My Plants, a List

This list is a work in progress...feel free to comment with any questions you have about the plants, where I got them, whatever...and if you see something I've misspelled please let me know! Most of the plants that are crossed thru have probably died from winter cold and wet, some where given away, some of the succulents fell to the evil mealybugs.

Updated 3.2.22

A. hybrid 'Fairy Coral Red' Dec 2013 freeze
A. megapotamicum 'Paisley'
A. megapotamicum 'Red'
A. Nuabyell (2)
A. Nuabtang
A. 'Red Tiger'
A. Sweet Southern Charm
A. 'Victor Reiter'

A. caven
A. cognata 'Cousin Itt'
A. cultriformis (2) Dec 2013 freeze
A. dealbata Dead winter 2016/17 - unless it returns from the roots (tbc...)
A. pravissima gave away 3/2014
A. baileyana 'Purpurea' Dead winter 2016/17

A. mollis
A. sennii
A. syriacus (3)

A. albopilosa
A. americana (+ pups)
A. americana (Yucca Do)
A. americana 'Marginata' (Yucca Do) Dec 2013 freeze
A. americana medio-picta 'Alba'
A. americana 'Opal' dead, twice
A. americana ‘striata’ (Yucca Do)
A. americana var. protoamericana (Yucca Do)
A. americana 'Variegata' (4)
A. angustifolia 'Marginata'
A. applanata 'Cream Spike'
A. arizonica
A. attenuata (2)
A. attenuata ‘Boutin Blue’
A. attenuata 'Ray of Light'
A. attenuata variegated, might be 'Kara's Stripes' might not
A. 'Baccarat' (2)
A. ‘Blue Flame’
A. 'Blue Glow' 
A. bovicornuta overrun with Mealy Bugs
A. bracteosa (many)
A. bracteosa 'Daddy Longlegs' (Cotts/Bryon)
A. ‘Burnt Burgundy’
A. celsii var. albicans 'UCB' gave to Gerhard
A. chazaroi (I think this is actually 'Burnt Burgandy)
A. colorata
A. ‘Cornelius’
A. chrysantha
A. cupreata dwarf cowthorn
A. dasylirioides
A. desmettiana
A. desmettiana variegata
A. 'Felipe Otero'
A. ferdinandi-regis
A. ferdinandi-regis (no markings, Cistus)
A. filifera
A. franzosinii
A. funkiana 'Blue Haze'
A. funkiana 'Fatal Attraction' gave away
A. geminiflora
A. gentryi ‘Jaws’
A. gentryi 'Lime Streak' (made up name for pup from Linda Callahan)
A. gracilipes
A. gypsophila 'Blue Wave' overrun with Mealy Bugs
A. havardiana (2)
A. ‘Joe Hoak’ overrun with Mealy Bugs
A. 'Kissho Kan' oddly variegated
A. lechuguilla
A. lophantha 'Splendida'
A. lophantha 'Quadricolor'
A. macroacantha (2)
A. 'Mateo' (2)
A. montana (2)
A. montanta (seed grown, Maggie)
A. 'Mr Ripple'
A. 'Little Shark' (aka 'Royal Spine)
A. neomexicana (3)
A. neomexicana (2) (Yucca Do)
A. ocahui (2)
A. ocahui x attenuata blue
A. ocahui 'Wavy Gravy'
A. ornithobroma overrun with Mealy Bugs
A. ovatifolia (2)
A. ovatifolia 'Frosty Blue' (5)
A. ovatifolia 'Giant Form' (seed grown, Maggie)
A. parrasana
A. parrasana 'Globe' (Nat)
A. parrasana 'Meat Claw'
A. parviflora (may be something else, Nat/Cotts)
A. parryi 'JC Raulston' (6)
A. parryi (Flagstaff)
A. parryi 'Lime Streak'
A. parryi 'Notorious RBG' (my name for a NOID purchased at the Ruth Bancroft garden)
A. parryi truncata (9)
A. parryi var. parryi
A. parryi var. couesii 
A. parryi ‘Variegatus’ / ‘Excelsior’ 
A. parryi v. neomexicana x utahensis (deep blue form New Mexican agave, Kelly Grummons)
A. petrophila
A. potatorum
A. protoamericana 'Lemon Lime' (Bryon, Windcliff)
A. pygmae ‘Dragon Toes’
A. salmiana var. ferox (many)
A. salmiana var. ferox 'Mediopicta'
A. scabra
A. schidigera 'Black Widow'
A. Sharkskin' (2)
A. Shawii ssp. goldmaniana
A. Shira ito no Ohi stolen!
A. schidigera 'Shira ito no Ohi'
A. schidigera 'Royal Flush'
A. 'Silver Surfer'
A. splendida (3)
A. 'Streeker' (Sean)
A. striata
A. striata (Espadina form, Cistus)
A. striata ‘Nana’
A. stricta v. rubra
A. titanota
A. titanota 'Blue'
A. titanota dwarf
A. toumeyana var. bella
A. utahensis v. eborispina 
A. utahensis v. utahensis 
A. victoriae-reginae (3)
A. victoriae-reginae dwarf variegate 'Golden Princess'
A. victoriae-reginae variegata gave to a friend
A. weberi, 1 large, several small
A. x gracilis (2)
A. x leopoldii
A. xylonacantha gave away

Aloe (yes I know many of these are no longer aloes but here, they still are...)
A. arborescens variegata
A. aristata (in the ground!) (7)
A. 'Blue Elf' gave away
A. barberae
A. brevifolia 'short-leaved aloe'
A. capitata var. quartziticola
A. 'Carmine' (hybrid)
A. conifera
A. 'Delta Lights' gave away
A. deltoideodonta
A. distans 'Jeweled Aloe'
A. divaricata
A. dorotheae (2)
A. glauca
A. haworthioides
A. marlothii
A. nobilis
A. plicatilis
A. polyphylla
A. reitzii gave away
A. striatula
A. striata
A. saponaria
A. suzannae
A. vaotsanda x divaricata ('Fire Ranch')
A. ‘Walmsley’s Bronze’

