Monday, April 19, 2010

Bergenia ‘Lunar Glow’ and other colorful leaves

How many different colors of leaves should be allowed to grow on one plant? And for that matter how many different colors can tastefully squeeze onto a single leaf?

Below is Bergenia ‘Lunar Glow’…all of these colors are on one plant! And a single leaf of the same plant…Viola Heartthrob has only green and burgundy, nothing shocking there I suppose...
Acid green and burgundy done Geranium style
Taking it up a notch…Geranium tricolor, although I would have called it quad-color
Do the tiny white hairs along the edge count as a color on this Aeonium?
I want to replicate this Hosta compilation in my garden:


  1. Love that Bergenia ‘Lunar Glow’ leaf detail! So fabulous! Let's get a coffee together some day soon Ms.Danger!

  2. I really like that tricolor Geranium and that Hosta shot!

  3. Beautiful foliage, incredible colors. Are the Bergenia & Viola grown in the ground or in pots?

  4. Andrea, sounds good!

    Mary C, I came so close to purchasing the Geranium...the colors were just so strong. But in the end I walked away.

    RBell, thanks! The Bergenia was still in it's nursery pot when photographed but will be in the ground shortly. The Viola was left behind at the nursery.

  5. Pretty! And then there are coleus, though I never use them in my own garden. Do you?

  6. I've never seen a Bergenia quite like that. It's quite a show-off with all those different colors.

  7. I love that second shot of Bergenia and now have anohter plant on my wish list.

  8. Hi Loree~~

    You've been busy and I've been away. Today is catchup day. [I didn't intend the rhyme but it works.]

    Have you visited this blog? Denise grows a lot of dangerous plants in her southern Cal. garden. Wasn't sure if you were aware of her or if you might be interested.

    Coincidentally I just purchased a variegated [cream, green with a touch of PINK] Bergenia. I can't recall the cultivar name but it's a doozy. I'll post a photo soon. I love all your leaf color vagaries.

    Once in a while I'll spot a color combo that feels icky but usually I'm an admirer. Can you imagine what our gardening grandparents would have thought, had they been able to see and grow the plethora of goodies we're blessed with?

  9. That's an over-achieving bergenia: normally I find them pretty ho-hum. Is it in your garden?

    The hosta shot is also yummy. My letter carrier (a gardening neighbor) gave me some hostas she divided, and several of them are beautifully variegated. I just need more shade for all those colorful beauties.

  10. Pam, I went through a Coleus phase. It's passed.

    Megan, that is how I will think of it from now on...the 'show-off' plant.

    Les, glad to hear I'm adding to the list. I wouldn't want to hear otherwise.

    Grace, I have visited Denise's blog in the past but thank you for the reminder! Good point about the grandparents. There is so much to shock there socks off though! I was just thinking about when I heard a friends child exclaim "you mean you had to turn the record over?"...this from a kid who has 100's of cd's on his iPod.

    Jane, it is currently in my "plant maintenance facility" waiting to go in the garden. What a nice letter carrier you have!


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