Thursday, April 19, 2018

Flora Exotica at Flora Noble

When several of your creative friends are linked to an exhibition called Flora Exotica you have to go check it out, right?

Flora Exotica took place last Sunday at Casa Rana (aka Flora Noble). Owners Elsa and Tyler Lang invited Portlanders into their open-air outdoor plant studio space to admire (and purchase) hand painted pots.

The pots were created by Claire Bandfield of apotspot. We toured Claire's home studio back in May of 2016 (here)

I only got to chat with Claire briefly (her fans all needed a bit of her time), I wish I would have asked about what appears to be a slightly different finish on the pots she brought for display.

Here are the painted-up and planted pots...

Hey look, a Kate Blairstone original!

And another, I think this one might be my favorite of the whole show, excellent plant pairing too! (Fish Bowl, $225)

Cut-Outs, by Taryn Cowart ($85)

I neglected to get the name of the artist behind this one, isn't it fabulous though? And that Aloe! (One gripe, the pots, especially this one, could use a little gravel or glass mulch hide the potting soil)

Forest Floor, by Meg Hunt ($275)

This Monstera is V Deliciosa, by Sarah Martin ($125)

The prints were done by Elsa and Tyler Lang.

I contemplated the purchase of this one.

And this one. But didn't follow-through (what was I thinking?)

Their utility sink set-up had me mourning the loss of our basement sink. We had one just like this, but it was cracked and rather abused. It got demolished with the start of our basement bathroom project. I would have loved to use it in the garage for planting and potting.

There's Elsa, she was so busy this was the only photo of her I managed to snap. Don't you just love the monster Tillandsia (Bromeliad?) in the hanger?

There was another.

Outside the studio, their garden is taking shape.

A monster Lilac with Opuntia taking shelter underneath. Only in Portland.

I do love me some Lilacs...

I think I recognize a trio of apotspot pots!

They've got a fine cactus collection going.

And an Agave too!

Oh look! It's the (famous) artist Kate Blairstone with Nathan Limprecht.

Alas it was time to take my leave.

But not before I photographed these florific stained glass windows hanging at the side of the house.

Thanks Flora Noble!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Wednesday Vignette...The Haul

A better blogger would have arranged all the plants in one epic photo for this Haul/Wednesday Vignette post. I am not that blogger. Thus I'm stretching the boundaries of the meme and sharing several photos, with the idea that it's all about The Haul, and thus befitting of a Wednesday Vignette...

The photo above is my Thursday Field-Trip Haul (I wrote a little about that adventure yesterday).

The Lonicera (L. x brownii 'Dropmore Scarlet') was only $9.99 at Means Nursery and is a blooming fool. So hard to resist with all those flowers...

The other tall vine is a Passiflora...

From Garden Fever, and there are tons of buds! Although I didn't manage to photograph a single one.

I also grabbed another of these containers at Garden Fever, now I have three — all from different nurseries.

At just $2.99 I "needed" another Cerinthe major 'Purpurascens'
And since Garden Fever had a nice selection of Annie's Annuals plants I couldn't refuse a Passiflora actinia (check out the amazing flower), now I've got to find just the perfect place for it.
Cistus Nursery is where I picked up this wonderful Opuntia basilaris 'Bugsy', the pads are so round!

Also from Cistus, Lupinus albifrons — from Bixy Bridge CA.
And another Astelia 'Red Devil', because you can never have enough Astelia.

This fine Yucca faxoniana also came from Cistus. I adore it.

Those curls!

From our stop at Xera on field-trip day (but left in Heather's car so not photographed with it's amigos), Arisaema sikokianum ‘Silver Leaf'...

And here's the Hortlandia Haul...

Yes. It's a Sinopanax formosanus. Yes it was expensive. Yes, I'm thrilled.

Bankisa serrata, trying it again. Becuase of those leaves!
Loved the color and form of this Sarracenia.
And this one too!

Aloe erinacea, I've loved this Aloe for quite awhile, glad to finally have one. Now I just hope it grows!
A pair of Leonotis leonurus, lots of orange whorls in my future!

And finally, another Passiflora, this one is P. jamesonii 'Coral Seas', an annual in my climate. I've grown this one before and it's flowers are fantastic.

Am I right? (photo from October of 2015)...

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