Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Got plant lust?

As part of our holiday email we're giving away a canvas tote bag* to ten people (chosen randomly) who reply to this very important question: what is your favorite plant for winter interest in the garden? Email your answer to "info at plant lust dot com" by December 31st...and good luck!

*plants not included

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  1. Loree, I have no need of a bag, so don't enter me in the contest. And I am answering it because I am really interested what other people answer.

    Far and away the best Christmas plant down here in SoCal is camellia. It is between times for sasanqua and japonica, so we get a bit of both.

    They have the right colors, red, white and everything in between with shiny green leaves.

  2. I still have my Plant Lust bag from the Portland Fling so I'll pass. But my favorite plant, or group of plants, for winter interest are aloes. They're just now getting ready to bloom in Davis.

  3. got it (plant lust) and got it (the tote). Favorite plant would be what Gerhard said: aloes!

    Have a great holiday!

  4. So many but truly it is my White Dove Camilla, Camellia sasanqua 'White Doves' ('Mine-No-Yuki'). They have been blooming for over a month and will continue on for another month. They are super stars!!!

  5. plants for winter interest? Looking out on the Ohio frozen tundra in January and February, my favorite plant is whatever I happen to be seaching for on the internet at the moment!

  6. I'd agree with one of the Aloes or maybe a Protea, but neither are fragrant. So I'd have to say it's gotta be Michelia doltsopa; that heavenly scent which carries regardless the air temperature, and those pure white petals that light up an overcast winter day.

  7. Cathi in Spokane. Even though we are buried in snow right now, my favorite plant still holds it own. My favorites are my sage plants. They keep their leaves all winter and never miss a beat.


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