Friday, April 22, 2011

A springtime walk, spent looking at the trees

It has been a rare and joyous occasion this spring when I opt to join my husband for the evening dog walk. Too often it’s been grey, cold, and rainy…he goes, I stay home and finish up dinner. But…parts of this week have been gloriously sunny so I’m jumping at every opportunity to be outside and joined up for an evening walk. On this particular outing there were so many gorgeous trees leafing out, in bloom, or just capturing my attention. I took too many pictures. Enjoy!


  1. Such loveliness, superbly captured by your eye/camera.

  2. I love this weather too! Your photos are lovely, the crabapples in particular. The worrier in me wants to find that ivy-covered trunk and take off the ivy before it gets any higher.

  3. I love that one squatty little tree all covered in awesome! I love this time of year...there's nothing like that fresh, new green growth...and the refreshing after winter.

  4. Nice to see some PINK on your blog, Loree! LOL. Love those crabapple blossoms in the first photo. Isn't it great that we finally have some serious spring weather?

  5. Love your pics. I think being out in the sun after this dreadful spring is the finest (and cheapest) therapy there is. I literally feel the sun energize my eyes. It's truly amazing.

  6. I agree about the "squatty" tree! I just watched an episode of Oregon Field Guide about Portland Heritage Trees, I wonder if this is one?

  7. Nicole, thank you! I often think I need to upgrade to a better camera but then there is something really nice about having a small camera. It's so easy to always have with you.

    MulchMaid, I can give you the address of the ivy tree...but they don't really look like the type that would care. I think you might be chased off the property.

    scott, isn't it just the best! (spring and the tree)

    Grace, this week has been fabulous, I just wish it would last...

    Van, agreed! And you sound like my husband.

    Ryan, there was no plague declaring it as such...I think they usually have them.


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