A. 'Indian Summer'
A. isabellana

Arctostaphylos (Manzanita)
A. x ‘Austin Griffiths'
A. densiflora ‘Harmony’
A. densiflora ‘Sentinel’
A. 'Monica'

A. ringens (3)
A. sikokianum ‘Silver Leaf'
A, taiwanense

A.‘Silver Brocade’ (2)
A. versicolor 'Sea Foam' (several)
A. x latiloba 'Valerie Finnis'

A. caudatum (several)
A. europaeum (2)
A. maximum 'Ling Ling' (6)

A. elatior (4)
A. elatior 'Variegata'
A. 'China Star' (2)
A. zongbayi 'Old Glory'

A. banksii Dec 2013 freeze
A. chathamica
A. nervosa
A. nervosa 'Westland'
A. nivicola ‘Red Gem’
A. 'Red Devil' (7)
A.  'Silver Shadow'

A. himalaica var. dolichophylla
A. japonica ‘Longifolia’ (5)

B. blechnifolia
B. canei
B. ericifolia
B. grandis dead
B. marginata
B. serrata dead

NOID (craigslist purchase)
Pleioblastus fortunei (variegated) went to live with a friend to has more space
Pleioblastus viridistriatus (variegated) went to live with a friend to has more space
Phyllostachys nigra 'Black'
Phyllostachys bissetii went to live with a friend to has more space
Pseudosasa japonica 'Japanese Arrow' (3)
Sasa palmata f. nebulosa
Sasa tsuboiana went to live with a friend to has more space

B. 'Curly Fireflush'
B. 'Jurassic Silver Swirl'
B. 'Little Brother Montgomery'
B. aff. palmata DJHM13008
B. pedatifida (4)

B. albiflora
B. decosteriana
B. septentrionalis gave away

Berries (container plants)
Rubus idaeus 'NR7' — Raspberry Shortcake® Raspberry
Rubus x 'APF-236T' — Baby Cakes™ Blackberry
Vaccinium x 'ORUS-61-1' — Perpetua Blueberry
Vaccinium corymbosum 'ZF06-079' — Pink Icing™ Blueberry

B. caldasii (2, Dancing Oaks)
B. cf. edulis (2, Far Reaches)
B. sp. (Orange flowering)

Bromeliads (Dyckia and Puya are broke out separately)
A. fasciata
A. miniate
A. pupurosea
A. recurvata 'Bronze Age' (3)
A. recurvata v. artichoke
A. recurvata v. benrathii (5)
A. recurvata v. kiwi (2)
A. recurvata v. recurvata (6)
A. imperialis, previously Vriesea imperialis
B. 'Darth Vader' (Riz)
B. hallelujah
B. 'Mamie B'
B. nutans (dwarf)
B. nutans (2)
B. nutans 'Blondie'
B. nutans 'Variegata'
B. x buchholz (2)
B. pinguin (from Gerhard, Cactus Mart)
C. bivittatus 'Crimson Star'
C. 'Black Mystic ' 
C. 'Elaine'
C. lacerdae 'Menescal' (striped, from Evan)
C. ‘Opal’
D. brevifolia (2)
F. bicolor bicolor ssp. canaliculata 'Spinners Form'
F. pitcairnifolia (orig, divided)
F. pitcairnifolia (Cotswold)
F. pitcairnifolia 'Spinners Form'
G. musaica
H. podantha
H. edmundoi
H. leopoldo-horstii
N. Eleutheropetala (2)
N. 'Fire Ball ' (2)
N. 'Hannibal Lecter' (3)
N. 'Hannibal Lecter Govenors Plea'
N. pauciflora
N. 'Punctatissima Rubra'
NOID from Rare Plant Research (light green, large)
O. carnea (Windcliff)
P. nana (2)
T. secunda v. major (vivipara) (several)
T. usneoides (several)
Q. arvensis
Q. marmorata 'Tim Plowman' (3)
V. gigantea 'Nova'
V. 'Gwydonia' (auction, bromeliad summit, from Lotusland)
V. imperialis
V. ospinae
V. ospinae var. gruberi (Goudaea ospinae var. gruberi)
V. sanguinolenta (Dick's greenhouse)
V. rubyae (auction, bromeliad summit)
× Cryptbergia 'Red Burst' (Aechmea x Billbergia) (3)
W. smithii (Dick's greenhouse)

A. Forelock
A. schubertii

C. chrysanthus ‘Orange Monarch
T. acuminata
T. Little Beauty
T. Little Princess gave to Alan (4/2020)
T. Rococo

Aporophyllum Shirley 'Sun Cactus'Cleistocactus winteri (Golden Rat-tail Cactus)
E. engelmannii
E. fendleri var. rectispinus (T or C)
E.  grusonii
E. hybrid
E. triglochidiatus (2)
Echinofossulocactus phyllacanthus v macracanthus (2)
G. baldianum
G. piricarpum
Hylocereus megalanthus (dragon fruit)
Leuchtenbergia principis
Maihuenia poeppigii (4)
Maihueniopsis darwinii
M. gracilis var. fragilis
M. plumose
M. ‘Red-Headed Irishman’
Monvillea spegazzinii
Notocactus magnificus (Balloon Cactus) gave away
Obregonia denegrii 
Stenocereus marginatus (Mexican Fencepost Cactus) (3)
Tephrocactus articulatus var. inermis
Tim Hanis Wester Treasures: Echinomastus johnsonii, Echinocereus engelmannii (Cistus)

C. ‘Clemson’ (2) Dec 2013 freeze
C. NOID (Cistus tough love sale 2011, possibly C. sieberi)
C. pallidus 'Blue Foliage’ Dec 2013 freeze
C. pityoides 'Excellent'
C. sieberi
C. viridiflorus (2)
C. viridiflorus 'Xera Compact'
C. ‘Woodlander's Hardy Red’ (3)

