Saturday, April 18, 2009

Exhausted...and happy

Ah...a sunny Saturday and no plans...where does that mean I am? Working in the yard! Glorious ... out at 10:30 am and in for a glass of wine and shower at 7 pm, does it get any better than that?Well yes...but...

So there were many wonderful discoveries and accomplishments but if I had to identify just one it would be discovering that my Eucomis oakhurst survived the winter and there are tiny little leaf tips peaking out of the gravel. I was afraid it succumbed to our extreme cold, but not so! Since a picture of what I discovered would be rather insignificant to you all (think really really small tiny leaf tips) I thought I would show you a couple pictures of what it will become.

Beautiful. I bought these plants at the Chocolate Flower Farm on Whidbey Island, in Washington State, a couple of years ago. You take a ferry over to the island and it was a VERY stormy day. It was the early days of the nursery and early in the season, so things were a little underwhelming, but the owner Marie was very helpful and went to her private stash to find me the very best. All in all a nice days outing, a road and ferry trip with a good friend and a wonderful plant purchase.
And it lives to flower again!


  1. What a beauty, so glad it survived. Don't you just love it when you can putter around in the garden all day? Happy gardening.

  2. I would have been excited about the picture of the leaf tips. I thought I'd lost my agave attenuata from RPR, the stem was all rotted, but yesterday I saw tiny green leaves coming up next to the stem, and it was a happy moment. Wasn't yesterday just the best for working in the yard?

  3. Yea for your agave! That is great's such a great feeling when you see signs of life, I'll be looking for pictures on your blog...

  4. I love Chocolate Flower Farm! Gee, I wonder why.....? Dark, dramatic foliage specimens, perhaps & Chocolate cosmos!
    Come visit me on Blotanical. Left you a message there. Alice
    @ BayAreaTendrils

  5. Alice...I'll check out the message, thanks! Oh and your post hadn't disappeared, I just hadn't published it yet. I turned on that feature because I got spammed with a couple really annoying comments. Not garden related and not at all related to my blog! People trying to sell things....


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