Friday, August 7, 2020

Bromeliad blooms...

In addition to unexpected epiphyllum blooms, I also have several bromeliads sending up their bloom-spikes. This one (NOID) was the first, starting a couple of months ago.

Then in late July my Billbergia nutans 'Variegata' bloomed.

This looks like a bloom in the making, but so far there's nothing bloom-like in the cup (NOID on this one too).

Billbergia 'Hallelujah' was the next to join in.

The plant never did regain it's fantastic purple coloration after a few (llooonnnnggggg) months in the basement.

I'm quite sad to see this dark leafed beauty (another NOID) sending up a bloom, a bloom which was damn hard to photograph by the way.

I pray she throws out a baby or two before passing on, as I love the coloration on these leaves.

This one came to me as Nidularium procerum cv. Stripes.

It's bloom is subtle, which is kinda lovely since bromeliad blooms are usually quite flashy.

The whole plant.

Another angle, with its nextdoor neighbor fern and cryptanthus.

Finally another NOID, this one is a three-sided plant hanging in my Metapanax delavayi. These two plants are regularly visible...

But when I turned it to make sure I got water in the third plant's cup I got a surprise.

I have a nagging little voice saying these bromeliad blooms are not blooms of happiness, but rather blooms that say "I'm me..."... 

A note about photos; the "new" Blogger platform has made additional changes to the way photos are uploaded and displayed. For some reason some photos are showing as horribly stretched and deformed on mobile devices, I have no idea why, or how to fix it. Hopefully a solution will present itself, in the mean time I just wanted to let you know I am aware of it.

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Weather Diary, Aug 6: Hi 74, Low 58/ Precip .19" 

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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Heather sent me there...

My friend Heather posted images of this garden to Instagram that were so, well, interesting, that I couldn't help but ask for the address so I could go see it for myself. 

The greenhouse looked pretty amazing. I wouldn't mind taking that home with me, there's even a sink! On the other hand I found the change in the fencing and wall material to be a little odd...

The super-decorative span of fence...

A few details...

Moving on down the side of the property...

Yep, an angel suddenly appeared.

There were small planting pockets between the sidewalk and the wall.

Not all the space was planted though, there was decorative rock-work too.

The entry was marked by an arch.

A very decorative arch.

Moving on...

And then this, which makes three very different fencing styles. I am all for delineating space, but using three such different fencing materials gets really confusing to my eye.

The corrugated seems to mark where the tiny house goes. But since it's mobile (see the wheels?), why make such a permanently different statement there? It's almost like the different styles were a resume of what can be built, rather than a fence around a private garden. Perhaps the owner is a builder of gardens?

I was heading back towards my car when I noticed...

An agave! Thank god. I mean what were they doing with that greenhouse anyway???

Weather Diary, Aug 5: Hi 85, Low 62/ Precip 0 

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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Wednesday Vignette: cactus rock

Jane Finch-Howell (aka the Mulchmaid) recently presented me with this well traveled, painted rock. She'd visited Skyler Walker and Alan Fritz's garden in Ilwaco, WA (Skyler writes the blog Tangly Cottage Gardening Journal) and Skyler sent her home with it, to pass on to me. 

If you read Skyler's blog—with it's tales of public gardening on the SW Washington coast—you'll know that she frequently finds painted rocks hidden in street-side planters and other places. That much I knew, but now that I was the recipient of one of those rocks I wanted to know the full story.

Skyler sent me this screen shot of their local rock page, something similar was referenced on the back of the rock. She also sent me this link, to help explain the phenomenon. 

I'm reminded of two young boys who used to live around the corner from us, their mom would walk them around the block and they were thrilled at our front garden: full of rocks! They could pick out just one rock to take home whenever they passed. I think maybe I'll enjoy this rock for awhile, and then put it out front by an agave and see how long it lasts. Part of me thinks it might set a bad precedent, putting something out there that is destined to be taken. On the other hand it might make some one (a child or grown-up) very happy...

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Weather Diary, Aug 4: Hi 87, Low 62/ Precip 0 

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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Jungle cactus update...(blooms!)

Back in June, when I shared my burlap jungle cactus installation, I got a couple questions about watering. Specifically: Will spraying with a hose will be sufficient watering? And: How DO you water them though? And how often?

I have to admit I just assumed spraying with the hose every few days—maybe more, like daily, when it was really hot—would be fine. I mean the burlap surrounding their soil/roots is pretty porous, and if these plants live growing in trees and on opuntia in Los Angles why wouldn't they be happy with what water they could soak up here?

Well I am pleased to report they seem to like this treatment just fine. How can I tell?

Because they're all putting on new growth and...there are flowers!

I've been watching the buds on this unknown epiphyllum species get bigger and bigger...

And over the weekend they started opening.

Since there are four buds the show will go on for a few days.

So far I haven't noticed a hummingbird near, hopefully they'll discover the flowers soon.

Pretty exciting stuff when one is at home day in and day out...

Weather Diary, Aug 3: Hi 84, Low 62/ Precip 0

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