Monday, January 10, 2011

A trip to the neighborhood market cures the winter blahs

What…did you think I was going to visit the wine and chocolate isle?
I went in hoping to find something bright and a little unusual. Not a problem here! Have you ever seen a furry Heliconia? I hadn’t.
What about Lipstick pod?
This Celosia is bright enough to break my camera lens.
Seeded eucalyptus.
Fluffy Dianthus “grass”
I love Monkey Tails!
The market I was visiting, New Seasons, is a locally owned smaller version of Whole Foods. In addition to an always outstanding floral selection they (the Concordia and Arbor Lodge stores at least) currently have a marvelous selection of little succulents.
I am addicted to little succulents.
Back outside it looks like spring is here! The sunny skies and warm (relatively speaking) temperatures the day of my visit have me feeling it too. Too bad the weather people are calling for a snow/ice event later this week. Kind of puts a damper on my spring fever.
Oh but that reminds me...what comes after spring? Summer! And what's happening this summer?
The 2011 Garden Bloggers Seattle! How exciting is that, so close to Portland! Learn more about it on the official website, and if you're going, I'll see you there!


  1. I love New Seasons! I used to live within walking distance of the Orenco Station store in Hillsboro. I always feel out of place in Whole Food Market ("I don't make enough money to shop here!") but not at New Seasons.

    I don't know if I can make it to the Seattle event. I may be using up my "plant event getaway credits" with my family to attend the HPSO Study Weekend this summer.

  2. Where oh *WHERE* can I get the Dianthus barbatus Green Trick ‘Temarisou to grow in my garden? I see the plant expo page, but is it hardy in our zone? Does the cut flower industry have a lock on it or what?

  3. Thanks for blogger fling info link!

  4. I lingered over those tiny succulents myself at the Arbor Lodge New Seasons. If I hadn't been in such a hurry, I'm sure I would have come home with a few!

    That Garden Bloggers meet-up looks like fun! I had no idea...Seattle is looking good this year, starting with the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in February.

  5. Thank you for the blast of color!

  6. My friend Annie [Wow, That's a Busy Garden] and I are thinking seriously about driving up.

    New Seasons sounds looks like a wonderful place.

  7. That's a nice blast of color! I adore all the little succulents, they're my #1 weakness!

  8. lucky you!! what an amazing store, such unique succulents. fuzzy wuzzy all the way! must have made your day!!

  9. Very nice pics! We can all use the pick-me-up!

  10. Ryan, New Seasons is a little more paycheck friendly than Whole Foods isn't it? If you don't make it to Seattle I'm sure you'll be able to catch up on everything you miss via all the blogging that will take place.

    Carrie, you are away ahead of me since I had no more info than Dianthus grass. Thanks for the name, now we can both be on the hunt. I just did a tiny bit of hunting and ended up more confused than when I started. At one point I was reading that the grass look was possibly achieved by some sort of treatment that caused the plant to deform. What a strange mystery!

    Mary, you're welcome!

    MulchMaid, so next time you stop in you'll be getting a few yes? Are you thinking of going to the bloggers meet-up?

    Lauren, it's so grey out there...we needed it!

    Grace, it really is. Great flowers, cheese, wine, chocolate...what more could you need?

    Dity Girl, perfect descriptor.

    Mandy, evidently they are becoming one of mine too.

    Laguna Dirt, yes actually they did!

    K&V, indeed. It's probably about time I start my "first day of spring" countdown.

  11. I LOVE the purple fiddleheads...they are one of my favorite things...EVER.

  12. yeah, those purple fiddle heads, is that real plant material?

  13. scott, me too! I just wish I knew the secret to making them last longer when I buy them.

    Ryan, yep! They are shoots of the Uluhe Fern. Cool uh?

  14. OK, so if you are coming to Seattle, maybe we will finally meet for real. Hope your new year is starting well, love all these bright colors on a grey day that promised snow that never (so far) came!

  15. I'm going to the Seattle Fling, and I can't wait to meet you there!

  16. Thanks for the glowing review!!!! I love seeing and hearing stuff like this. I work in the floral department at the Orenco Station New Seasons. I already knew you shopped at New Seasons, because ... I could just tell, haha, but to have a whole post dedicated to the store is awesome :D


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