Thursday, April 30, 2009

very dangerous!

Tonight one of my favorite nurseries, Garden Fever, was open an hour later than usual for Tomatomania! I stopped by on my way home to pick up a couple of things...and have a glass of wine, who knew? They were serving wine and appetizers, what a fabulous idea! It was a warm sunny evening...I got to shop (I didn't buy any plants, I only bought fertilizer for my tomatoes and chicken grit for planting my agave, can you believe it?) and drink a nice glass of red wine. Heaven.

That is when I saw the Solanum pyracanthum. I grew one a couple of years ago and it was amazing! How dangerous is a plant with huge spikes coming out of both the top and the bottom of the leaf and up and down the stem? Ouch!

My plant got huge...with irritatingly perky little purple blossoms, I picked most of them off, probably why it only got a few small fruits on it. I almost bought another one. And who knows? Maybe I'll end up going back...the 'purpureum' variety was nice...


  1. I immediately thought of you when I saw this at Portland Nursery for the first time last weekend.
    Almost bought it, too! But the helianthemum species won out.

  2. Gosh! these plants are scary. Hmm... I am think if these plants be placed in a spot that is not reachable... like behind other plants so that nobody would get hurt... then it can be a unique houseplant.

  3. Hi Danger Garden,
    Hey, nice to hear from someone with Spokane ties! I've yet to meet another Spokane garden blogger. It's pretty funny how much more aware Spokanites are of Seattle than Seattlites are of Spokane.
    Portland sounds nice. Love your hosta picture below. Enjoy - VW

  4. Jane - oh no! I was going to stop by Portland Nursery on my way home tonight...I'll be tempted all over again!

    Stephanie - I'm not sure that it would get enough light in the situation you describe, it's worth a try though. It would probably stay much more manageable in size that way.

    VW - thanks for stopping by! I think you must be the only Spokane garden blogger, I searched one day to see if that Phyllis Stevens person was blogging (I think that's her name? She was on TV...and seemed to be everywhere at the same time) but found nothing. Just you carrying the load for the whole lilac city, that's a lot of responsibility!

  5. I've always thought about that plant--if only it didn't bloom! I've never seen the purpureum variety. Very nice. Although the orange spikes do stand out more. Tough call.

  6. That is seriously the most dangerous plant I've seen EVER! WoW!!!

  7. A + M - you should line the fence at the back of your yard with them! They get huge and it would make the lil'whiners stay clear!


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