Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Steppe Garden, at the Denver Botanic Gardens

Let's go back to the Denver Botanic Gardens, shall we?

This is the Steppe Garden. Their website says: In the Steppe Garden, learn about the fragile steppe biome and about steppe landscapes across the world with climates and plant communities similar to our semi-arid region. Featured are Central Asian, South African, Patagonian and North American Steppes. 

I wish I could tell you I sought out each of those featured locations and would be telling you more about them, but I did not. If there was further labeling about the regions I missed it.

Being a lover of potted plant collections I scooted right over to check these out

And was THRILLED to discover this, Hoodia gordonii (Southern Africa).

I don't remember how it happened but Andrew and I were looking for something online when I found this plant and he fell in love with it. I bought seeds last year but they weren't the real it was wonderful to see a blooming plant here "in the flesh"...

What the garden is all about...

I've no idea what this is, but the flowers are pretty fabulous.

And damn but Denver does Delosperma (ice plant) well!

And rocks. I previously called sempervivum the "it plant" of the Denver Fling but it may have been more accurate to go with rocks.

Not that I'm making fun of this incredible crevice garden "egg" it was amazing.

It had a flat-topped sibling.

I did not.

Nor did I climb on this strange thing.

More pots...

I guess I can see kids feeling the urge to get up there and conquer the rocks.

Kinda like this plant is doing.

When I was there it didn't feel so beige, but looking back, beige.

Huh, lifted when cold weather hits, no doubt.

Another... (cycad)...

Did I mention the rocks?

Bukiniczia cabulica!

And a bunny, a bunny just chomping away...

Weather Diary, Nov 13: Hi 53, Low 44/ Precip 0

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  1. I like the "egg" and "sibling", they are pretty fantastic. (I sense a little rock fatigue among the fling goers). The hypertufa-like planter with the mini crevice garden is fun too.
    How could you tell the Hoodia seeds weren't the real deal?

    1. No rock fatigue here, I loved them. And ya the planter was pretty fab. As for the seeds, when they showed up and I saw they were from China I started to get suspicious, then I asked a friend who knows seeds and she found the right ones online. They were not the same.

  2. What an interesting plant the Hoodia is, I like the cup-shaped flower. Bummer about the seeds. I agree about the ice plant, it was everywhere, looking very lush.

    1. Seeing it "in the flesh" is a more accurate phrase than usual, with that flower.

    2. I would have never recognized that plant had it not been in flower.

  3. Nice bunny shot! Denver does do rocks really well, although I have to wonder what digging a new garden in might involve in terms of back strain.

    1. Good point, I should have thought to ask one of the gardeners.

    2. Beds are usually made by building up rather than 'digging' down.

  4. The sculptural rock beds are amazing. I hope I get to see them some day in person, what a treat that would be.

  5. Loved this garden. You're right about the Delosperma!

  6. This has to be the ideal creation when it comes to rock and crevice gardens. Every shot shows something outstanding whether stone or plant.


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