C. vulgaris 'Chocolate Winter' 
C. vulgaris 'Firefly' 
C. vulgaris Skyline Sydney (2)
C. vulgaris 'Stockholm' (3)
C. vulgaris 'Zalina'
C. vulgaris 'Zoe'
C. vulgaris 'Zeta'
C. vulgaris (Wickwar Flame Heather)
C. vulgaris 'Multicolor'

C. ‘Australia’ (2)
C. 'Cleopatra'
C. 'Durban'
C. 'Red Velvet'
C. x generalis (3)

C. ‘Joyce Coulter' (removed October 2012)
C. gloriosa ‘Pt Reyes’
C. griseus horizontalis 'Diamond Heights'
C. impressus ‘Victoria’
C. thyrsiflorus 'Zanzibar'

C. 'Arctic Queen'
C. florida var. sieboldiana
C. 'Gipsy Queen'
C. 'Polish Spirit'
C. recta 'Purpurea Select'
C. repens 'Bells of Emei Shan'
C. tibetana var. vernayi
C. x 'Danielle'

C.  australis (3)
C. australis 'Renegade'
C. 'Cha Cha' (2)
C. 'Electric Flash'

C. Cotoneaster (2)
C. virgata 'Sunsplash'

C. paniculata
C. spicata

C. echinocarpa
C. imbricata
C. imbricata 'Guadalupe'
C. imbricata x davisii
C. whipplei
C. whipplei 'Snow Leopard'

D. x burkwoodii 'Briggs Moonlight'
D. x houtteana

D. himalaense ssp macropodum 'Variegated'
D. macropodum
D. macropodum v. humile

D. leiophyllum
D. longissimum Dec 2013 freeze
D. quadrangulatum
D. wheeleri (6)

D. hybrid ‘DP401’ PP27348 (Clarity Blue Dianella) (2)
D. prunina Rainbow Twist
D. revoluta ‘Allyn-Citation’ (Sunset's Coolvista™ Dianella)

D. Hybr. Dark Violet
D. pulcherrimum 'Merlin'

D. cantonese 'Green Giant'
D. cantoniense 'Moonlight' (4)
D. cantonese ‘Night Heron’
D. sessile 'Variegata'

D. collomae
D. cymosa

D. 'Burgundy Ice’
D. choristaminea 'Frazzle Dazzle'
D. 'Grape Jelly'
D. 'Pale Ryder'
D. platyphylla
D. 'Naked Lady'
D. ‘Nickel Silver’

E. agavoides 'Lipstick'
E. ‘Black Prince'
E. elegans
E. gibbiflora 'Metallica'
E. x imbricata
E. secunda MK3406

E. amoenum
E. candicans 'Variegata'...basically a new one bought every year
E. candicans 'Death Star' (great green on green variegation)
E. fastuosum
E. russicum
E. tuberculatum
E. wildpretii (5)
E. x wildpretii 'Rocket'

E. chrysantha ‘Akebono’
E. chrysantha 'Nanjing Gold'

E. 'Amber Queen'
E. grandiflorum 'Purple Pixie'
E. wushanense
E. wushanense 'Spiny Leaf Form'
E. wushanense 'Sandy Claws'
E. x rubrum

E. arborea var. alpina (2)
E. arborea "Albert's Gold' (backyard, neighbor's garage)
E. x stuartii 'Irish Orange'

E. compositum
E. umbellatum

E. alpinum
E. bourgatii

E. ‘Sapphire Blue’
E. agavifolium (8)
E. giganteum (3)
E. maritimum (2)
E. pandanifolium Dec 2013 freeze
E. pandanifolium var. lasseauxii (2)
E. paniculatum
E. planum 'Blue Glitter'
E. proteiflorum (2)
E. venustum (7)
E. yuccafolium

E. pole-evansii
E. 'Sparkling Burgundy' or 'Oakhurst' (4)
E. ‘Zulu Flame’ (2)

E. ‘Despina’
E. atropurpurea
E. amygdaloides ‘Ruby Glow’
E. amygdaloides var. Robbiae (too many to count)
E. 'Ascot Rainbow' 
E. 'Blackbird'
E. characias ssp. Wulfenii got too woody and ugly, dug it out
E. cyparissias (too many to count)
E. 'Excalibur'
E. flanaganii
E. griffithii ‘Fireglow’
E. mammillaris var. variegata
E. mellifera (passed on to another gardener)
E. platyclada (3)
E. polychroma
E. polychroma 'Bonfire'(2) died a quick death
E. polygona cv. 'Snowflake' (2)
E. rigida (so many)
E. stygiana
E. tirucalli
E. trigona v. Rubry (dead, never recovered from being shipped home from NM)
E. x martinii

