Thursday, February 3, 2011

Succulents have helped keep me sane during the winter months…

Yesterday I mentioned that I hadn’t succumbed to the winter blues this year, and attributed it to the fact I’d been home during the days and more in touch with the garden. But actually I think some of the credit goes to the fact I’ve been on a bit of a succulent bender. It started innocently enough with the above container planted for the holidays, but then things took on a life of their own. It was inevitable really; after all it’s an opportunity to combine two of my passions…plants and vintage pottery. The Tillandsias work in with the look and are mood boosters too. And it’s not an expensive addiction. If you have large succulents you can take cuttings, or you can buy these little succulents for under $2, wait until you’ve put together a good little mix and then plant up another container. And another. It’s gardening in miniature, a theme in Flora Grubb's presentation to the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon last Sunday. I highly recommend this winter escapist gardening activity! Don’t have a pottery collection? Use cans and jars that you would otherwise have thrown away. Use wooden boxes, a mug, a chipped cereal bowl. Just consider yourself warned, it can become an addiction.


  1. Pretty! You could start a new business as a succulent arranger.

  2. Wonderful pots. With the tender stuff tucked away in the shade pavilion and now gardening in miniature, I'd say you've got winter beat. Congrats!

  3. Me too, but you do it so much nicer than I do!

  4. i am loving the vintage pottery AND the succulents. No wonder you are staying sane this winter!

  5. They are lovely little pick-me-ups in a pot.

  6. Your collections - plants and pottery - astound me!!!
    I agree with Pam!

  7. Those are so all those little mini-gardens...especially the long, low charming!

  8. You "get it"!

    All succulents have a place somewhere; mine outside are standing strong, even after historic cold temps!

  9. Loree, you have more style in your little finger than most of us put together. What a great collection to keep you happy over winter. The succulents really enhance the lines of your fab ceramics and the textures are a perfect mix. I agree with Pam: you could market these.

  10. Your succulent arrangements in their vintage pots are lovely. You have a good sense of design.

  11. You know how I feel about succulents. I'm thrilled to see you catching the bug too, and going for broke like you always do.

  12. i just did the same thing. yours look way better! (love the touch of wood, or whatever that treasure craft is made of) i worry, though, how well mine will fare inside. don't they need direct sun at some point?

  13. Beautiful pots of succulents.

  14. Any addiction that doesn't force one into rehab or the poor house is okay by me. Your succulent collection is probably cheaper than therapy too. Beautiful collection, Loree.

  15. Pam, thank you for the compliment.

    Denise, oh now don't you go tempting mother nature!

    ChrisU, somehow I doubt that...aren't you a professional?

    Thank you Carey!

    SpikyO, well put!

    Thank you Lauren.

    scott, those were the "funnest" ones to do!

    DD, glad to hear your succulents are doing well. I can't say the same for my brother's in Phoenix. He sent some sad pictures.

    MulchMaid...and you are too kind!

    Thanks Hoover Boo!

    ricki, oh please don't say broke...

    Laguna Dirt, thanks I love the wooden accents too (the husband not so much). Mine do get direct sun, when the sun shines that is. It comes in the front window and falls across that end of the house...not much but a little. A few of them are getting a little etiolated, which is never a good thing.

    Thanks Evelyn!

    Grace, good point! (cheaper than therapy)


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