Friday, April 17, 2009

If only...

I thought you all might enjoy a few pictures of the dangerous plants I'd be buying if I were in Tucson and driving a large truck back to Portland. Of course I would also be broke and probably divorced, as my husband would take one look at these beauties and announce that I had lost my mind. And no he was not helping me carry them under cover during the winter months.

So, luckily for my bank account, and marriage, I am not in Tucson plant shopping. My friend Andrea was though, and she took these fabulous pictures. Enjoy!


  1. On valentines day my boyfriend and painted ceramic. When we were done I had a great little empty plant potter. I begged him to buy a plant for it so we filled it with a small tulip. 3 days later it died. Now the plant potter has been empty for 2 months.

    Now I'm thinking of finding a friendly *dangerous lol cacti.

    you pictures are so beautiful!

  2. Thanks Amanda! But I can't take credit for the pictures on this post. My friend Andrea took these. They feel like you could reach right out and touch the plants don't they? Be careful though...ouch!

    If you have any ground available plant that dead tulip outside, it just might come back next year to remind you of Valentines day!


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