Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Susan Denman's garden, a stop during the 2019 Portland Study Weekend, last June

This garden was right next door to the one we saw yesterday.

"The Denman garden is an acre-sized, charming country garden surrounding an 1897 farmhouse in the Portland West Hills. The many defined garden spaces include an herb garden, a walled vegetable garden, and a native plant meadow with active beehives. The stacked stone walls and a bluestone terrace were added in 2005..."

Charming indeed!

The vegetable garden...

The bees! They must be very happy here.

And an agave, who would have thought?

The meadow...

I do love a good umbel.

The lawn is still loved, isn't it? At least this one is a little less irrigated than yesterday's.


I we'll close with purple.

Weather Diary, Nov 25: Hi 51, Low 41/ Precip .05"

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  1. If I had an acre of land and as much rain as Portland gets, I might consider a bit of lawn too, at least until my plant collection grew out-of-bounds. I love the Clematis and the Cotinus.

    1. Keep in mind that's not summer rain. You'd have to irrigate pretty freely to maintain green in the summertime.

  2. Oh, I like the shot of the knot-like herb garden, with the contrast of gray and green and the spikes of blue Salvia.

  3. Gorgeous! especially all that stonework. Looks very British with it's manicured shrubs. Do they have help?

  4. A hillside garden isn't the easiest to maintain; they've done well given the challenges. Love the purple clematis, and the golden smoke bush is eye-popping!

    1. Honestly it had me wishing I was on a hillside, something I'd never considered before.

  5. This garden is a very relaxed "formal" garden. The masons did a good job with the dark stone wall: I like it a lot.

  6. The house, the setting, the stonework...I love it all!


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