F. japonica (2)
F. japonica 'Variegata' (Camouflage)  'Murakumo Nishiki'
F. polycarpa ‘Needhams Lace’

F. japonica 'Argenteum'
F. japonica 'Kaimon Dake'

A. aleuticum
A. microphyllum (2)
A. pedatum ‘Imbricatum’
A. raddianum
A. shastense (Gossler)
A. x tracyi (3)
A. venustum (so many...)
A. simplicior 'Variegata' (several)
A. 'Crispy Wave'
A. nidus 'Aves'
A. scolopendrium (2)
A. trichomanes (so many!)
A. x ebenoides
A. filix-femina 'some something' (I didn't get a label)
A. niponicum 'Pictum-Applecourt' (5)
A. otophorum (3)
B. chilense (5)
B. penna-marina (5)
B. spicant
b.  hispida
C. argentea
C. sinuata / Astrolepis sinuata (2)
C. lanosa
C. lindheimeri sadly the painters smashed this into the dead zone
C. tomentosa (2)
C. emeiensis 'Golden Zebra' (4)
C. intermedia 'Yoroi Musha' (2)
C. japonica var. gracilis (2)
C. falcatum (2)
C. fortunei (3)
C. cooperii 'Brentwood'
D. Antarctica
D. affinis 'Crispa Gracilis'
D. erythrosora
D. filix-mas 'Linearis Polydactyla’
D. sieboldii (3)
L. microphyllum (4)
L. bicolor/hardy ribbon fern
M. struthiopteris (3)
N. truncatus (Evan)
On a stick
Elaphoglossum sp
Microgramma vaccinifolia
O. sensibilis (3)
O. regalis
P. bifurcatum 'Netherlands' 
P. pseudoaureum
P. aureum 'Mandaianum'
P. glycyrrhiza (2)
P. scouleri (5)
P. polyblepharum
P. setiferum 'Congestum'
P. setiferum v. 'Divisilobum'
P. cretica 'Ping Wu' aka Ping Wu Dwarf Hardy Ribbon Fern
P. hastata (3)
P. lingua (7)
P. lingua crested (Shari MacDonald, WeHop)
P. linqua 'Dragon's Tail'
P. lingua 'Eboshi' (2)
P. lingua 'Hiryu' (stock tank edge, Plant Delights MO)
P. lingua 'Kei Kan' (fern crevice garden, Plant Delights MO)
P. lingua ‘Nokogiri Ba' (from Cistus, Ann grown)
P. lingua 'Ogon Nishiki' (fern table, Secret Garden Growers)
P. lingua 'Variegata' (4)
P. lingua var. lingua 'Cristata'
P. lingua 'Yabane Fu' (fern table, LPO)
P. polydactyla (fern bowl)
P. polydactyla 'Taipingshan' (stock tank, Secret Garden Growers)
P. sheareri (2)
P. sp. SEH#12547 (2, RSBG)
W. orientalis
W. unigemmata (3)

F. afghanistanica 'Silver Lyre'
F. carica 'Little Miss Figgy'
F. pumila 'Monier's Hardy'
F. tikoua (Sean, high relevation plant Tony Rezineck

G. aetnensis
G. lydia

G. maculatum 'Elizabeth Ann'
G. phaeum 'Samobor'

G. 'Austraflora Fanfare'
G. australis removed spring 2018
G. australis var. prostrata
G. 'Ivanhoe' 
G. juniperina ‘Lava Cascade’ (3 dead,winter of 2013/14)
G. juniperina ‘Molonglo’ (lost 3 the winter of 2013/14, have planted a single "replacement")
G. lanigera Dec 2013 freeze
G. miqueliana didn't love it anymore (4/9/20)
G. 'Ned Kelly'
G. 'Neil Bell' dead for completely unknown reasons fall of 2015
G. 'Peaches and Cream'
G. ‘Poorinda Leane’ one day it was fine, the next day it was dead. Summer 2016
G. pteridifolia
G. rivularis seedlings!
G. 'Superb'
G. victoriae
G. victoriae 'Murray Queen'
G. x gaudichaudii (3)

G. manicata
G. perpensa
G. tinctoria

H. emelyae
H. limifolia var. ubomboensis (Ann, UofW)
H. NOID (Yaquina Nursery & Greenhouse)
H. splendens
H. tessellata

H. armstrongii
H. 'Bracken Hill'
H. 'Karo Golden Esk'
H. ochracea 'James Stirling' 
H. pimeleoides 'Quicksilver' 
H. 'Wingletye'

H. argutifolius
H. 'Black Diamond'
H. foetidus (3)
H. Frostkiss 'Cheryl's Shine' (?dead?)
H. 'Ice 'n Roses'
H. ’Ice n Roses Merlot’
H. 'Onyx Odyssey'
H. 'Rio Carnival' (2)
H. x ballardiae Pink Frost
H. x hybridus 'Frostkiss Winter Angels Charmer' (?dead?)
H. x hybridus 'Jade Tiger'
H. x 'Golden Sunrise'
Plus 3 NOID Hellebores, an apricot, back and white blooming

H. parviflora (red flower) (2)
H. parviflora (yellow flower)

H. angustifolia var. angustifolia
H. coriacea 
H. coriacea 'Cathedral Gem'

H. ‘Dust Devil’
H. ‘June’
H. ‘Lakeside Cupcake’
H. ‘Little Sunspot’
H. 'Love Pat'

H. 'Samuel Blue'
H. ‘Whirlwind’

I. confusa Dec 2013 freeze
I. cristata (3)
I. PCH  'Wildberry Shortcake'
I. tuberosus / Hermodactylus tuberosus (green and black flower)

Jungle Cactus
A.  'Shirley' Orchid Cactus
Disocactus macranthus (related, so I'm putting it here)
E. / Selenicereus chrysocardium
E. hybrid cuttings from Sunflower Farms 
E. NOID (several)
E. oxypetalum (Janet)
L. cruciforme (2, very different looking)
L. cruciforme spiralis (2)
L. sp.
R. baccifera
R. baccifera subsp horrida (2)
R. ewaldiana
R. houlletiana
R. paradoxa
R. pentaptera
R. ramulosa
Schlumbergera NOID

K. beauverdii
K. beharensis
K. orgyalis (Copper Spoons)
K. pumila
K. tomentosa 'Chocolate Soldier'

K. caulescens
K. hirstuta 
K. NOID hybrid w/ green and yellow flowers 
K. typhoides

L. ‘Dark Shadow’
L. lanigerum perfectly happy, maybe even too happy, I removed it May of 2018
L. namadgiensis (gave to a friend)

L. argenteum
L. 'Ebony'
L. 'Jester'
L. 'Jubilee Crown'
L. salignum 'Winter Red'
L. 'Silvan Red'
L. 'Wilson's Wonder'

L. cotyledon 'Sunset Series'
L. 'Little Raspberry'
L. NOID hot pink blooming

L. ixioides 'Taupo Sunset'
L. peregrinans 'Bronze Sword'

L. 'Britt-Marie Crawford'
L. dentata 'King Kong'
L. dentata Othello'
L. 'Osiris Cafe Noir' (sadly it just disappeared)
L. 'Rocket'

