Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Gardner’s Choice

The most recent stop on my 2010 Unemployed Portland Area Nursery Tour was The Gardener’s Choice in Tigard, OR. I hadn’t heard of this nursery until my former coworker, and graphic designer friend, Andrea mentioned it. Then in a comment on a recent post Jared mentioned it was a great source for containers. Since I was going right by it in-route on an errand I decided to check it out.

Jared was right. This place has containers, lots and lots of containers. Every color, shape, size and material that you can imagine.

They also had…
Including this miniature Hosta venusta.
And lots of pansies, violas and dusty miller. Now it’s true I did post about a particular dusty miller that caught my eye last fall. But I quickly came to my senses and reverted to NOT liking dusty miller and I’ve never understood the appeal of pansies or violas. At least not in the garden, maybe as a spring lapel decoration on a 7-year old girl but that’s it.
The large leaves and deep color on this Verbascum Pandora tempted me.
They had a great selection of interesting groundcovers, like this Sedum confusum. Is that a great name or what?
When I was just about ready to leave empty handed I saw this beacon of hope peaking out from under the tent covering…my people! The spiky ones…
They had a small well edited selection.
With handsome Squid Agaves…
And a couple of fine little specimens that needed to join my collection.
When I took my agave purchases to the cash register the clerk exclaimed “you’re buying my dangerous plants!”….yes ma’m the name’s danger garden and that’s what I do….I buy the dangerous plants and I leave the pansies to, well, the pansies…


  1. Cute, Loree. I think you need to keep that "Watch Out..." sign and use it somewhere on your blog. It's so perfect. You don't like Dusty Miller? What's wrong with you? Kidding. I can't stand the stuff either. I think you and I are in the minority. I'm not into pansies either. The other day I found a cool planter at a garage sale, complete with pansies, like this was supposed to be a selling point. I'll be yanking them out but dare not tell anybody. I like Violas because they seed around. I usually dig them up and replant them in a container. Anyway, I'm sure you've read way more than you wanted to. ....

  2. Oh, the spiky people must stick (ha) together! You are a small but growing club. I will cop to liking pansies, I think it is their texture and fragrance more than their look. Plus, they re-sow so I never need to plant them anymore. But I agree on dusty miller, ugh.

  3. Well I love pansies ;-) And they're actually quite tough - even blooming under the snow. But your agaves and such are growing on me as well. Looks like a fun nursery - what a great selection of pots.

  4. Is it wishing for too much that their agaves are inexpensive? I suppose you would have mentioned it if they were. Remember a few years ago when there was not an agave to be found, or maybe a single gallon pot for $100 bucks? Now here I am hoping for bargains - I'm an ingrate.

  5. Just look at the containers, so many to choose from and they are perfect and beautiful! ~bangchik

  6. I love your humor! Great post. Looks like a wonderful place to shop!

  7. Patricia C, Portland ORApril 30, 2010

    I bought some of my first trees and shrubs at Gardener's Choice. Didn't have any idea what I was doing. They were very nice, though the Sango Kaku delivered wasn't the one I'd selected--and I've always pined for my original choice. (Some unfortunate watering issue on their end.) I don't remember if they had exotics back then. Of course, I wouldn't have known agave from sedum.

  8. Grace, I just found a cute pair of swim goggles at my nephews...I tried to get him to put them on so I could take a picture, explaining the whole sharp plant thing to him. At 3.5 yrs he just didn't get it.

    Karen, very funny...

    VW, I bought my mom (in Spokane) a couple of cold hardy agaves for mothers day last year...they didn't make it. Are you considering the purchase???

    Megan, yep. Ingrate.

    Bangchik...there really were SO MANY!

    Laura, was a fun visit.

    Patricia, they pulled a switch-a-roo on you!? That's horrible!

  9. I love garden centres, and I love those stone looking pots - would suit succulents very well.

  10. Whoa, Loree ... those pebbled, concrete-looking squarish containers are so great ... at least a few of them would've ended up in the Element!


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