Monday, February 7, 2011

Modern day scarecrows or garden art?

Your eyes are not deceiving you. Those really are heads on rebar.
I thought about to making this one a WWTT post, but then I decided I'm done with that. After all if I posted on New Year’s Eve encouraging everyone out there to garden with wild abandon then why should I wonder WWTT? (what were they thinking)...they're gardening dammit! Right? Near as I can tell these heads and their rebar bodies are part of a support for berry vines. So perhaps they are a modern day scarecrow alternative? Or are they just garden art?


  1. If I may say, My first thought was Halloween isn't until Oct...these are a little weird to me no matter their purpose...

  2. Maybe they're meant to repel small children. On second thought, my five grandchildren would be all over them.
    They do have an oddly "Avatar' look to them...

  3. I'm pretty "to each, his own" about gardens and the like...but that is a little to "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" for me. I do have to say, my new "favorite" piece of garden statuary is along SE 11th Ave. The home owners have large, and I'm assuming fake, boulders with fake seagulls all over them. The best part...they also have fake white seagull poop streaming down the sides...very classy ;-)

  4. I have a small collection of faces and heads culled from broken statuary and pots I found at work. They are piled in the back garden and don't look as creepy as you may think, or as creepy as putting them on spikes.

  5. instead of wwtt, it would jump straight to wtf! i like them.

  6. This is a little peculiar to me, but if the goal of the garden is to please the gardener, than more power to them!

  7. Too damned funny....wish I would have thought of it first!

  8. So are these life-size ? I just can't help but think what Rueben at the Rancho might do with these..this display is a tad London-Bridge ..creepy yet , well creepy !

  9. Darla, maybe they went up last Halloween?

    MulchMaid, I failed to mention that this home backs up to a park with a small playground. Perhaps they were done with children in mind.

    Greensparrow, but not in your garden right?

    scott, I feel like I've seen this display before! How wonderful for the folks who live next-door...

    Les, please share pictures someday!

    Laguna, the thought did cross my mind...

    Tim, "a little peculiar"? You are very diplomatic.

    Digs, you can copy...I won't tell.

    ks, oh good point about Reuben! I wonder...

  10. Those things look quite macabre...

  11. I love bizarre stuff like this! Only it's not played up to full effect yet with the bushes not grown up to neck height (or leafed out for that matter). You should definitely should revisit it again during spring/summer.

    Wouldn't it be great if they planted some tall grasses there and you'd see the heads coming in and out of view as the winds blew...

  12. I agree with MulchMaid. They are scarekiddos.


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