Lilium (I suck with bulbs)
L. ‘Kaveri’
L. 'Conca d'Or'
L. 'Forever Susan'
L. Landini

L. ferruginea (2)
L. myricoides
L. tinctoria

L. ciliosa
L. crassifolia (3)
L. x brownii 'Dropmore Scarlet'

L. chinense 'Sizzling Pink'
L. chinense var. rubrum 'Hindwarf'
L. 'Jazz Hands' mini

L. albifrons 
L. arboreus 
L. sericatus

M. laevifolia
M. macrophylla

M. confusa 'Narihira' 
E. eurybracteata 'Cistus Silvers' (2)
M. eurybracteata 'Soft Caress' (5)
M. fortunei 'Curlyque' (2)
M. fortunei ‘Dan Hinkley’
M. gracilis
M. gracilipes (2)
M. 'Indianola Silver'
M. lomariifolia ssp. tenuifolia / aka Mahonia oiwakenses ssp lomariifolia v tenuifoliola (Sean)
M. nervosa
M. x media 'Charity'
M. x media 'Marvel' (3)
M. x sevillana—hybrid between M. eurybracteata and M. gracilipes (2, Miller Garden)

M. ‘spot’
M. maculosa
M. undulata 'Chocolate Chips'
M. virginica

M. 'Bad Hair Day' (2)
M. 'Blazing Saddles'
M. 'Carnival'
M. 'Catch a Wave' (2)
M. 'Falling Waters'
M. 'Femme Fatale'
M. 'Frosted Elegance'
M. 'Inkblot' (3)

M. Kaleidoscope
M. 'Lavender Lady' 
M. ‘Macho Mocha’ Dec 2013 freeze
M. 'Man of Steel'
M. 'Moonglow'
M. 'My Dog Spot'

M. 'Navajo Princess'
M. 'Purple People Eater'
M. 'Redwing'
M. 'Silver Fox'
M. 'Snow Leopard'

M. 'Tooth Fairy' gave away
M. 'Whale Tale'

M. major 'Antonow's Blue' 
M. major 'Purple Haze'
M. villosus

M. astonii (2)
M. axillaris (in a container)
M. ephedroides

N. alata (many)
N. 'Miranda'
N. platychila x veitchii (Dan)

N.‘La Siberica’ (3)
N. microcarpa gave to a friend
N. nelsonii Dec 2013 freeze

Nymphaea the damn raccoons have destroyed any hope I had of growing water lilies
N. 'Joey Tomocik'
N. 'Marliacea Chromatella' (water lily)
N. Perry’s Almost Black

O. aciculata
O. argentiniana
O. (Tephrocactus) articulata
O. 'Baby Rita'
O. basilaris 'Bugsy'
O. basilaris hybrid
O. basilaris ‘Sara’s Compact’
O. basilaris var. brachyclada
O. ‘Cristiani spineless’
O. cochenillifera variegata
O. cycloides
O. echinocarpa 'Portal Blonde'
O. ellisiana
O. engelmannii
O. erinacea 'Browse Cherry'
O. ficus-indica 'burbank spineless'
O. fulgida var. mammillata 'Monstrosa'
O. humifusa (3)
O. linguiformis
O. macrocentra (4)
O. mammillaris “Boxing Gloves”
O. microdasys
O. monacantha variegata
O. NOID, gifts from neighbor
O. NOID, dug in T or C, NM
O. polyacantha
O. polyacantha 'Peter Pan' (2, Kelly Grummons)
O. pusilla - gold spined form
O. x rutila

Bulbophyllum saurocephalum (on a stick)
Bulbophyllum sp. mini rambling laxiflorum type (on a stick)
Dendrobium rosellum (on arctostaphylos stick)
Dendrochilum smithianum (pulcherimum) (on a stick)
Paphiopedilum supersuk 'Eureka'

Rhapidophyllum hystrix (Needle Palm)
T. fortunei
T. fortunei var Nainital (seed grown, Maggie)
T. wagnerianus (2)

P. polyphylla
P. Heronswood form
P. quadrifolia

P. 'Amethyst Jewel'
P. ‘Fata Confetto’
'P. hybrid 'Aphrodite's Purple Nightie'
P. incarnata
P. Jamesonii 'Coral Seas' 
P. 'Lady Margaret'
P. lutea
P. 'Purple Tiger'
P. rovirosae
P. 'Snow Queen'
P. 'Sunburst'

P. microcephala ‘Red Dragon’
P. runcinata 'Purple Majesty'
P. v. ‘Brushstrokes’

P. divaricatum white flowers have changed the ID on this one to P. anomalum
P. illicioides 'Strappy'
P. patulum
P. tenuifolium 'Atropurpureum' fell out of love, gave it away
P. tenuifolium 'County Park Dwarf'
P. tenuifolium 'Silver Ruffles' dead

P. alpinus 'Blue Gem'
P. alpinus ‘Orangeade’
P. gracilior 'Fern Clouds'
P. lawrencei 'Blue Gem'
P. macrophyllus ‘Maki’ (I think, need to find lost label)
P. macrophyllus 'Miu' / Roman Candle™ Podocarpus
P. matudae

P. delavayi
P. peltatum
P. pleianthum
P. 'Red Panda'
P. 'Spotty Dotty'

P. trifoliata
P. trifoliata 'flying dragon'

P. crassifolius Dec 2013 freeze
P. discolor (Nelson, NZ)
P. ferox
P. laetus
P. x 'Sabre'

P. chilensis (in a container)
P. coerulea var. coerulea (in a container)
P. mirabilis

xPuckia 'Sparkle' (from Gerhard an intergeneric hybrid between Puya and Dyckia)

