Friday, December 25, 2015

Huntington Fridays from 2014, the Desert Garden chapter 1

Merry Christmas! My gift to you...lots and lots of sexy photos from the Huntington Garden's Desert Garden, my "happiest place on earth"...

During our December 2014 trip the Aloes were blooming all over Southern California, it was an amazing sight...

Pachypodium lamerei, I think...

Aloe dichotoma

Aloe sinkatana

Aloe suzannae

Cussonia spicata

Another Aloe, but I didn't catch his name.

There is a small part of me that considers, every time I visit, going off the paths, just getting crazy and exploring every square inch of this beautiful garden. Of course that would be wildly inappropriate, but so much fun!

Aloe marlothii

Aeonium something or other...

Aloe erinacea

Abromeitiella brevifolia

Abromeitiella brevifolia flowers.

Blooming Stapelia

Okay, that's enough crazy beauty for one day. We'll wrap this up with more Desert Garden goodness next Friday, January 1st!

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  1. Be still, my heart. I'll be at the Huntington a week from Saturday. Can't wait!

  2. Ah, a break from the rain and clouds, and anything remotely Christmas-y. Just not feeling it this year. Those aloes are spectacular, as are the Cussonias! But the Abromeitiella patch nearly popped my eyes out of their sockets! Wow!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Evan, and I agree...the Abromeitiella patch is pretty crazy cool. We saw another just last week at Seaside Gardens, photos to come.

  3. That desert garden is one of the most wonderful gardens we visited back in the 90s. Interesting that so many flowers are reddish. Perhaps that color helps with pollination.

    1. That must be the case. Although I vaguely remember reading something about it being a "wives-tale" that hummingbirds are attracted to red, does that ring any bells?

  4. And what a gift! Thank you for that visit! It looks such an exciting garden I would love to actually visit in person, to supplement my virtual visit!
    Happy new year to you !

  5. Some kind of gorgeous! Thank you so much. I feel warmer after having looked at all of this sunny eye candy!

  6. Your December pictures are quite a contrast to the December outside my window right now. Thanks for all the sunshine and eye candy - I needed that!

  7. Hi, Lori, I was reading your plantlust entry, and wanted to tell you the tree is Firewheel Tree- Stenocarpus sinuatus. Unfortunately, I seem to have some difficulty posting on Plantlust, so I thought I'd post here, since you can delete it before posting it, since it's quite off topic for your danger garden blog. Sue

    1. Thanks so much Sue! Do you have experience growing it?

  8. It's incredible just. how. many. plants are packed in there. I hope my Aloe marlothii blooms one day.


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