Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring 2011, HPSO Sale

Another spring, another sale, and more plants I have to have.

Somehow it always seems to work out that I’ve got friends or family in town visiting when the Spring HPSO Sale is scheduled. Luckily they’re usually game and accompany me to the sale, ending up with a few must-haves of their own. This year, with nobody visiting, my friend Denise agreed to be my partner in crime. It was her first time but she jumped right in started dropping off plants at the holding area before I had even picked up a single one. In fact judging by the looks of the holding area lots of others had jumped in too… My first crush was on this $40 Veratrum nigrum. Luckily I found a smaller one for $13. Can’t say I like the writing on the Iris leaves. It’s a little ghetto don’t you think? If I’m not lusting after the big leafed Rhododendrons then I’m lusting after the thin leafed ones, like this Rhododendron macrosepalum 'Linearifolium.' I just can’t get past the little pink flowers though, so it stayed put. Paris polyphylla, hot. A must-have agave, A. utahensis v. eborispina…just look at those spines it gets with age! Somehow I managed to leave it behind. Please, just shoot me. Same for these blooming Beschorneria, J’adore. In the garden art section I loved these lanterns from Experienced Materials…but didn’t dare even look at the price. I am rather amazed with my self control (maybe because I went on a major plant buying binge earlier in the week? More on that later). The white flat is mine, the brown one Denise’s. We both put back a few plants to arrive at such edited riches (editing, while good for the pocket-book, is really no fun). The pair of spiky plants fish-scale are Eryngium venustum, which the very kind Kelly and Sue from Far Reaches Farm brought down to the sale especially for me when I requested them after reading Van Schilperoort’s blog report on buying this plant at their nursery. Then I got a trio of cute, but not hardy, cheap succulents. The Aeonium… Kalanchoe… …with this fabulous bright bloom. And a Gasteraloe 'Midnight,’ so dark it’s hard to get a good picture of it! The Veratrum nigrum and a “small” Beschorneria septentrionalis, which will be an in-ground experiment (tall green leaves in the back far corner, short green leaves in the front corner). One of the Paris polyphylla because I couldn’t resist its adorable, perfect little leaves. And last a little Manfreda virginica ‘Spot’…too cute to pass up. Amazing restraint don’t you think? I’m already regretting it. Can I have a do-over?


  1. Great stuff Loree. I love reading about the stuff you buy because it's stuff that I think is great but somehow never makes it onto my own shopping list. The Paris, hot indeed. It seemed to be the
    it" plant this year along with epimediums. Right now I seem to be buying vines, broadleaf evergreen shrubs, exotic groundcovers and of course: dicentras and corydalis.

    I almost went back Sunday with the whole family, just to look at garden art, but we were so tired in the morning thanks to midnight shout outs from the kids that we just went out to breakfast instead.

  2. I believe you did really well. My girls like to freeze water in tin cans, the use a nail and a hammer to make designs on the can, while frozen of course, keeps the can from bending...then we put tea light candles in them...

  3. Talking to myself, "Hey, isn't that the Danger Garden lady? I should threaten to kick her fat ass! Wait, how would I even know what she looks like? Sure, EVERY TIME I google an agave her blog pops up. I still feel like a stalker. This is awkward."

  4. You should see the amount of restraint one can show when one arrives at 2:45 on Sunday. It's so pathetic, parking is free at that point--and there are plenty of spaces right by the door. I'm happy to report, I came away with 4 little treasures:

    Eryngium proteiflorum
    Puya venusta
    Yucca gloriosa 'Variegata'
    Manfredia virginica 'Spot'

    I stabbed myself and drew blood before reaching the porch. I gotta stop copying you.

  5. Oh lovely plants. The manfreda is a lovely plant. Although how could you not pick up the agave utahensis? Give yourself a little slap on the wrists.

  6. Hey, Loree...I thought buyer's remorse was supposed to work the other way. I want to age as beautifully as the A. utahensis. I keep hearing about Far Reaches Farm. Have you ever been there?

  7. love your pile. those shows are so dangerous for me. i can spend so much on plants. love them.

  8. Ryan, did you see the magnificent Paris at the Far Reaches booth? Wow. Funny you say that about going back on Sunday. Since Megan was just getting back from vacation in time to do the show on Sunday I thought about calling her up and tagging along. But instead I went to lunch with the husband.

    Darla, uhm...this sounds like a fun project!

    Brian, THIS is pretty much my favorite blog comment ever! Wish you would have taken the chance (and threatened)...and of course that it was actually me you were talking to, not some lady who turned around and punched you! So you're an agave lover to then?

    Patricia, 2:45!!! What's up with that? Your list is very spiky...I am impressed!

    Spiky O, oh but I did pick it up. And carry it around. And put it with my other plants in the holding area. But when it came time to tally up, that's when it went back.

    ricki, I have's one of those "must do's" on my list. I thought we might make the trek as part of the Seattle Garden Bloggers meet-up in July but I guess not.

  9. More dangerously delicious plants for the danger garden! Sounds like you and Denise had a great time.

  10. Totally dig the Gasteraloe 'Midnight'!!! Its gorgeous!!!

  11. I can't imagine the restraint needed to "edit". That you did that just has me in awe. Nice selection - and less than a tray full - I'm still shaking my head in disbelief, Loree!

  12. Some fantastic plants there! You'd love the Veratrum even more as it gets established in your garden, every year the display gets better. Paris polyphylla takes awhile to establish but have patience, it will reward you with better displays in a few years time :)

  13. Great restraint indeed. I know I would have failed miserably in the presence of so many way cool plants. It's a good thing that I couldn't make the trip down there.

    I'd love to hear about the Paris polyphylla. I've tried growing it twice and failed. I'm planting it one more time ...

    Love, love, love the Veratrum nigrum. My plants are just poking their noses through the soil.

    Thanks for mentioning my blog!

  14. Bianca, me too...hence the editing.

    Grace, we did! And yes...including danger of the "not hardy" variety.

    Lauren, thanks me too, especially for $4! I saw you in a conversation with Maurice of Joy Creek, and wanted to say but didn't want to interrupt. I figured I would bump into you again but unfortunately did not.

    MulchMaid, I'm going to make sure my husband reads your comment.

    Mark and Gaz, thank you for the tips! I do have the white blooming Veratrum and was a little disappointed that it was still just the single stem again this year.

    Van, have you come down for the sale in the past? I'm definitely report on the Paris progress. This is my second plant as I have one from Cistus too. I hope they both live!!!

  15. Still looks like a very respectable haul to me! I have to admit, I'm stunned you left that poor A. utahensis behind...if any plant screamed DANGER...that was it ;-) Love those lanterns...I saw those too and kept on walking, lest I not be able to pay the mortgage this month!

  16. Thank you for inviting me to the sale! I am still a little heartbroken about leaving my Salad Bowl plant behind. When I parted ways with it and that woman said, "I didn't discourage you, did I?" I should have laid a guilt trip on her, and started crying and said, "Yes! You did." Then maybe she would have bought it for me. And, if she didn't, I could have just kicked her fat ass! Thanks again for inviting me!


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