Friday, July 3, 2015

Visiting the Swansea neighborhood gardens

And now for something completely different! Following on the heals of yesterday's post, with it's colorful chaos, these gardens are rather peaceful. Serene and green...

We're back in Toronto (the 2015 Garden Bloggers Fling) and visiting a trio of gardens in the Swansea neighborhood. I rather liked this front entrance...

As you've seen in my past Toronto posts, the color palette here is quite similar to ours in the Pacific Northwest. In fact this photo could have been taken at many Portland-area gardens.

Lots of conifers here too.

The hanging metal strips were hard to photograph but delightful in person, I believe this the work of artist Wojtek Biczysko, who also did the metal work at the front of the house and the railings around the back patio, which you'll see soon.

Standing at the patio level and looking down. The "white" color isn't sky but water.

Having started my descent I'm looking back up.

I'm not going to comment in the Bishop's Weed. I'm not.

That's a lot of stacked rocks!

Love these...

So very much (also from Biczysko).

At the water's edge, Grenadier Pond to be exact...

Climbing back up...

The patio, with a water view.

I snapped a couple plant photos on my way out. This one is Gentiana scabra 'Berg Blauw' - thanks to Beth (who blogs at PlantPostings) for the ID!

And this as a reminder that I really need to consider using clematis as groundcover!

Now I've walked down the street a bit and we're in the second open garden.

It too is perched on a steep slope.

Hosta (and Rodgersia) heaven!

Have they no slugs in Toronto? Seriously...

Gratuitous peony photo (just because I could)...

This is the third (and final) open neighborhood garden. The first thing my husband would do, if we lived here, would be to remove the trees blocking the front of the house. This kind of landscaping drives him bonkers, doesn't bother me. How about you?

I do love a somewhat hidden path!

This particular one ends in an open backyard.

That also has a view of the pond.

Weigela was another prominent plant of the Fling.

I don't know what the bud about to burst into flower is (iris?), but I love this stage...

These homeowners have a small pond of their own, over looking the much larger Grenadier Pond. And with that our visit to the neighborhood ends, we Flinger's had worked up an appetite and were off to enjoy lunch at High Park...

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

How many times have you watched your favorite movie? Right, that’s why I can never get enough of this garden…

I've been here many times, but I've never seen this view.

Funny how a simple thing like approaching a familiar destination from the opposite side allows you to see things in a different way.

Love this combination! Ceanothus griseus var. horizontalis 'Diamond Heights' and Anigozanthos 'Amber Velvet'  (and couldn't get that Anigozanthos in-focus to save my life)...

Those of you who were part of last summer's Garden Bloggers event in Portland visited this garden on a similarly hot day. Many of you reading along online have visited here with me before. If it's your first time you're in for a treat!

Yes it's my friend JJ's garden. She was open for the big Hardy Plant Society of Oregon's Study Weekend, and since I didn't make it over for a visit last year, I thought I'd drop by and see how things are looking...

Fabulous of course!

Those chairs are new! (to me)

Just like the blogger's visit there were lots of people milling about, this time not all of them had cameras however.

I overheard the usual "too much orange/looks like Halloween" comment. I just don't get it. How can a scene with all that green foliage be Halloween-like!?

I want french doors off my bedroom so bad! And a little deck like this or even smaller, just enough room for a chair.

Headed around to the back of the house...

Romneya coulteri, Agave colorata, Magnolia laevifolia, Leucadendron 'Ebony' and Anigozanthos 'Amber Velvet' (just to name five) it any wonder I love this garden?

I wonder if Dan Hinkley loved it too? (that's him being caressed by the Stipa gigantea)

I also took the plunge and put a Leucadendron in the ground this year, it's grown fantastically!

The carnivorous corner...

This image just makes me smile! Last time I was here (can't believe I missed last year) the hedge wasn't even 5ft tall, now it's a picture-perfect backdrop.

Those carnivorous plants are so darn big! (and that's a good thing)

Agave macroacantha, is it not just gorgeous?

Why hang just one Tillandsia Xerographica when you can hang four?

I'd have one of these hanging off the side our house, if my husband wasn't such a fanatic about not putting holes in our siding...

Check out the red Passionflower blooms! And the blue berries on the Dianella...

I took three or four trips around the garden, and I'm still not sure I saw it all.

For example I was so interested in the planters I didn't notice how many of the plants here were blooming until editing my photos.

I've finally joined JJ and Jose at the table, the crowds have thinned, and I'm still snapping photos!

Thanks for a beautiful afternoon in your garden JJ!

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