Monday, December 24, 2018

In a Vase on Monday, a little more holiday cheer...

An unexpectedly sunny and warm (58F!) spell drew me outside to put together a little extra holiday cheer.

Back in August when I toured Monrovia they sent me home with a pair of Drimys lanceolata. The red stems combined with glossy green leaves seemed very Christmasy, so much so I'd put one plant aside intending to use it for a holiday vase, then I forgot!

The Drimys stems are short, so I went with a couple of squat vases.

I also picked up a few pieces of Doug Fir branches that a windstorm blew onto the patio. The other greens, on the left, were picked up on a walk. I thought I would use them but didn't end up doing so.

My garden had nothing to offer as far as colorful berries, but I then remembered the Pittosporum illicioides 'Strappy' seeds that had split open to reveal sticky red bits. They'll do nicely.

A walk to what we refer to as the "upper park" (former Portland Public Schools property) supplied some Lunaria annua seed pods, minus the seeds (they'd all broken open). They're all I needed to complete these simple arrangements.

Both vases went on the dining table, they replaced the succulent arrangement, it's now in the kitchen.

This tiny urn is an exact match for one I had years ago that either got broken, or I gave away. I spotted this one at a neighborhood estate sale and for the price of 25-cents it became mine.

Photographing these was a bit of a let down, they just don't look as good here as they do "in real life"...

I love their simplicity and lack of flowers.

And how the Lunaria represents snow, ice, winter magic...without actually being any of those things.

As a bonus I'll be able to leave these in place (minus the mini-ornaments and the holly sprig) when I de-Christmasize and they'll gracefully slide into the New Year...

Weather Diary, Dec 23: Hi 51, Low 41/ Precip .48”

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  1. You managed to find some Lunaria pods that are still in great shape. Mine have all deteriorated or been so blown around by the windstorms we've had I don't think they'd make good elements in an arrangement.

    1. The tall Doug Fir trees along the boarder of the park seem to protect the plants underneath from damage, although there were some that looked pretty bad. Oh, the seedlings you gave me at the swap never bloomed, did yours?

  2. I think these look great. You did good with your photographs. It is nice that you can keep them into winter. Merry Christmas.

  3. The Drimys and Lunaria make an excellent pairing. I've tried growing both these plants, losing the former when I tried to relocate it and the latter to excessive heat (well before the plants produced any of those splendid seedpods). Your table display is wonderfully seasonal without looking like everyone else's.

  4. Merry Christmas! I love your arrangements. I especially like the Drimys lanceolata.

  5. Very festive! Merry Christmas dear friend!

  6. We are now in Mexico City enjoying our new grandson, and since Christmas decorating didn't happen for me this year, this post has been magical! Every year you create another kind of magic. Merry Christmas, Loree and Andrew.

  7. Understated elegance - the Lunaria are a perfect fit. Merry Christmas, Loree!

  8. I'm loving the white vases...and the spot-on description of the Lunaria.


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