Friday, May 12, 2023

Wave Hill, it was time to go...

After surveying the Alpine house at Wave Hill, I walked the path up to the Gold Border (which I have no memory of) and then arrived at the Upper Pergolas. This was a difficult area to photograph because several of the benches had people sitting and chatting, their conversations seemed to say "go away you with the camera in your hands!", and so I did. It was a nice surprise when the first empty benches I happened upon also had gourds growing above them.

The jagged-edged planters at the top of the low wall that defined the seating areas were planted up with low-growing colorful sedum.

A tropical theme was busting out on the other side... 

As time was running out I turned my attention to the Aquatic Garden...

Golden grasses set the mood.

Dasylirion wheeleri in a container.

I couldn't resist a shot of the backlit grasses in bloom.

The gardeners at Wave Hill know how to use containers for maximum impact.

The other garden visitors were moving on now, so I could snap a couple more photos under the pergolas...

One last shot of the Aquatic Garden before...

I walked on to the Wild Garden.

About here is when I started to hear the loud melodic announcement that the garden was closing and it was time to move to the exit. It was just a man and his voice, no amplification. Were the acoustics amazing, or was his voice just huge? It was striking. I won't lie I was also a little worried because I didn't know where I was or how to get to the exit. Would I be locked in the garden all night? 

Not to worry, I found my way out. I was thrilled to later discover this image on my phone. Snapped not far from where I took the above photo ^ it, once again, shows the difference between how my two devices process the light. This one sums up how I felt about my magical visit to Wave Hill...

This is my last post from Wave Hill—but not my last post from our October trip to NYC, I still have the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and Central Park left to write about. 

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  1. The last photo is spectacular. I love the hanging gourds and the Aquatic Garden. If I ever get to NY, Wave Hill will be on my must-see list.

    1. I grew gourds one year, but hanging gourds take it to another level!

  2. That long pergola facing the river is unforgettable. As is the long weeping Atlas Cedar. Was so bummed that it’s not hardy here.

    1. Really? I would have thought it hardy, being a conifer and all.

  3. I love the quote 'gardening is all about making pictures' and they certainly do that very well. Just reinforces my desire to visit the garden. There is a recent book out Nature into Art: the Gardens of Wave Hill by Thomas Christopher which I enjoyed. Thanks for the great tours.

    1. I have that book, it's time I cracked it open!

  4. AnonymousMay 13, 2023

    Hanging gourds... I love that look!
    Your iPhone manages sunsets beautifully. Wow.

  5. The last photo is striking. I love the gourds, and the sun hitting the grasses. Having to sleep inside that garden wouldn't have been so bad!

  6. So glad you scooted in at the last minute to visit! That long pergola brings to mind the "lemon" pergola at Lotusland -- same feature in two very different climates!

  7. The wild garden speaks to me in this set. I like how it is wild, yet it doesn't look messy at all. Again, it's all so well designed and put together.


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