Q. dentata 'C.F. Miller'
Q. dentata 'Pinnatifida’ (Cutleaf Emperor Oak)

R. 'Ebony Pearl'
R. forrestii ssp. forrestii Tumescens
R. laramie
R. pachysanthum
R. sinogrande (3)
R. stenopetalum linearifolium
R. williamsianum
R. 'Wine and Roses'

R. aesculifolia (3)
R. 'Bronze Peacock' (3)
R. pinnata ‘Chocolate Wings”
R. podophylla ‘Rotlaub’
R. podophylla ‘Bronze Form’ (2)

S. apiana 
S. clevelandii 'Alpine Form'
S. koyamae

Sarracenia and other carnivorous plants
Darlingtonia californica
Dionaea muscipula (venus flytrap)
Nepenthes alata
S. alata Red Hood
S. fuji
S. "hybrids' (multiple)
S. purpurea
S. purpurea montana
S. Redneck
S. rubra jonesii
S. x 'Judith Hindle'
S. x Mountain Splendor

S. cartilaginea
S. cotyledon 'Caterhamensis' 
S. crustata
S. dentata, fuzzy leaf form from Chava
S. hypnoides
S. k. 'Foster's Red'
S. 'Lantoscana Suberba'
S. longifolia (4)
S. macnabiana (4)
S. paniculata f. rosea
S. 'Primuloides' (patches!)
S. urbium
S. urbium 'Aureopunctata' (many)
S. stolonifera "Maroon Beauty'
S. taygetea 'Rotundifolia' (listed as Zone 10, so far okay to 26F)
S. x geum 'Dentata' (2)
S. x macnabiana
S. x longifolia (4)
S. x longifolia hybrid (2)
S. x urbium 'Primuloides'
S. 'Whitehill'  

S. brevipedunculata
S. delavayi 
S. taiwaniana

S. confusum
S. ochroleucum 'Crested Centaurus'
S. forsterianum 'Antique Grill'
S. 'Lime Zinger' 
S. obtusifolium (front garden, small aeonium-like)
S. palmeri
S. spathulifolium 'Cape Blanco'
S. spathulifolium 'Carnea'
S. takesimense
S. ternatum 'Larinem Park’
S. tetractinum (spreader near lil'Sanford)
S. rupestre 'Angelina'

