Friday, December 28, 2018

Boyce Thompson Arboretum Fridays, Part 4

Today is a wrap of my four-part series on our visit to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum last June. I can't believe it took us so many years to finally visit this garden. In my mind it was a day's drive out, beyond Phoenix, but it really wasn't that far, just an hour and ten minutes from my brother's place in North Phoenix. We will definitely visit again.

Agave ovatifolia with sun protection, must be newly planted?

Last week we walked the Chihuahuan Desert trails, this week we skip across the Silver King Wash...

And check out the Cactus and Succulent Garden...

With Boojum! (Fouquieria columnaris)

The fruit on that cactus looks soft, like velvet.

Agave gigantensis (seriously)

Lophocereus schottii var. monstrosus

Agave chrysantha bloom (Golden Flowered Century Plant)

Agave ocahui

The label says "crested saguaro" in case you can't read it.

Magical, simply magical.

Hey, no problem, we'll just grow out of this little nook in the rock wall.

Another Agave salmiana var. ferox.

Caesalpinia pulcherrima

Opuntia rufida ends this post, although walking back, through the central part of the garden, one of the park workers stopped me to share the sight of a mama bird feeding her young way up in a tree. It was pretty magical, all the more so because he called me over to watch. What it must be like to spend your days in this garden and watch it, and its inhabitants, change with the seasons.

The other posts in this series are here: Part One, Part Two, Part Three

Weather Diary, Dec 27: Hi 50, Low 39/ Precip trace

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  1. "What it must be like to spend your days in this garden and watch it, and its inhabitants, change with the seasons." So true. Thanks for bringing us a month's worth of pleasure and warmth!

  2. Such a special place. And why doesn't my Agave ocahui look like that?

  3. I suspect having workers who care enough to notice the littlest things in the garden are a big reason the arboretum looks as great as it does. Thanks for sharing your visit, Loree.

  4. The only thing that could improve the "Magical, simply magical" picture is a horse rider appearing at the top of the crest.
    This is my introduction to Boojum. Can a plant be both odd AND fabulous? Apparently so.

  5. Amazing variety of specimens. I loved the trunk of the crested saguaro - it's beautifully textured.

  6. Boojum! I can't believe there's a plant with that name that looks like that. It makes me giggle. I had to google images of it, what a fabulously weird plant.

    1. Have you made it to the Huntington yet? That's where I saw my first Boojum. Crazy cool.

  7. I have almost the same photo of the golden barrel cactus grove, and the "old west" vista up the hill. Did you hike up to the ridge? There's a historic house up there that I need to find when we go back. We didn't get that far, but we will next time! Thanks for your pix of blue skies and sunshine on this dreary PNW day.

    1. No I didn't, it was SO HOT! Next time...

  8. Love the mostrosus thingy...and that flower about knocks my eyes out (in a good way).

  9. We obviously haven't spent enough time in Arizona--such a fascinating part of the country. Those Agaves and Opuntias are amazing!


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