Thursday, January 27, 2011

A shopping tip for my Portland readers…

I love a good sale, even better when that sale is on plants! You too? Well Garden Fever has an extensive collection of last year’s perennials and grasses at 40% off!

Some of these appear to be little more than a container with soil and a label (since the plant is dormant) while others show definite signs of life. Eryngium giganteum…
Kniphofia typhoides… Kniphofia caulescens… Look at all those Xera tags! (you know I love Xera) How I wish I had a space for more Tetrapanax… Or another Gunnera (uhm, maybe I should have bought this one as insurance that mine returns!). There is a great selection, even after I shopped (twice)! Oh and while you’re there…please buy these gorgeous Acacia pravissima so I can stop obsessing about them! They are only $20.99…and not part of the sale.
And in case you are wondering, I didn’t receive any special plant compensation from Garden Fever for blogging about this sale, although I wouldn’t say no if they offered…(hint hint…I do have my eye on this (slightly shop-worn) Genista aetnensis…for $32.99….you know, if you’re looking to get rid of it).


  1. I thought for sure you would show us your shopping cart overflowing...

  2. If none of these cool plants are left by time I get to the sale (Sunday after the HPSO talk!) I'm going to blame you for telling everybody about it.

    It's this kind of selection that I miss when I shop at Al's.

  3. A garden sale...yes...try to keep me away! You know, ironically, I used to live our on Alberta and my bus would go past this place every single day, but I've never actually been there! I love Xera plants...I got some of the most amazing Oxalis from them at the YGP show last them.

  4. Oh...I think i'll being getting my Gunnera tomorrow!

  5. Gosh, girl. You know how to push my blood pressure up a few notches. What fun!

  6. Gotta love that! Thanks!


  7. I've been surprised how people and firms I've written about manage to find the post where I wrote about them. So...maybe these folks will find you...and set you ups with that genista or acacia... That sound totally fair!

  8. Darla, I guess I should have!

    Ryan, maybe you should go Sunday before the talk? Seriously though I can't imagine they'll be gone that fast. I don't think the majority of Portlanders have quite caught the planting bug yet this season.

    scott, never been to Garden Fever!? Wow. They have great prices on Xera plants, and an amazing selection...they are bigger than they look from the street too!

    Linda, yay! Glad to hear it.

    Wyatt, I do!

    James, I hope you are right! I was really surprised how quickly Randy Baldwin of San Marcos Growers found my post on them, and the time he took to give me names to all the plants I couldn't identify. That's a savvy company!

  9. Oh Grace...I missed you! Deep breaths and relaxation exercises. I don't want to be responsible for high blood pressure!

  10. I've been away and look what I missed! Okay, I'm shopping right after I plant trees with Friends of Trees tomorrow morning...sorry Ryan!

  11. Acacia pravissima...

  12. I so, so badly want to go to some PNW garden shows this year. This one looks amazing. But how can I do the shows and then the blogger meetup in July? When are we going to get those sci-fi transporters anyway? Love that acacia. (I passed up a Furcraea macdougalii today for $50, about 6 ft tall -- just hurts to let them go, doesn't it?)


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