Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Portland’s Yard Garden and Patio Show

It’s that time again! No matter if the show comes early like this year (Feb 12th – 14th), or late like last year (27th-March 1st) it still means the same thing for me: spring is here! And this year it might actually be true, our warm El Niño temperatures have had us in the 50’s more days than not, dare we believe?

The YG&P Show features hundreds vendors with their tools, gadgets, books, services and of course plants, lots and lots of plants! But that’s not the best part, the best is the seminars and they're free! You can go to the seminars without paying to get in to the show, although since you’re there you should. (if you are going here's a link to a coupon to save $2 on admission)

If you had any lingering doubt that I am a total plant geek here’s where I clear that up. Once the seminar schedule is posted on the YG&P Show website I get busy creating my own schedule, after all I can’t miss anything good, and unfortunately sometimes compromises have to be made. For example do I go listen to Dan Heims (president of Terra Nova Nurseries) talk about ‘Shade Gardening’ from 3-4, or do I only stay only until 3:30 in order to get over to listen to Roger Gossler (of Gossler Farms) speak on ‘Shrubs that Carry the Garden from Summer to Fall’? Heartbreaking choices!

And what about the “new” names that I am not familiar with? Take Lorene Edwards Forkner, she is speaking on ‘Small is the New Big: Designing Small Gardens with Large Impact’ could be good! But do I miss out on the ‘big name’ and take a chance? Decisions decisions! Here’s my current list of must sees:

There are two talks from Dan Hinkley (of Heronswood Nursery fame) ‘A Year at Windcliff’ and ‘Trees, Shrubs, Vines and Perennials for Year-Round Effect’…I plan to make it to at least one.

Sean Hogan co-founder of Cistus Nursery is always an exciting speaker and this year he is talking about ‘Bold Foliage Texture for the Small Garden.’

Local celebrity and frequent writer for Horticulture Magazine Lucy Hardiman is speaking on ‘Maximizing Space in the Garden’ and ‘Personalizing your Garden’. I can probably skip the second but who doesn’t need more information on maximizing their garden space?

Burl Mostul owner of Rare Plant Research will give a talk titled ‘A Nurseryman Goes to Africa’ and Seattle garden guru Ciscoe Morris will take us on a tour with his talk ‘Gardening in Margaritaville Adding Tropical Flair to Your Garden’

So much to learn!

Here’s my personal schedule, all mapped out with days/times/rooms numbers and alternate attractions (this is the one time a year that I actually use Excel)…
The challenge is there are speakers I want to hear on all three days! I’ve never made it all three days of the show before. By Sunday I am usually on information overload and just throw in the towel, staying in bed until about noon. Will this be the year I make it all three days?


  1. four words..... go see Daniel Hinkley! Prsuasive or demanding enough? If not, go for me pretty please!

  2. This post is so funny, Loree. It's official: you ARE a total plant geek! And you're in great company (if I do say so myself.) What I don't see is how you are going to have time to see all the display gardens and cruise the booths if you attend all those seminars.

    I'm hoping to make the Sean Hogan talk Friday, and the Dan Hinkley and the Richie Steffen talks Saturday: the Great Plant Picks are beautiful foliage selections this year. See you there!

  3. I am astounded. WOW! The plan of attack rivals that of any general of any army! How? When I go to a show I wander around like a madwoman, stumble into a lecture, try and find a drink, buy a ton of plants ... and I consider THAT a very successful show!
    I am shamed.
    You have whupped me good - I stand in awe and can't wait to hear all about it - in a Power Point presentation, footnoted and indexed, please!
    Have a blast!

  4. That is hilarious - you're the first person I've EVER seen use Excel to map out a plan of action for a garden show. I love it!

  5. Teza, ok! I'll go, just for you! This will be the first time I've heard the man speak, I am excited. I just hope there are no lines...I hate lines.

    Jane, oh but there is plenty of time! An hour here, two hours there. Actually it's perfect for someone still on the mend, I can walk a bit and sit a bit. See you there too!

