Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I’ll take that!...Oh I need one of those!…Oh, what’s that!?...The plants I couldn’t live without:

I really thought I’d selected more than just 11 plants! When the time came to pick up our treasures and head to the check out lines I expected to be faced with making hard choices and sending a few back. But I actually stayed within my budget! What's up with that?

So first off that beautiful agave is my mothers, it came from the Rare Plant Research booth and since I will be going to their open house in May I didn’t purchase anything from them at this sale. Isn’t it a beauty?! She’ll have to take it indoors in the winter in Spokane but that’s a small price to pay for getting to enjoy such a fine specimen. I have a larger one I purchased at RPR a couple of years ago that’s in a huge pot with excellent drainage. He has survived our winters just fine because he stays under cover and isn’t allowed to get wet.

I think I am most excited about my Beschorneria albiflora. It’s the big bright green one with the yucca-like leaves. Last year my friend Erin from Seattle was down for the sale and she got the only one of these they had, hers didn’t have a label so we weren’t sure exactly what it was but I think this is it.

I bought 2 Echium russicum they reportedly are hardy here, can’t wait to see them bloom. I already have a Tetrapanax papyrifer, but ‘needed’ another. We both picked up an Ensete Maurelli and even though it will die with the first frost it provides such a colorful tropical feel for summer. I am a sucker for big colorful leaves.

Other purchases included a Datura as I don’t think last summers plant made it and I can’t imagine not having this poisonous plant in the danger garden. A Euphorbia ‘martini’ (euphorbia are right up there with flax and agave as far as my plant addictions) this one has great orange color to the stems and fabulous variegation on the leaves. Rounding out the purchases are a Kniphofia ‘falmenco’ and a Eremurus or Foxtail lilly, one of those plants I have always admired but for some reason never purchased. And lastly the Eryngium agavafolium I mentioned yesterday and a red bee balm, Jacob Cline. Bee balm is a must for me because the flowers look like a one of those crazy swim caps that woman used to wear way back when and the hummingbirds love them! Happy planting….


  1. I'm glad your mom got that agave, I was eyeing it, it looked so good, but I really don't *need* another one.
    I was tempted by that ensete, too, now I wish I had it. I'll have to keep an eye out for another somewhere. I had a datura in my shopping box that I abandoned when I gave up on the line. I've never grown datura before. Will it grow large in one season if it's this small when you buy it?

  2. I felt the same way Megan, it was such a nice agave! My hand was reaching for it when my mom saw it. Problem solved and it's still in the family! Garden Fever is where I've bought previous Ensete, they'll probably have them again this year.

    My bought my first Datura at the YGP show in 2008. It was only slightly bigger than this one and a lot more expensive. I put it in a pot on the patio and once it got warm it took off. I'd say when winter hit it was about 3 feet tall, maybe a little less. But it had loads of beautiful fragrant blossoms. I had hope for it wintering over but I guess this year was a bad test. Maybe winter 2009/2010 will be an easy one?

  3. I bought an Echium russicum last year and am hoping it comes back this year. I'm in zone 5 so I bet it's definitely hardy where you are. You made lots of nice plant purchases ~ good luck with them and great blog you have started.

  4. Good to know, thank you Kathleen! I bought another variety of Echium last year at the same sale, the tag said zone 8 but a little online research told me otherwise, and winter confirmed it. Sounds like I made the right choice this time!

  5. Beautiful blog, love the pug, your great sense or humor, and the excellent plants.

  6. Thank you for the kind words Red Studio!

  7. Hey, I like your blog! I had a beloved pug, Ella Mae, and she did loose her eye to something sharp outside!, She's gone now, but your pic made me smile! Brian

  8. Thanks Brian. Ella Mae is a super name for a pug! Sorry to hear you lost her. I took a brief gander at your blog...I marked it for later investigation...wish I could visit your shop!


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