012)
The Garden Museum (2012)


  1. Great! This page is, beautiful, interesting, and I like so much!!! I'm biology's student, I'm studying rock outcrop with my friends of the botanical laboratory of UEPB (nourthest of Brazil), so, I like very so much of the colections that you've posted, the monocots are our neighbors and fellows during all the searching. Now, speaking on my language: oh, blog arretado!!!

  2. M in san AntonioSeptember 19, 2013

    please come visit some gardens in Texas!

  3. You should come check out Lewis Ginter Botanical garden here on the outskirts of Richmond VA;its a little pricey,but well worth it.I think its ranked 2 in the nation.


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