Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sammy has a home, finally

Truth be told, I was a little nervous about how all of this was going to happen. After all this is a big, heavy, spiky plant. I feared he’d be root-bound and not come out of the pot willingly. I feared one of the plants I didn’t move out of the way would get stepped on and crushed. I feared one of us was going to poke an eye out!

So…I dug out the dead flax, moved the plants that weren’t in the new “plan” and dug the hole (the huge hole). Then it was time to get the husband involved. There was a little discussion about how to proceed and then it just happened. Quick! Too quick to even take a picture! We cut the plastic pot away, managing to not damage the roots. Then he picked up Sammy up by the trunk turned and dropped him into the hole. Smooth. No damage to Sammy, no damage to the surrounding plants and no damage to the husband. Perfect. Now why was I worried?


  1. Isn't it funny when we over-anticipate potential problems, then something goes as smooth as silk! Sammy looks very happy in his new spot. He's the star, but I like the way you gave him a few friends around his trunk...looks like he could have been settled in there for years.

  2. That is one cool-looking tree. Does it get taller? Wider? Here in zone 5-6 Buffalo, that may as well come from Neptune. It didn't come from Neptune, did it?

  3. Jane, isn't that so true! And it's the ones we don't see coming that really whack us upside the head. I tried to surround Sammy with plants that looked like they belonged. It's my semi south west looking area. The rhody and the acanthus kinda mess that up, but the rhody isn't going anywhere and I've heard horror stories about moving acanthus and it's just so darn pretty!

    Jim - thanks! I love it! No...not Neptune, Cistus Nursery on Sauvie Island here in Oregon. Well, that is where I got it...I believe it originally came from Mexico. They have other similarly alien creatures at Cistus!

    When we splurged on this Yucca rostrata there were 2 other larger sizes at the nursery. If memory serves they were about 6 and 8 ft tall (in the pot), and about the same width that Sammy is. I hope that Sammy can achieve those heights here in Portland...only time will tell. Sean, the nursery owner was very positive that it would.

  4. OMG, I've got to have one! Sammy looks awesome in his new spot. Well done.

  5. It looks great in the ground, so instantly established looking! That doesn't happen often enough in gardening, congratulations on the instant impact.

  6. Thank you ladies! Pam & Megan, coming from you both that means a lot.

  7. OOO LA LA!!!
    Right on! Sammy looks so proud and strong - and happy! Bravo - how fantastic that you got a Y. rostrata - they are beautiful and majestic, and he is obviously very much at home in the Danger Garden.
    And Sammy is a great name for a yucca - it suits him...

    oh and an extra congrats to your husband for the elegant planting work!

  8. Thanks Germi and I'll pass along the congrats...he was pretty darn slick!


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