Friday, February 18, 2011

This is not a cactus collection...

I got all up in arms recently over the fact that Home Depot was selling these tiny containers as Cactus Gardens when there wasn’t a single cactus included. Then my husband reminded me that I am guilty of saying something along the lines of “there was a huge bee…” when actually there was no bee, it was a wasp, or a hornet. To someone who knows the difference (and cares) a succulent garden and a cactus garden are not interchangeable, just like a bumble bee, wasp or hornet are not.

This conversation led to me thinking about all the times I’ve written gorilla gardening when I really meant guerrilla gardening (smart I am). Or when I type “plants” in an email when I really meant “plans” or "pants" and I hit send before I notice it. I also have trouble with soul and soil. My fingers are creatures of habit it seems. They sense where I am going based on frequency and just automatically fill in the letters.

Do you have a word you misspell over and over again no matter how hard you to try not to? Or what’s your misused gardening term pet peeve? Bonus points if your peeve is something I do...because I'm sure I must (hopefully only) occasionally offend the horticultural trained.


  1. I used to type address labels and the city Whittier is just one key away from "Shittier"

  2. Planning frequently becomes planting, which can be fun, since I write a lot of job announcements!!

  3. I consider myself a good speller, but I continually mistype "toilet" as "toliet." Not that I write that word a lot, but, well, you asked. Even more amusing is when my husband, while speaking, says "mushroom" when he means "marshmallow." It just pops out wrong.

    "Do you want a mushroom for your s'more" never sounds very appetizing, when sitting around the campfire.

  4. Great point, some grace is always in order - even for those who diss The Noble Cactus!

  5. For the last twenty years, I've had difficulty with the words hydrangea and hibiscus. I'm not unclear about the meanings; I just seem to use them interchangeably. Now when one or the other comes up orally or keyboarily, I freeze for an embarrassingly long period of time and then usually get it right. Usually, not always.

  6. OH yes. Being dyslexic spelling is not my strong point. One of the most common is below and bellow. And others are just to embarrassing (or rude) to post.

  7. Inviting nit-picking is a dangerous thing to do...and just when I had almost succeeded in tamping down my meddling instincts. I would never correct you horticulturally, but I do notice that you use "peek" (to sneak a look) when you mean "peak" (to reach the top of a curve). How is that for a niggling little comment? I'm embarrassed, but you did ask.

  8. sew and I do both

  9. What if it's deliberate? I like to say "orgasmic gardening" instead of the banal "organic." Orgasmic just sounds more interesting. I have to be careful when I'm writing my garden column though. Some people might not think I'm so cute.

    As for Home Despot, I mean Depot, [another deliberate "mistake"] they need to get their facts straight. Calling them what they are--Succulent Gardens--is not all that difficult. Sheesh.

  10. Myz wurds choyce haz allways ben purfect.

  11. If they had been cacti they would have had fake flowers glued onto them. Obviously. And for me it's perennials, which I always want to spell perrenials because of Eucalyptus perriniana.

  12. Like Ian, I know how to spell "perennial": it's "perrenniel", right?
    Like Ricki, I notice "peak" and "peek" being interchanged by a surprising number of bloggers.

    And since I'm on a nit-picking roll (not role): the correct phrase, people, is "few and far between", not "far and few between", as I heard even President Obama say a few days ago. Thanks for the perfect forum for getting that one off my chest!

  13. i make the most errors when i rush and comment on other blogs. and then there's no way to correct them! argh! most recently, i commented that, "i have a huge fuzzy wuzzy!" referring to a succulent. there sits that embarrassing comment for the rest of cyberspace eternity!

  14. verbena viburnum. Was recently chatting with a garden friend much smarter than I (most folks are.) rhapsodising about how lovely the verbena blooming outside my back gate smelled on a calm February evening. Yikes!

  15. The funniest thing to me is the picture on the actual label! Its an aloe! Are they trying to make people stupid?

  16. Paula, so how many did you send out with "Shittier"???

    Meg S, I want to read one of your job announcements!!!

    Pam, yours I understand (like my guess vs geuss which I always get wrong)...but your husbands is pretty funny, as is your example!

    DD, and there are plenty of dissers aren't there? (is dissers a word?).

    Chris U, orally or keyboarily? That's a good one too! You made me think of my current issue with prostrate and prostate, I've just had to stop saying either.

    Spiky O, you've got me wondering!!!?

    ricki, I LOVE that you shared this, seriously! I try to be good but lord I am just not and that one is a weakness (but not a weekness)! Thank you...and anytime, please!!!

    linda, at least both are noble endeavors.

    Grace, I remember in biology in Jr High my teacher kept saying Organic and I was mortified as I was hearing Orgasmic. I'd only read the word and didn't note the difference!!! It made for a really long class.

    RBell, and I would expect nothing less from you.

    Ian, omg, you are right! (about the fake flowers).

    MulchMaid, so glad I could provide the forum (four'em).

    Laguna, that is an excellent error! I only wish I had followed you in commenting, I would have had to ask about it.

    Peter, I love it!

    RFG, yes they are...OR maybe they are already stupid!?

  17. I ALWAYS type "Portland" as "Porltand"...very unfortunate for me :-( For some reason the path between my brain and my fingers must have a few forks in the road.

  18. For the life of me, I can NEVER spell 'definitely' or 'maintenance' correctly. Two very simple words that I have to spell check EVERY time. I had to spell check them for this!
    Last year I had to teach myself how to spell reservoir. I did not have to use spell check for that word for this, so hopefully it is correct! :)

  19. Thank goodness for spell check but I cannot for the life of me get it right with the there's! Is it there of their. I frankly don't care! LOL


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