Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dennis’ 7 Dees on Powell

How cool is it that after gardening in Portland for almost 6 years there are still nurseries that I haven’t visited? I think it’s very cool; and in fact it makes me very happy. It’s time to cross another one off the list though as I finally visited Dennis’ 7 Dees on Powell.

I was a little disappointed that the first thing I saw at this nursery was containers. I want to see plants! But as a person with years of retail experience I do get the fact that these things are heavy…why not keep them near the parking lot where they’re easier to get into the customers cars. These bright chunky ones were pretty cool. And they have a 50% off section, which of course I am attracted to as containers can be expensive. Things got off to a good start plant-wise when one of the first plants I saw was this huge Sago Palm…($149 and it could be yours). I like to see a few big treasures at a nursery. But then I started wondering how well they care for their plants when I saw these Genista Lydia! These are not happy plants! No new green growth... This is what they should look like: There were 7 or 8 1-gallon plants that looked dead and 2 larger (2-gallon) plants that looked pretty good. I would have picked up one of the small ones if they looked alive.

Finally this is when I realize…”wow” this place is big! Everything I was feeling when I was looking at the Genista was completely forgotten when I set eyes upon these Araucaria araucana (or more easily called Monkey Puzzle Trees)…as they were looking GOOD! Next I came upon this interesting building which looked to be off limits. I really wanted to go in and investigate things but to be honest the sky was threatening and I wanted to check out the rest of the nursery before it started pouring so I resisted the temptation to investigate. Maybe next time. Oh look at this! $5.00 plants! I got a Callistemon pallidus ‘Eleanor’ (from Xera)…”An excellent color form of the cold tolerant Callistemon pallidus. ‘Eleanor’ has 5” long bottle brush flowers of purple in May/June and sporadically there after”…for $5! Romneya coulteri, not on the sale table. I’m already regretting not getting this one. I might go back.

Sedum bowls. And more Sedum… I really don’t get this… The sign reads “There’s no such thing as a depressing garden. No plant species – wild or cultivated – produces a flower or blossom that is absolutely black.” What? Why is black depressing? Don’t people seek out black flowers (or almost black flowers)? Didn’t Paul Bonnie write a book about black plants? I guess they aren’t selling it at this nursery.

Monster Yucca! Love it… And finally on the way to pay for my $5 a Callistemon I passed these adorable succulents. I am such a sucker for succulents! But I was strong and just kept on walking by…


  1. It's been years since I've been to 7 Dee's but I remember it being a full-scale nursery full of everything from Marigolds to Magnolias. You got a great deal on the Callistemon. It always pays to check the sale table. :)

  2. I have become a regular visitor...especially that sale rack...after i got those $5 Rodgersia a few months ago, I'm hooked! Nice score on that Callistemon...I think you may need to go back for the Romneya ;-)

  3. Grace, they really are full-scale, and I always forget you used to be a Portlander! When are you making your Joy Creek/Cistus trip?

    Scott, I thought of you when I saw the sale table for that very reason!

  4. I have a serious love affair going on with oxblood red pots. That one in the half off area is making wish I lived nearby!


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