    Germi, ok perhaps I should be embarrassed. Maybe I shouldn't have posted that?! It just all gets so overwhelming and I don't want to miss anything! I am going to have to let you down with the PowerPoint presentation. I may use Excel to map out my schedule but I've never ever used PowerPoint. Oh and no worries about trying to find a drink...local wines and two separate beverage gardens!

    Kate, I really didn't think I was that weird...I guess perhaps I am. I just hate having to carry around multiple bits of info, this way it's all in one place! See you in the beverage garden (I'm the one with two different sized ankles, one normal and one swollen twice normal size).

  6. I've never entertained the slightest doubt that you're a plant geek, Loree. It takes one to know one. I applaud you for your crib notes. I've been known to do the same thing. It's too easy to get turned around in the vortex of confusion and adrenaline when you're in the midst of it.

    First on my list would be Cisco's Margarita-ville. He's funny for one thing and maybe he can offer tips on how to keep our semi-tenders alive during these stupid cold snaps. The rest are toss ups. Dan Heims is sure to have new heucheras to show off. Sean Hogan is always interesting and ditto on the winter survival tips. [He was a regular on Mike Darcy's TV program.] And you'd better drag yourself into the presence of the almighty Dan Hinkley or you'll never hear the end of it from Teza. LOL

    You've got us all psyched for a full report. So much so that I might have to make the drive up myself. Hmm....

  7. What a hoot! I am jealous, I admit it - you have to pay full fare to get the seminars in Seattle and then there are lines lines lines for all the big names. I only made it to a single lecture in 6 hrs., even though there were tons I'd love to have attended. I know, you just want to clone yourself to go to everything. Could you recruit a fellow plant geek and divide/conquer/compare notes? Oh, there will be a line for Mr. Hinkley, I guarantee it, but also it will be worthwhile. Can't wait to hear your report! Oh, Lorene came and helped me with a garden plan a few months back (not that I have enacted it), I think you would like her. But too bad she's at the same time as others you want to hear! Good luck with your decisions and I hope you tell us ALL about it!

  8. Oh my god. Dan Hinkley AND Dan Heims at the same show? I WORSHIP both of them. When I met Dan Heims at a trade show once, I was so star-struck I could barely talk! I didn't even ask him to sign my Terra Nova catalog! (he did give me a plant, though, which was pretty amazing.) But I've never met Dan Hinkley... I just read his books and think, "Wow... and he's even gay. If only he were single."

  9. Sounds like some of us will be bumping into each other without ever knowing it. Maybe we should be wearing hats with big flowers sticking out the top. You, on the other hand, should be relatively easy to spot.

  10. Grace, "vortex of confusion and adrenaline"! EXACTLY...You know what I'm talking about! You should totally drive up! It will be worth it I'm sure. If you see someone you think is me in the crowd you better say hi!

    Karen, I thought that was the case (that you had to pay in Seattle to hear the speakers). I'm rethinking my game plan for tomorrow. Maybe I'll skip Lucy's talk in be first in line for Dan? Ugh! So how did you come to know of Lorene? Have you shared this garden plan via your blog? I would love to see it!

    Greensparrow, Dan Heims is such an entertaining speaker too! I would imagine that Dan Hinkley must be...if I get close enough to either one for an autograph I'll send it your way!

    ricki, or maybe we could all wear that fabulous spiky Etsy ring you had on your blog a while back? Please say hi if you see me! (yes the 2 different ankles will definitely give me away)...

  11. Please do me a favor...and yourself....and go to booth 1076 and say hello to my cousin Kaaren. Tell her you are Danger Gardener. We have just been talking to each other about your amazing blog and she would get such a kick to meet you. We Love your pictures and blog. Thanks!!

  12. I've never gone to the seminars, I thought that was my opportunity to sneak around and look at the show with fewer people in the mix. I think I've been doing it wrong. I might have to drag myself out there this weekend. I wish I had taken today as a holiday.

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  15. Anony, I don't understand why you included a link to Dennis' 7 Dees yet you remain anonymous? Why not step up and use your name?


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