Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Wednesday Vignette, rusty balls at Flicker Farm

I've been rather vocal about my dislike of art in the garden, just for ART's sake.

A pyramid of rusty balls in a mown field though, I like this.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Flicker Farm on Sauvie Island

As part of the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon's Study Weekend event in June I visited Flicker Farm Gardens for a second time, my first visit was back in 2016. This is a large garden, one and a third acres, began by Linda Wisner in 2003.

I grew up on acreage in a rural setting, I got my fill of that life and have no desire to ever live in the country again. Still, I do have to admit, that I sometimes fantasize about living on Sauvie Island. It's close to the city with room to spread out and has a killer neighborhood nursery. This garden has a special place in my imagination.

Mossy logs! Wouldn't it be great to have a stash of mossy logs just hanging out under the trees waiting to be put to use?

The first part of the garden we'll walk through is a shady woodland, I think this may be Polystichum setiferum v.‘Divisilobum’.

This stacked concrete bench looks like a great place to sit for a bit.

Dryopteris sieboldii

Asplenium scolopendrium and another nice mossy log.

Astrantia, as we work our way back out into the sun...

I do love a densely layered planting.

Punctuated with colorful flowers.

Schefflera trevisioides

The grapevines strung out over the courtyard seemed so natural, I swore they were there on my first visit (they weren't).

Many of the yuccas around town started blooming at the end of June, mine came a little later.

This rusty metal piece is part of the enclosed veggie (and flower) garden. Island living means sharing (or not) with the wildlife.

Linda made several signs—"Flicker Farm garden stories"—which she placed around the garden. They were a great way for her to share what she would have told her many visitors that day, if she could have walked the garden with them.

Ochagavia carnea, I believe

That's a fabulous little rock.

And I wanted to take the piece with the cylindrical cut-outs home with me.

Walking on...

I managed to resist temptation.

There were several places to sit and relax in the garden.

I didn't wander this far back in the garden on my first visit, so this was new to me.

What fun!

Walking back towards the house now...

It appears to be a great year for Acca sellowiana flowers all over town.

While I love tall Tetrapanax, there's something about looking down on the large leaves that's super appealing too.

I'll share a little more from this garden tomorrow and Thursday.

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Monday, July 15, 2019

July's Bloomday, 2019

It's July Bloomday! Let's take a look at what's blooming in my garden.

Lysimachia paridiformis var. stenophylla, an under-appreciated beauty.

I couldn't get a decent photo of the Echeveria 'Arrow Setosa' bloom, oh well. The spike is coming from that slightly fuzzy plant in the lower left hand corner.

Passiflora 'Amethyst Jewel' wintered over and is hell-bent on taking over a corner of the back garden. I love it.

Mammillaria spinosissima 'Red-Headed Irishman'

My Acanthus mollis put out the shortest little bloom spike...

Clematis 'Bells of Emei Shan'

The Hibiscus syriacus 'Red Heart' blooming is underway, there are so many flowers and buds on this plant...

Abutilon Nuabyell

Abutilon Nuabtang

Abutilon megapotamicum 'Paisley'

Moluccella laevis, aka Bells of Ireland, which I never got around to sowing seeds of this year, luckily some of last year's plants did the deed for me.

The actual flowers.

Dyckia 'Nickel Silver', which was a recent gift...I love it.

Dyckia 'Nickel Silver' flower, close up

I had a couple of Aloe aristata bloom this year, at this point they're past their prime.

Acca sellowiana

Grevillea rivularis

Grevillea x gaudichaudii

And again, just so you can see the colorful new foliage.

Sempervivum NOID, which is leaning precariously into the driveway and I am afraid is going to get broken.

Another Sempervivum NOID

Santolina chamaecyparissus 'Lemon Queen'

Another, bonus photo, just becasue.

Salvia apiana

Callistemon ‘Woodlander's Hardy Red’

I think this is Verbascum olympicum, a seedling of a long ago plant.


Another verbascum that seeded itself out in the middle of a callistemon.

Verbascum blattaria

And finally, the flower of July...

Yucca filamentosa and Y. filamentosa 'Color Guard'

Happy Bloomday! Visit May Dreams Gardens for the full round up of Bloomday posts.

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