Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Did you hear about the argument between a Tillandsia and a Bromeliad...

"Did you hear about the argument between a Tillandsia and a Bromeliad over the best seat on the branch?... (no) jumped on the other and it turned into an epiphyte."

...(badda boom)...that was my husband speaking; we had just walked into the Bromeliad wing at the Conservatory in Volunteer Park in Seattle. Previously we visited the amazing desert garden, today I’m, taking you to the west end which is all about the Bromeliads, so many bromeliads in fact that it’s a jungle in there and it was nearly to impossible to find the tags to record the names, thus a lot of this post is just pretty pictures with very little information, Bromeliad porn if you will. We’ll start with this Epiphyllum darahii (since this one was hanging it was easy to see the tag). And move on to the unnamed, although I suspect this might be a Quesnelia arvensis?
Tillandsia ehlersiana
Don't you just love how "ant plants" sounds? Although the thought of ants inside the plant is kind of creepy.
Dyckia 'Lad Cutak'
Cryptanthus 'Frostbite'
Quesnelia marmorata
The Staghorn.
Look at the edge of these leaves...this is a close up of the plant in the center of the picture above.
So many pretty plants! Want to learn more about Epiphytes? Check out the Rainforest Gardener's Epiphyte Day, there is even a link to learn more about ant plants!


  1. I saw some interesting tropicals at the nursery yesterday. I was in such a hurry to get there I forgot the camera. You took photos of some cool ones.

  2. Love your bromiliad porn! It took me way too long to get the joke about ephiphyting. I'm off to a slow start this year, but your joke finally got me laughing. Gardeners need all the laughs they can get this time of year. So, thanks.

  3. Great post! And I loved the joke (I'm sending this link to a friend of mine who's a bromeliad fan….she'll love it, too)

  4. I must be on the lookout for that upright plant with the lacy edges.

  5. Alex ApffelJanuary 05, 2011

    An amazing family: Spanish moss and pineapples! Who would have thunk?

  6. Such a great tour !
    Thanks to Rebecca for sending me a link !
    Loree, If you are ever down here in San Francisco on the third Thursday of the month I've love to have you as my guest at the S.F. Bromeliad Society.
    Great group of people and always an informative slide show with yummy food.
    I've built up my bromeliad collection over the years from the Brom. raffle table. I just planted a 8 foot section of one of my borders with an Aechema spc.
    Hoping it will be a show stopper some day in the future.
    loved the joke !

  7. Great tour. I heard about the argument and love the jokes. I also collect tillandsia in my garden. Great post.

  8. I KNEW ants had to have some sort of redeeming quality. There's just so damn many of them, and why do they like my bathroom so much?--not a Bromeliad to be found there.

    (great photos!)

  9. What a great post! I love the joke. And I really like your idea of bromiliad porn. What a wonderful place and thanks for sharing!

  10. Darla, don't you hate it when you find yourself out without the camera!

    Weeping Sore, glad it got a laugh.

    rebecca, thank you for sending it on...and I had a hunch it might be Michelle.

    ricki, oh yes! And please let me know if you find one!

    Alex, pretty darn diverse eh?

    Michelle, I hope to have the opportunity to take you up on that offer someday. Eight feet huh? Sounds like definite show stopper potential!

    Orchid, thank you!

    ks, and why indeed...maybe you should put an ant plant in your bathroom and give them a destination?

    Candy, it is a fabulous place, if you ever find yourself in Seattle you must visit.

  11. I have no words for this post... speechless. :)


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