S. 'Braunii'
S. kraussiana 'Aurea'

So many that I've never bothered to track
S. Oddity

S. ficoides 'Mount Everest' PP22188 (Skyscraper® Senecio)
Senecio radicans 'String of Blimps'
Senecio scaposus

S. biflorus (2)
S. uniflorus

S. 'Little Baby' (3)
S. microphylla 'Sun King'

S. aconitifolia (several)
S. Sp. (as intermedia) DJHT12101 ex Taiwan

Spiky/Dangerous/Barely Hardy Miscellaneous Cool Stuff
Acaena inermis ‘Purpurea’ 
Acantholimon laxipicatum (Kathy's Rock Garden)
Acca sellowiana (2)
Adenanthos sericeus (Coastal Woollybush)
Aeschynomene fluitans (water plant)
Aesculus hippocastanum 'Laciniata'
Aeonium tabuliforme
Acnistus australis Dec 2013 freeze
Ajuga reptans 'Black Scallop' (several)
Akebia longeracemosa 'Victor's Secret'
Albizia julibrissin ‘Summer Chocolate’
Alluaudia procera
Aloinopsis spathulata (DBG)
Alternanthera Little Ruby
Amsonia hubrichtii
Anemone 'Honorine Jobert'
Anigozanthos flavidus
Antennaria microphylla
Arabis ferdinandi-coburgi 'Old Gold' 
Aralia cordata 'Sun King'
Argyrocytisus battandieri
Arthropodium candidum 'Purpureum' (several)
Arum italicum 'Jack Sprat'
Arundo donax ‘Gold’ gave away
Astilbe x arendsii 'Chocolate Shogun' (2)
Astilboides tabularis
Azara microphylla (2)
Berkheya purpurea (2—if they survive rabbit munching)
Bocconia frutescens (Tree Poppy) (gave away)
Bougainvillea x buttiana 'Barbara Karst'
Brachyglottis greyi (Senecio greyi) 
Brunnera macrophylla 'Hadspen Cream'
Buddleia globosa (orange) - might be dead, poor placement dead
Bukiniczia cabulica (3)
Bupleurum angulosum
Caesalpinia gilliesii 
Calibanus hookeri
Callisia fragrans (several)
Calothamnus villosus (Silky Net Bush) gave away
Calocephalus brownii
Calycanthus floridus 'Athens'
Carex muskingumensis 'Oehme'
Carex siderosticha 'Banana Boat'
Carlina acaulis ssp. simplex Dec 2013 freeze
Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca' gave to a friend (5/21) it really needed to get out of a container
Centaurea atropurpurea
Cephalotaxus harringtonia 'Prostrata' (2)
Cestrum nocturnum
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Wissel's Saguaro'
Chondropetalum elephantinum Dec 2013 freeze
Cissus incisa 'Guadalupe' (? hmmm, don't remember seeing it last year...)
Clianthus puniceus Dec 2013 freeze
Colutea x media (I believe it's actually C. arborescens) never came back in spring
Comptonia peregrina
Convolvulus cneorum
Convallaria majalis 'Aureovariegata' (2)
Coprosma rugosa
Cornus sanguinea 'Compressa'
Correa backhouseana
Correa 'Ivory Bells'
Cotinus ‘Royal Purple'
Crinum x Purple Dream (2) Dec 2013 freeze
Crocosmia × crocosmiiflora
Cryptomeria japonica 'Rasen' (decided it had to go... too big for the space)
Curculigo sp. JSM
Cyclamen hederifolium 'Xera's Sterling' (2)
Cyperus albostriatus 'Variegatus' 
Datura 'Purple Ballerina'
Delosperma 'Fire Spinner'
Dicliptera suberecta
Dioon edule
Dodonaea viscosa var. purpurea (2)
Dracaena draco
Drimys winteri
Drimys winteri var. chiloense 'Pewter Pillar' Dec 2013 freeze
Embothrium coccineum
Encephalartos horridus (dead)
Ephedra equisetina
Epipactis gigantea 'Serpentine Night'
Eriobotrya japonica (2)
Erythrina crista-galli (Cockspur Coral Tree) gave to a friend
Eulophia petersii (desert orchid, from Lance)
Euonymus nanus var. turkestanicus (3)
Eupatorium capillifolium
Equisetum hyemale
Fothergilla gardenii 'Blue Mist'
Fremontodendron x 'California Glory’
Furcraea gigantea 'Striata'
Furcraea variegata (off to plant heaven)
Gasteria glomerata
Ginkgo biloba 'Variegata'
Glumicalyx goseloides
Greenovia aurea 'Gran Canaria Form'
Hamamelis x intermedia 'Rochester'
Halimium halimifolium f. maculatum
Hakea epiglottis
Hesperantha coccinea 'Oregon Sunset'
Hibiscus syriacus 'Red Heart'
Hymenanthera alpina
Hymenanthera alpina, prostrate form
Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron'
Indigofera amblyantha
Jasminum nudiflorum
Juniperus communis v saxatilis
Juniperus conferta 'Blue Pacific' (7)
Knautia macedonica
Lardizabala biternata
Lavender 'Phenomenal'
Lavandula allardii 'Meerlo'
Lemmaphyllum microphyllum (4)
Leonotis leonurus
Leucosceptrum japonicum 'Mountain Madness'
Leucothoe fontanesiana 'Rainbow' (3)
Lessertia montana
Lobelia laxiflora 
Lomandra longifolia ‘Roma13’ PP25962 (Platinum Beauty™ Lomandra)
Ludisia discolor
Lysimachia paridiformis var. stenophylla
Macleaya cordata ( I think my garden is the only place this "thug" won't thrive)
Manihot grahamii (keep trying, keep failing)
Marrubium rotundifolium
Mathiasella bupleuroides
Maytenus boaria 'Green Showers'
Metapanax delavayi
Microcachrys tetragona (creeping strawberry pine) (2)
Monarda macrantha
Monvillea spegazzinii (2)
Morina longifolia
Musella lasiocarpa
Murdannia loriformis 'Bright Star' 
Nananthus transvaalensis 
Oenothera macrocarpa ssp. incana
Olea europaea 'Frantoio' gave to a friend
Oscularia caulescens (cuttings from JKuzma)
Osmanthus heterophyllus 'Purpureus'
Pachypodium succulentum
Pachysandra axillaris 'Windcliff Fragrant' (3)
Pachystegia insignis
Panicum virgatum
Paulownia tomentosa
Parahebe perfoliata
Paeonia 'Smith Opus'
Pelargonium sidoides
Peltoboykinia watanabei
Peperomia kimnachii (Derick)
Phylica pubescens Dec 2013 freeze
Phlox paniculata 'Jeana'
Piptanthus nepalensis var. tomentosus
Pinellia pedatisecta 
Plantago major 'Rubrifolia'
Prostanthera cuneata
Protea cynaroides
Raoulia australis (2)
Rhamnus frangula (Fine Line Buckthorn)
Rosa sericea ssp. omeiensis f. pteracantha (Wingthorn rose)
Santolina chamaecyparissus 'Lemon Queen'
Sambucus Black Lace
Sarcostemma 'Green Twigs'
Sarcococca ruscifolia
Senna didymobotrya/Popcorn cassia (winter)
Senna artemisioides
Seseli gummiferum
Scadoxus puniceus
Schizachyrium scoparium 'The Blues' (2)
Scleranthus uniflorus
Sinningia tubiflora (aka Hardy White Gloxinia, Maggie)
Sinopanax formosanus
Sonchus canariensis gave to a friend (5/21)
Stachyurus salicifolius
Strobilanthes gossypinus
Stokesia laevis 'Omega Skyrocket'
Stomatium suaveolens
Symphytum × uplandicum 'Axminster Gold'
Tanacetum densum
Tetrapanax papyrifer (7 and multiplying)
Telopea truncata
Teucridium parvifolium
Thalictrum 'Evening Star'
Thuja plicata 'Whipcord'
Tradescantia spathacea 'Sitara's Gold'
Tropaeolum peregrinum “Canary Creeper”
Uncinia strictissima
Verbascum blattaria (3)
Verbena bonariensis
Weigela ‘Dark Horse’
Xerophyllum tenax (Bear grass) (2)
Xerophyta capensis
χ Fatshedera lizei ‘Annemieke’ (2)
Zamia furfuracea (Ann)
Zingiber malaysianum 'Midnight'

T. asiaticum 'Ogon Nishiki' (several)
T. asiaticum 'Red Top' (2)
T. asiaticum 'Shirofu Chirimen'
T. asiaticum 'Variegatum'
T. jasminoides 'Variegatum'

V. Californicum
V. nigrum

Y. aliofolia
Y. aloifolia 'Purpurea' aka Y, desmetiana 'Blue Boy'
Y. aloifolia 'Variegata'
Y. angustissima 'South Side'
Y. baccata 
Y. brevifolia
Y. elata
Y. faxoniana
Y. filamentosa, dug in Spokane and moved with me
Y. filamentosa ‘Bronze Age’
Y. filamentosa ‘Color Guard’ (4)
Y. glauca
Y. gloriosa ‘Bright Star’
Y. gloriosa 'Variegata'
Y. harrimaniae x nana
Y. linearifolia ‘Dusky Blue’
Y. linearifolia
Y. nana (hermanniae)
Y. pallida
Y. recurvifolia (3)
Y. recurvifolia ‘Margaritaville'
Y. recurvifolia ‘Variegata’
Y. rostrata (2)
Y. rostrata ‘Sapphire Skies’ (4)
Y. rupicola
Y. schottii ‘Chiricahua High’
Y. whipplei


  1. I am blown away by your FOCUS. We just finished reading the Steve Jobs book by Walter Isaacson, and that was his (Jobs') main key to success in anything.

