Friday, March 20, 2020

The Blue Garden at Lotusland, and exploring around the house

I've jumped around so much during the months and months it's taken me to share photos from my last visit to Lotusland, I thought maybe another glimpse of the map was in order. Yesterday we left off at the water garden, today we'll look at the blue garden and the area to the back of the house (the large circle below). There's only one post left after this, and that will cover the cactus garden.

Ah the blue garden, like everything at Lotusland it's kinda wacky...

Funny in the blue garden's write-up on the Lotusland website they mention a lot of the other blue-grey plants found here, but don't mention the agaves!

But they're the best part!

I believe most of them are Agave franzosinii.

The wire cage topped Sedum morganianum is such a signature feature here in the Blue Garden.

Tired of looking at photos of agaves? Well let me point out the Blue atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica ‘Glauca’) growing just behind them.

And this Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides) covered tree.

Okay, even I admit I may have gone overboard with the agave photos...

...just a few more...

And we break free!

Off to explore the back of the house.

The Neptune fountain

Here's a very I've never captured before. Inside looking out.

So many Clivia!

I took this photo, but walked no further down that path, I think that may be the insectary, which is shown on the Lotudland map.

Lemons! But please no snacking.

Here are a couple more photos I took inside the house, during the lectures that were part of the Bromeliad Summit. A painting of Madame Walska.

And this shot, from the "powder room"...

Weather Diary, Mar 19: Hi 64, Low 37/ Precip 0

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  1. Agaves that are in perfect scale to trees and mountain views is amazing. All those blues and the lemon pergola!

  2. My heart did a little pitter-patter when it saw all those blooming clivia together and oh, to have so many lemons. Yum! Why the hats for the sedum?

    1. I believe it is to keep the critters (birds/squirrels) from decimating them.

  3. I could look at agaves all day! Lotusland is definitely on my bucket list. And, I loved the view from the powder room!

    1. Thanks for indulging my excitement at being INSIDE the house.

  4. One has to admit that all those huge agaves are pretty spectacular. Amazing they aren't mentioned in the brochure!

    1. Missing the (agave) forest for the trees...

  5. The agaves certainly add drama to the Blue Garden. It's funny but I don't remember that garden area at all. But then I was yoked to a docent-led tour so perhaps I didn't see everything.

    1. Ugh. I am so glad I've never been forced to see Lotusland in that way.

  6. Oh how I want to visit this garden! Thank you for the post!


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