Thursday, April 7, 2011


I’ve always felt that when it comes to Daffodils people either love them, or hate them. Rarely is there a middle ground. Perhaps because they are so unabashedly PERKY! I love this statement I heard the other day: “Daffodils are so cute and innocent, they’re just like peeps, you can’t hate them.” So love em? Or hate em? And do you prefer them in bright peeps yellow…or perhaps something a bit mellower? (just for the record I love them…but in other peoples gardens)


  1. I knew dang well you didn't have Daffs! I love them personally in my gardens and everyone else's too. :)

  2. I, too, love them in other people's gardens. I keep digging them out of my garden...then each spring some reappear. Am I just inept, or are they more devious than they look?

  3. Really...some people don't like daffodils? I should bite them :)


  4. Well, thank you for asking, Loree. I think daffodils are wonderful harbingers of better weather but I'm not terribly fond of that golden egg yolk yellow. I prefer the white ones with colored cups. I suppose the reason I'm so forgiving though is that color, any color, is better than no color. Great photos.

  5. Love them, especially in clumps along roadsides. I plant yellow ones far from the house for their welcoming cheeriness. In closer beds I like white ones, especially Thalia and Mount Hood. I have to love them because they are poisonous...meaning nothing eats them.

  6. Love 'em! :) First the tiny tete-a-tetes, then the bigger ones, and finally, the fragrant white poet narcissus! Bring 'em on in any color, except for those strange looking pink ones. And I'm a girl who loves pink, but those just don't seem right to me.

  7. Darla, do you want to know a secret? (don't tell anyone)...the small ones in the first photo are growing next to my house! On the north side where we never see them but technically they are in my garden!

    MulchMaid, makes you wonder if you wanted them to live how hard it would be to keep them alive huh?

    Wyatt, or maybe just bury daff's in their garden?

    Grace, you are correct about the color thing. Anything to brighten the grey at this point.

    ricki, good point (poisonous).

    Meg, pink ones? Really? I have never seen just doesn't seem right.

  8. I hate them. I planted them but I wish I didn't


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