Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy travels Mr Slug Pants…

Once upon a time we had an “in transition” lot behind us (a very small house was sold, then demo’d and eventually two McMansions were built on the lot). During that time I took complete advantage of this situation and every slug I found in the garden went on an all expenses paid flight over the fence and into “the jungle”. Basically it was like sending them to Old Country Buffet for slugs, there were unlimited things to snack on and nobody to give a care. Why would they bother to come back under the fence to my garden? Unfortunately there are now people living in the new houses so I have had to curtail my slug tossing. Instead I put them in the yard waste bin and every other Tuesday they go off to slug heaven. I think they enjoy the ride. Unlike this sad fellow who came to a rather dry spot in his travels. As long as they cease to munch on my plants it’s all good.


  1. Ours get thrown into the woods, where, I am told, they do all sorts of beneficial things in their own slimy way.

  2. Your method is indeed more humane than mine which we won't go in to at present.

  3. I throw slugs into the street or onto my gravel pathways, then step on them. I know a gardener who bravely cuts slugs in half with scissors as he strolls the garden.

  4. You are so kind...we stab them with a stick. We are cold blooded killers!

    Wyatt's Mom

  5. I am NOT kind to slugs. But I'll spare you the gory details.

  6. Your photo make it look almost pet like...

  7. ricki, really? I didn't think there was anything beneficial to do with slugs!

    Grace, no! You wouldn't!

    Lauren, I did that once, cut them in half with scissors. I really expected them to just be mush all the way through. But they aren't...there are things in there that I didn't need to see. And never need to see again.

    Wyatt's mom...I guess you are!

    MulchMaid, you too?

    linda, now THAT is stretching it...


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