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The Other Plant Sale Autumn 2023

The autumn T.O.P.S. sale was another fun event, details on what I sold here, a sampling of things below. Save the date for the spring event—May 18th.

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The Other Plant Sale Spring 2023

There was a hugely successful sale on Saturday, April 22, 2023 at The Other Plant Sale at Rockwood Plaza, more details and photos on what I sold here

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May Marché at Pomarius Nursery

I took part in the first annual May Marché at Pomarius Nursery, selling my book—Fearless Gardening—as well as a few Upcycle and Plant creations put together just for the day.

There was a trio of petite pedestal planters... (SOLD)

A pair of pickaxe planters which did not sell and I've decided to keep (for now at least).

A dish planter containing a pair of Aloe maculata (SOLD).

And a slightly re-worked piece named: "If Derek Jarman lived on the Southern California Coast" (SOLD).

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Upcycle and Plant premiere

These items, shown below, were my first danger garden upcycle and plant offerings (here). They've all gone to good homes (SOLD!), but I'm working on new combinations all the time!

Agave dish

Pickaxe Agave

Sempervivum vase

Nepenthes Cap

Bromeliad Ring

Bromeliad and Driftwood Screen

Basket of Spikes

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If Derek Jarman lived on the Southern California Coast

(from 8/20/20) This upcycle and plant creation is loosely based on the idea of what Derek Jarman may have planted had he gardened on the Southern California Coast, it's made of driftwood, rusty metal, and over a dozen succulents tucked into sphagnum moss and soil.

Looking closely, starting at the far left...

Moving right...

And at the far right end.

Overall the driftwood base measures 38" long and is 5-8" wide, depending on where exactly you measure. It's 7" tall...

The plants include small dark echeveria, maybe Echeveria ‘Chroma’ (far right).

Chartreuse rhipsalis, maybe Rhipsalis cereuscula.

The small-leaved chartreuse and pink plants may be Anacampseros telephiastrum.

Echeveria agavoides 'Lipstick', on the right—there are two other large green echevaria tucked in as well.

More of what I've already mentioned with the exception of the plant on the lower left, I think that's a Crassula hybrid. There are 13 plants total with a couple small pieces of an unknown succulent stuck in at the ends to stabilize the soil.

The piece rests on natural legs in the front, but in the back I added a "Thigmotrope Satellite"...

Flora Grubb designed the metal three-prong device for hanging tillandsia on a wall, but I attached it here to provide lift on the back of the driftwood.

In addition to the plants there's a twisted piece of metal screen and three rusty metal "found objects" worked into the planting. None of these plants are hardy outdoors in Portland over the wintertime, so you will need to bring this indoors and place it in front of a bright window, under lights, or keep it in a heated greenhouse. Thanks for looking! Please email me at spikyplants@gmail.com if you're in the Portland area and interested in purchasing!

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  1. Love this - you're such an inspiration. Best of luck with your dg shop!

    1. Ah, thanks Anna! I was just about to get going on this again when another project demanded my attention. Ideas are flowing though!

  2. I've no doubt this will be a rewarding venture on multiple levels!

    1. From your lips to buyers ears... (or something like that...)

  3. These arrangements are unique and stylish, Loree! I like them all!


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