Friday, March 27, 2020

That's a wrap on my 2019 Lotusland visit...

Just a week shy of the 1 year anniversary and I'm wrapping up coverage of last year's trip to Lotusland. We'll start with a few random photos and then move on to the cactus garden.  Here's a blooming Kumara plicatilis, formerly Aloe plicatilis...

Furcraea macdougallii, I believe.

I covet that greenhouse.

That segmented cactus looks like a fake, don't you think?

And we enter the cactus garden...

"This extensive collection of columnar cacti was donated to Lotusland in 1999 by Merritt Dunlap, a longtime friend of Madame Walska. Dunlap began his collection in 1929 and grew approximately 40 percent of the plants from seed." (source)

Sadly I cannot name any of these striking specimans.

It feels quite otherworldly to walk here, especially when you're all alone.

That's where the alien ship lands to take all these columnar cactus back home.

Yes, it's soft. I couldn't help but touch.

Hey have a seat, turn your back on those two and there's no telling what they might do.

And this my friends, is the end of my coverage of Lotusland, circa 2019. If you haven't ever visited, you really should.

Weather Diary, Mar 26: Hi 51, Low 36/ Precip trace

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Amazon Stumps...

The first day of my visit to the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival ended up being such a lovely sunny day that I decided to leave the Convention Center behind and go for a walk. Where did I end up? Well at the Amazon Spheres of course...

I had to check on the plants! Like this Sinopanax formosanus, which has grown a lot since I saw it last summer.

Who's that hiding under the burlap?

Ah! I see big schefflera leaves poking out. Perhaps a Schefflera hoi?

From here it looks as if the tree ferns (Dicksonia antarctica) are not wrapped for cold temperatures.

Stepping closer however I saw that indeed they were.

The agaves are all looking splendid.

And the Ochagavia carnea has grown out of it's ugly stage and looks like last winter's damage never happened.

It's odd to me that the Pseudopanax ferox were wrapped again this winter. The temperatures never even threatened to be that cold, maybe they just plan to do it every winter.

That's a very happy Schefflera taiwaniana.

I briefly stepped into the Understory at the Spheres and was treated to a sighting of Nepenthes veitchii...

And these Heliamphora exappendiculata. While the Spheres are open two Saturday's a month, the weekend of the garden show was not one of those open days. I was bummed as I'd talked Andrew into going. Oh well, maybe next time.

I walked on, with a destination in mind, but was soon distracted by plants in the lobbies of buildings I walked by.  I let myself in to snap a photo or two...

Wow, that's a nice green wall...

I wonder how the eggs look at night?

A soft warm glow? Or bright and alien?

This was my destination!

Via the Site Workshop Instagram feed I'd seen some pretty hefty stumps being put into place at the latest of the Amazon headquarters buildings to be completed.

I'm looking forward to seeing how they plant these up...

There are so many possibilities.

More plants please!

Weather Diary, Mar 25: Hi 52, Low 37/ Precip 02

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