Saturday, January 15, 2011

January 2011 Bloomday

I’ve got nothing to share! I thought I might have an Aeonium flower, but not yet. I thought I might have a Grevillea blossom or three, nope.
I thought about posting pictures of the Mahonia x media ‘Charity flowers again, but after showing them in October, November and Decembers Bloomdays I figure that’s getting a little old.
And after MONTHS of waiting I thought I might have an extremely out of season Verbascum bloom to share, but I don’t think this thing is ever going to open up. Since I’ve been tracking its development for 4 months now I guess it’s time to share its unrealized potential. October 20th...
October 22nd...
October 26th...
October 31st...
November 3rd...
November 10th...
November 14th...
November 25th...
December 6th...
December 9th...
December 15th...
January 7th...
January 11th...
January 12th...
And January 13th...
I know I know, photo taken 2 days before Bloomday! But trust me, nothing has changed. No blooms to be had here. To see actual blooms for Bloomday visit May Dreams Gardens, where all the flowers are today.


  1. I like how some Verbascums make their own snow -- at least, that's how those fuzzy leaves and flowers look to me sometimes. Guess I have snow on the brain today. Happy Blooms Day!

  2. Well I will give you points for consistent hope, but I don't think that dog's gonna hunt.

  3. I really liked your progression shots. It looked like snow for January in the last shot. This was a novel idea for GBBD with one plant shot over many days since last month. Your Verbascum had almost a month of attention in images.

  4. My goodness but the tension was building there with each photograph you showed of the Verbascum! I loved it!

  5. aloha,

    wow that progression was such an up and down experience lol! in hawaii they grow wild along the hillsides on mauna kea and they are huge and spread like weeds!

  6. Mahonia blooms never get old; mine won't open until late Jan or Feb - so nice to have that brilliant yellow amongst the fallen leaves.

  7. Naughty verbascum, that fuzzy fizzler. Lucky you to have that aeonium, even in bud.

  8. I give you full credit for a Bloom Day post even with no blooms, Loree! I didn't even start a post, since I had lots of hope and no results this month, too. I do love that verbascum progression. I didn't think they would make it even this long given our recent weather.

  9. No blooms outside with deep snow cover, and none inside either, but I really enjoyed seeing your contribution to GBBD---very funny.

  10. I had to go with the wanna-be's this boom day, too, but at least you ventured outside.

  11. Oh that verbascum is tragic. Following it, almost like a time-lapse film, it was looking pretty exciting. And then the last few shots look like dashed hopes and expectations. Ouch.

  12. Helen, oh you have a very good point about the Verbascum snow! I almost included a close up of the stem and a leaf, I should have...very snowy effect.

    Les, ha! I hadn't hurt that one before...I like it.

    gardenwalkgardentalk, and it's still going strong!

    Country Mouse, if only there had been more of a finale...

    Noel, there are a few growing around here of the weed variety too. Finally something Oregon and Hawaii can both grow.

    RBell, I saw one at a nursery today (same as mine) that was all brightly colored, where as mine is still very green. Curious.

    Cyndy, the bottom leaves are starting to die on the Aeonium, I hope it blooms soon while there are still some left.

    MulchMaid, I was just sure you would be posting pictures of your Grevillea in full bloom! I seem to be a week or two behind the rest of the city as far as blooms go.

    Carolyn, thank you for stopping by.

    ricki, it's a daily thing...gotta walk the dog.

    James, exactly. Why couldn't it have bloomed in the summer like the rest of it's kind!? Silly mixed up plant.


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