Monday, April 27, 2009

Ok but can I dig them up?

Wow - check out this link! I'm sending you off to a UK forum on growing exotic plants. One of their members went on trip to Mexico and these are the pictures.
I need to go there! But how could I visit with out taking something with me? And, well, that would probably land me in jail. But it almost looks like it would be worth it! There are some amazing agave!


  1. What a find, great link. It's always weird to me to travel to places where those kind of plants are native and just grow anywhere, where here they're precious, we have to grow them in pots and protect them in the winter. It was especially odd in Texas, where agaves are just along the side of the road as a default parking strip planting, just planted and forgotten. I wish I could grow more with less fuss, but I'm glad that around here, if you see agaves being grown, they're well loved.

  2. So true Megan! I've heard that people feel the same about our rhodies but somehow I just don't think it's the same. The other day I found the pics I took of the agave blooming at the corner house on Fremont (a couple years ago). I miss that plant!

  3. My goodness, that link led to one fantastic agave post! What a spectacular final pic, with the cliffs.


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