Monday, February 8, 2010

50% off, seriously

Back in December I blogged about a neighborhood shop called digs, inside and out, they’ve got a great collection of colorful items for both the garden and the home. Well, last week I got an email announcing their “make it go away sale” and everything in the store is 50% off! If you live in Portland and have been meaning to stop by now might be the best time! Do you need a garden gnome?
What about some groovy tulip chairs?
Personally I would have loved to walk out of there with these beauties…
The orange and white planters on the left, not the monkeys, although the monkeys are pretty cute too.
And if you’ve wanted to see the new “woolly pockets” in person they’ve got one all planted up and on display, it’s not for sale though.
I love these lights! In fact the vintage lighting company that I used to work for created some just like this for a pizza place in Spokane, funny to see the very thing here in Portland.
And the multi-panel ceiling is pretty cool.
I guess I am saving up my crazy out of control shopping adventures for the spring plant sales because I left empty handed. That means all the good stuff is still there for you! And in case you’re worried this is not a going out of business sale. Evidently the folks at digs do this twice a year to clear out the old and make room for the new! I love that idea!


  1. Hi Loree~~ My first thought was, "Oh, no. Not another garden store going out of business..." I'm glad to see that this is not the case. I remember those multi-circled lights from high school. At the time, [30+ years ago] I thought they were ghastly. Now they're way cool. Speaking of ghastly, that gads. Worse than Freda!

    Cool slogan. Many times I'm thinking the same thing about lots of unwelcome things in my life. LOL

  2. You have my mouth watering. I have been checking out those planters for awhile.

  3. Ohhhhh... almost worth the 6 hr. round-trip drive! Wish I lived closer. Very cool. But I agree with Grace, that gnome is creepy! What will power you have to leave with nothing. I do that sometimes when it all looks too good. Can't decide so just elect for nada. Seems like a cool place, glad they're staying open!

  4. I seriously need those tulip chairs.


    But my wallet will settle for the sock monkey or some of those great planters!

  5. Grace, maybe it's time to have a "make it go away" sale yourself? Once the weather is better I plan to get rid of a few things myself (garage sale? craigslist?...something like that). As for the gnome, I completely agree!

    Matti, too bad you aren't closer and they could be yours!

    Karen, I was worried when I first got the email, not another cool local shop closing! As for the willpower it was the unemployed person who was the strong one. The employed version of me would have left with the cool planters!

    Jane, if my memory serves the chairs may actually be more wallet friendly than the planters...


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