Thursday, June 22, 2017

Just another windy day...

There are windy days.

And then there are windy days. This particularly ugly mess happened on a day with no high wind warnings. At random times, when the wind is just right, the male cones from the towering fir trees behind us rain down with a audible sort of  "theck" (as opposed to "thick").

Whatever the sound I am sick of cleaning up the mess.

They fall throughout the summer.

And even if I didn't mind the look of them each one has just a bit of sticky pitch at the base.

Which means they stick to your feet, and your dog.

And end up being tracked into the house.

But of course I do mind the look of them, and end up sweeping and sweeping. Which wouldn't even be so bad.

But picking them out of the potted plants...

...that gets really tedious.

This particular day I filled an extra large (19 gallon) tubtrug with the little uglies.

I find a wooden skewer is handy for flicking them out of the center of Agaves.

And I finally broke down and bought a little hand vac (this one) for getting them out of hard to deal with spots.

Plus I've learned a valuable lesson.

In my next garden I will look up. Never again will I put a patio and dozens of potted plants under a conifer that drops as much trash as these trees do.


Weather Diary, June 21: Hi 75, Low 51 / Precip 0

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wednesday Vignette, inspiration

Surely I'm not the only one who looks at these "round reducers" (so says the shelf tag at the orange big box) and sees shiny metal planters in the traditional shape?

Yes the bottom is open...but if you're placing them on soil rather than a hard surface, and don't plan to move them, then who cares? Perfect for an extremely cold hardy Agave that wants great drainage...

Weather Diary, June 20: Hi 79, Low 61/ Precip 0

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Exciting changes in the shady corner...

At the same time I built and planted my fern table (written about here), I planted this small oval stock tank with ferns. It previously held Equisetum hyemale, aka horsetail. I loved it for many years, but that love had faded.

Included in the new planting are.... Coniogramme emeiensis 'Golden Zebra'...

Pyrrosia lingua 'Eboshi'

And Blechnum chilense. Not shown individually are Selaginella braunii and Dryopteris affinis 'Crispa Gracilis'Coniogramme intermedia 'Yoroi Musha' as well as Arthropodium candidum 'Maculatum'.

You may have noticed there was an additional short silver (duct-work) planter in front of the stock tank, it holds a NOID Athyrium with wonderful bright new foliage.

You also may have noticed the two tall metal cylinders behind the stock tank...

If you have a freakishly amazing memory they may look familiar. I shared photos last August when I wrote a post about the Rebuilding Center here in Portland. I commented about the possibilities they held and several of you urged me to return and buy them. So I did.

I new I wanted to plant them up and initially planned to fill them with soil.

However after seeing how some of my other metal containers are starting to "pit" I instead begged several 5-gallon containers from friends and built up the height required to plant in one at the top of the cylinder.

I also pounded 4ft tall rebar into the ground to keep them from moving around.

After planting...

For the longest time I planned to use ferns here, thinking the tall cylinders with a hardy fern at the top could be my version of a tree fern. But then I became slightly Bromeliad obsessed and I thought about the amazing plantings at Lotusland. Thus a mix of Bromeliads and ferns it had to be.

And since Rhipsalis is happy in shade I added one of those in each container.

I am thrilled with the result!

Well I was thrilled, then I started to dislike seeing so much of the edge of the metal and decided to add some of the Tillandsia from my recent windfall.

Much better. These Tillandsia were headed for a different project, but I'd decided I wasn't thrilled with that look (to be shared soon) and went a different direction.

This makes me happy!

Wondering what it looked like "before"? Here's a photo from last year...

Zoomed in...

So much better! At least until winter. Unlike the fern table and the stock tank plantings, these will need to be dismantled and taken indoors. I wonder how the ferns will react to that? Maybe next year I'll be back to the original hardy fern idea...

Weather Diary, June 19: Hi 88, Low 61/ Precip 0

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Have (crevice) garden will travel...

After seeing these photos on Kenton J. Seth's blog I Need A Cup Of Tea I asked if I could share them and Kenton graciously agreed.

Of course I asked for the backstory, I mean how does one come to have a crevice garden in the back of their truck? Kenton wrote: "Our local extension agent for Colorado State University hosted a "Demo Days," where institutions and professionals offered small educational programs to the public at the master gardner's venue. No amount of talking or waving of arms can really beat actually building a crevice garden at a workshop, so I copied the idea from my crevice-garden building Canadian counterpart, Paul Spriggs, who has a wooden box and a pile of rocks he uses every year that fits in the back of his work pickup to take to workshops. I've been part of workshops with him up there in Victoria, and it sure is good idea. The event area here was vehicle inaccessible, so I did my demo in the parking lot and didn't even take the box out of the truck, electing to build it right in the bed. It weighed almost a half ton, but took less than an hour to deconstruct after I drove it home."

In case you're curious that stunning Agave is A. parryi v. couesii.

If you're a lover of crevice gardens you should definitely check out I Need A Cup Of Tea, Kenton shares great photos and the knowledge acquired by building these gardens all over the world. This video (here) of Kenton giving a presentation at the JC Raulston Arboretum also fantastic.

Weather Diary, June 18: Hi 79, Low 58/ Precip 0"

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Armstrong Garden Center, in Claremont, California

Last January after visiting Pitzer College (here and here) and before hitting the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden I stopped in Armstrong Garden Center (32 locations!)...

I wasn't shopping for anything in particular (especially since we flew) but always enjoying sampling the local flavor...

The kid in me found the name of this asparagus fern hilarious. I think I actually laughed out loud.

It was quite attractive too....

Oh to be able to grow tree ferns in the ground.

Sunny succulents.

Which were a little on the pricey side.

More laughs here, "cactus juice"...

With "cactus loving calcium"...who knew?

I did end up buying a small Agave 'Little Shark', but for some reason didn't take a photo of it at the nursery, it was over in that display somewhere...

With a car to haul home my treasures I could surely have done some quality shopping.

Maybe a nice big 5-gallon Leucadendron argenteum for $45...

Or a stunning Grevillea 'Ned Kelly'...

Inside there were lots of colorful Bromeliads.

I was (of course) drawn to the orange ones...

Weather Diary, June 15: Hi 63, Low 55/ Precip .45"

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