Friday, April 24, 2009

The power of patience and positive thought….

Since I mentioned patience in my post below (regarding my Yellow Wave flax) I thought I’d share another instance where I am trying to be patient and think positive. My Chinese yellow banana is not showing any signs of life. It should still be alive, after all its supposed to be root hardy to 5 -10 degrees F.

So I am really trying to be patient, even just a little green would give me hope, hope that this brown crumpled mess might again someday produce lush green tropical foliage and maybe even another bloom like the one above. Beautiful isn’t it? Think some positive thoughts for the yellow banana would you?


  1. Positive thoughts buzzing their way through the blogosphere, danger. It's a delightful plant and that bloom is wonderfully weird. Did tiny bananas appear after it opened?

  2. I tried to protect a non-hardy banana last year, wrapped in insulation and up against the south side of the house. It also has no signs of life yet, but neither do the hardy bananas, and they were covered in a foot of mulch, and died back to the top of the mulch. I've been poking around the container I have it planted in, pulling out roots, and scraping at them trying to figure out if there are any signs of life. The outer layers of the roots are brown and come off easily, but the core of the roots are green and strong, and don't break if I tug at them. Since I've never examined the roots of an alive banana this closely, I have no idea what this method is telling me. Again with the patience, which I don't have.

  3. Thanks Jane! No little bananas....the 'trunk' that produced the bloom dies after blooming. I don't think this is a true banana....more research...

    Megan - I remember seeing your insulation efforts on your blog. I did dig a little around this guy today and the roots look good. Last year I know it took a long time to take off but I still was able to find green. Patience...yuck.


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