Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A visit to Means

We had a beautiful sunny afternoon last week…the kind that tempts you into the garden, only to then frustrate you when the skies cloud over and open up every 20 minutes or so and the showers end whatever crazy notion you had of completing a project. Luckily for me I saw right through the suns trickery and decided instead to go on a nursery field trip, this time to Means Nursery …the home of the nursery bargain. More the temptation….these huge Washingtonia robusta were only $9.88! (it was a very windy afternoon so they kept falling over)
At that price a girl can almost not care that they won’t winter over here and treat them as an annual. Just think of the instant tropical feeling they would lend to your patio!
Bargain flax to be had again this year at Means. Only $12.88 for these huge 5 gallon beauties!
Vivid Sedum and Sempervivum...
Large Yucca filamentosa 'Ivory Tower' for only $16.88And the first Tomato starts I’ve seen this season! But here is the best part…a full cart and a bill that came to under $20! From left to right: Ceanothus ‘Joyce Coulter’ (yes, another Ceanothus); 2 qty 1 gallon Flax (I know more flax…but these are the only ones I’ll buy this year FOR SURE! And they were only $4.88); a Lewisia (because I’m kind of obsessed with the one I saw at Kennedy School and this one was only $2); and Echinops 'Arctic Glow' (because the one I planted last year died). If only all my nursery trips could be this inexpensive…


  1. Looks like you got quite the deals!

  2. Wow, what fabulous bargains! Fun trip, great plants and it all cost under $20-quite satisfying.

  3. Woaa, those are amazing do they do it? I'm impressed you stayed under $20. When prices are that low, I tend to spend more because of the fatal bargain factor, i.e. I have to spend to save.
    Joyce Coulter looks great - haven't seen her in person, but descriptions I've read sound yummy.
    Nice Lewisia and great price - I could use some company for the single one I bought at Pomarius ...but primarily because everything around it kicked the bucket this past winter!

  4. Wow - you got some bargains - congratulations!

  5. I drive by Means every time I go to the store. Talk about dangerous! My hortfriends are derisive, but we have gotten some really good deals there. It is true that they overfertilize to get things looking good, and as a result they take a while to recover once they're in the ground, but recover they do.
    Hey, Loree...looks like you have been hanging out in my neighborhood lately!

  6. Wow, that is indeed a bargain plant shopper's dream come true! I was at a nursery the other day where everything seemed to be $15 and above. I even saw a $100 tree peony! Yikes. Sad that echinops is not hardy, I wanted to add that but am trying to be good about hardiness this year. Great haul!

  7. Those are really good prices. You need to go back for that "annual" palm.

  8. I need to check this place out...

  9. Loree~~ $4.88? Are you freaking kidding me? Uh, yeah. I can see the lure to Means. I agree with Pam. You need to call Means right now and have them set aside the palm. Do it for your readers!

  10. I hope this nursery does not have any expansion plans. If they get too close to me I will not be able to compete with those ridiculously low prices. Lucky you!

  11. Shelia, ain't it great!?

    Nicole, exactly.

    Jane, you should make the drive and stock up on the Lewisia! The Rare Plant Research sale always has several good ones too, although they are more expensive.

    Cyndy, I feel almost guilty being congratulated for bargains!

    ricki, it was all the same trip, Joy Creek and Means. I just needed a lot more time to go through all the fabulous pictures I took at JC and Means was a quick post. I do see the downside to the over-fertilizing part, but for a few bargains I'm welling to deal with the bump in the growth.

    Karen, add it! It is hardy...I just planted it at a bad time. It was too hot I think and it didn't get a good opportunity to thrive. I'm hoping that by planting this one early it will have a better opportunity.

    Pam, I have been thinking about it...

    linda, yes you do! Next time you trek to Cistus just drive a little further!

    Grace, for me readers huh? Will you send a note to my husband?

    Les, no worries, I don't think they have any plans of expanding.

  12. Looks like everyone needed to replace their flax this year. By the time I made it out to Means last weekend they were all gone. I hope there are more on the way.


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