  2. This is great! And holy moly you have a lot of agaves!

    I keep a plant list on an Excel doc. Along with the genus, species and cultivar, I keep other info I need to remember in the various columns, like where I acquired it and when, or any special care notes. It has been invaluable when my brain fails - as it does on a regular basis!

  3. I would love to see/hear about your Sansevierias! I thought to check here for them based on your comment on this page:

    Great blog, keep it up:)

    1. I wish I new what they were and I would share the info! I only have three, none of which I have tags for. Two were bought as "houseplants" at the big box (the one in the comment you mention) and the third probably had a tag at some point but that was a long long time (and several moves) ago. Sorry!

  4. I finally did a census of cacti and succulents and I am at 287! A species list is forthcoming this winter ...


    1. I saw that on your blog last night...WAY IMPRESSIVE! I wanted to comment but can't figure out how to do so on your blog.

    2. I really wish tumblr and blogger would "play nice" together ...

    3. Me too, as well as Wordpress. So silly that we can't all just get along!

  5. Hi, New to your site - and also to pointy sharp daggery plants!! Which I now lOVE!!

    It would be SO awesome if you included links to their pics here! Ya know - in between your otherwise busy day.


    1. Wouldn't that be fabulous? I'll get my assistant on that asap! (that will be a great project if we have a rainy spring)

  6. You really ought to get Rosa minutifolia--it's native to California (and Baja) and thorny as all get out. Can be persnickety too as it doesn't like too much water and will croak if kept too wet in summer. But it's so pretty with lovely mauvey pink flowers waving around on those bristley canes with fern like leaves. Plant likes to bloom after rain, so flowers can occur at almost any time of year. Try here for pics,

    I thought I read on your blog sometime back that you were interested in Acanthogilia gloriosa. The Rancho Santa Botanic Garden in Claremont, CA has a big one growing on the grounds. Armed to the teeth! With beooootiful white flowers. If one is a member, one can buy a packet of seeds from RSABG....... I have a bunch of pics of this plant if you want to see it.

    1. Thank you for the plant leads Tessie! I think one thorny rose is enough for me (I can't risk my reputation as a rose hater you know! And I've already got the Wingthorn rose)...but yes Acanthogilia gloriosa looks like something I'd fall for. I wonder how it would do up here in rainy Portland, Oregon?

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your passion. I'm a trainee garden designer creating a tropical garden for a sheltered UK plot. Your combination of plants are wonderful and have truly inspired me. Thank you so much. Nicky

  8. Typo: Opunita --> Opuntia.

    1. Thanks Nell, I do that one far too often!

  9. I need a recommendation for the Willamette Valley, a dark euphorbia and a variegated green/white one. What do you know of "blackie" and glacier blue"? Thanks.

    1. Well, I know nothing. I've not grown either one. E. 'Blackbird' has its moments of looking fabulous, and then some not so fabulous. E. 'Ascot Rainbow' is a nice variegated one. Good luck!

  10. Where did you find the plant Stachyurus salicifolius? Saw it in a Seattle nursery, but have not been able to find it here on the East Coast. Appreciate the help.

    1. I purchased my plant at Cistus Nursery here in Portland, Oregon. They do mail order!

  11. You want an A. baileyana 'Purpurea'?!? I have one you can have. It needs a good home.
    I might also have a Yucca 'Color Guard' or two.

    Your blog is the best! Thanks for sharing your garden adventures.
    Stacey Stewart, Beaverton
    Eden's Gate Design
    Find me on Facebook. :)

    1. Hi Stacey...thanks for the kind words! You know I never say no to plants that need a home...

  12. if you are ever interested in trading some plant material please email me

  13. I think you should get a hylocereus

  14. Great blog! Did your Melianthus major ‘Antonow’s Blue’ die or why did you cross it off your list? Any idea where I can buy one (I live in Seattle)?

    1. It did die. After many many years of being cut back to the ground every spring it just refused to play along. It might have been the severe winter too (20016/17). I’ve no idea where in Seattle might carry them. Good luck!

  15. Do you ever sell or trade rooted cuttings. I used to have passiflora sunburst but lost it when I got really ill one year and could not care for my plants. I got mine from grassy knoll who no longer carries it. I really miss this plant and would love to have it again. Please let me know if we can work something out.


    1. Hi sorry....I don't know how your comment got past me. I do on occasion, but not that plant. I just don't have enough of it to cut. IF it has a really good summer I might be able to in the fall. Check back. You'd need to be in the Portland area though.

  16. I'm curious why Saxifraga x gum "Dentata is crossed off your list? I've been admiring it and hope to try it out. Wonderful blog! Thanks for sharing all this information.

    1. I gave away a lot of pieces of it and when I wasn't paying attention my plants all got shaded out and died off. I di buy a couple of new ones last summer, I need to update my list!

  17. I love this list! I see you have a Sophora microphylla Sun King - may I ask how large it is? I see conflicting reports of eventual size. I'm in Zone 8 in PNW in WA. Have you maintained yours as a shrub or tree? I have a spot I was going to use a Marvel Mahonia but I cut a big tree down and now that spot gets a lot of sun, including afternoon.

    1. Hi Lisa... I bought the Sophora microphylla 'Sun King' on accident, it was mislabeled at a plant sale, so I didn't have a great place to plant it once I found out what it was. I gave it a go but eventually realized it wasn't a good fit for my garden and got rid of it. Obviously I need to update my plant list! Sorry I can't be of more help.


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