Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Dioon Edule is mine!

What? Let me explain…the last time I visited Cistus Nursery I was quite smitten with this Dioon Edule… And last week I made the trip out to purchase it (thanks for the Christmas cash Mom & Dad). At last, it’s mine! Now naturally you don’t make the 22 mile drive out to Sauvie Island (where the nursery is located) and just stroll in pick up the plant and leave, you have to look around a bit. Because no matter how many times you visit Cistus there is always something new to see. Here is what I saw in the gardens… And inside the nursery…this chubby little Buddha man seemed quite content with things. Yes, I predict I will be buying one of these Arctostaphylos in the near future. Like the nest time I visit. Ah…that’s where I left my arm! My future Mahonia friends… There were several of these broken Bamboo timbers (shoots?). Damn wind. This is one of those jungly bits that you don’t notice when the nursery is in full operation mode. It’s only when things are toned down for winter that scenes like this jump out at you. Echeveria agavoides 'Red Edge'… Dyckia 'Red Devil'…I totally meant to buy one of these!!! But then things got a little crazy. More on that in a bit… Fascicularia pitcairnifolia var. bicolor, (post technical bloom ?)…still spectacular. Spiky goodness…. Wish I would have gotten the name of this. Ah yes, my elusive Echium friends. Please be here in another couple of months when I come looking for you! Ditto for the Grevilleas, my one and only seems to be sailing through the winter, come spring it’s time to expand and purchase a few more of these. So the craziness I mentioned, the thing that caused me to forget I wanted to buy that beautiful purple/red Dyckia? Well yours truly was whisked away for a 3 hour tour of the behind-the-scenes Cistus growing greenhouses and propagation area! It’s true! I’ve been to heaven and lived to tell about it. I hope you’ll understand when I say my camera stayed in my handbag. It was all I could do to absorb the beauty and all the fascinating stories I was hearing, if I had also been taking pictures I would have missed so much (plus truth-be-told my arms were cradling a couple of beautiful plant gifts!). Maybe…someday I can talk the kind and generous Mr. Sean Hogan into a repeat tour complete with pictures, or maybe even sound and video (gasp…that requires technology). Just think of the possibilities! Unfortunately I won’t be able to share the intoxicating scent of the greenhouses, everyone different and unique, just like the treasures they contain.


  1. My goodness you had an exciting outing and got your spiky fix all at the same time! Very nice looking specimens here.

  2. I think I need a Cistus fix! Back stage! I'm envious ...

  3. sounds like a lot of fun! I'll have to play hooky and go out there mid-week sometime.

  4. I'm honestly happy for you; I too cover Dioon. Someday my turn will come.

  5. I knew there was something I forgot to do this week. A trip to Cistus would put a shine on the week, and a behind-the-scenes tour would definitely top it off!

    Congrats on your new Dioon Edule, although I have no idea where you keep putting all these new plants!

  6. the 24th picture seems like a dianella with yellowberry...?!
    This colour is amazing!

  7. You gotta love those unexpected tours, and what a place to get one. Even from this side of the continent Cistus has a reputation.

  8. Darla, yes I suppose you are spiky fix for at least a week.

    Linda, I'm positive you do!

    Ryan, hooky! Sounds good....Cistus hooky!

    ChrisU, yes indeed, although in Maryland I imagine yours won't be going in the ground either.

    MulchMaid, oh I still have so much room! This one in a container (not hardy) and the Juniper in the never talked about side garden to the north of the front garden.

    Tutu, uhm...thank you for the name...I'll do a little research.

    Les, this is good to hear! They should...and if you are ever in Portland...we'll, you know.

  9. I think your cactus might be Teddy Bear Cholla... or something very similar.

    (Cylindropuntia bigelovii)


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