Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Joy Creek Nursery

The same day I visited Means Nursery I also visited Joy Creek. This was the second time I ventured to this nursery, the first time was late in the fall of 2008 and I left with a rather indifferent opinion. Well it must have been fall speaking because visiting them in spring left me very impressed!

I started in the display garden that surrounds the private home of the owners Maurice and Mike. Of course how private is your home when your clients are wandering around your front yard right? As I got out of my car this was the view in the distance… Looking back towards the garden I was greeted by these striking specimens!
And another Manzanita to feed my growing obsession…
The bark is so beautiful (dare I say sexy again?)
Yet another orange Euphorbia, this one Euphorbia griffithii 'Dixter'
And to be sure of the name (yet another variation for the Orange Euphorbia) I just looked it up online, sure enough Joy Creek comes up in the search results and they have 10 available as well as 8 Euphorbia rigida (another on my lust list). Yet when I was there I saw exactly zero for sale. Now I know….ASK!
Podophyllum peltatum
And another Podophyllum (I believe) but I couldn’t find a label with a name.
Seeing this Rodgersia podophylla reminded me of mine. I planted one last year that I’ve seen no evidence of. Could it be a goner? I hope not.
Berberis lologensis
Rheum palmatum tanguticum? (Chinese Rhubarb)
How many opportunities does a girl get to stand in a bamboo grove like this? The wind blew and it moved and made the softest rustling sound.
Back in the nursery area I found a whole table of Manzanita! Finally my Manzanita hunt is over. I bought one of the ones right in the center of the picture, Arctostaphylos densiflora 'Harmony'
I thought I wanted a ‘Howard McMinn’ but seeing them side by side the leaves of the ‘Harmony’ were hard to pass up. I hope I made the right choice!
Saxifraga macnabiana
Sedum 'Vera Jameson' – I’ve been stalking this in a neighbors garden, complementing it, inquiring about it and hoping I would be given a little cutting, it’s a sedum after all they are practically created to be passed along.
There were more Podophyllum peltatum potted up and for sale
Eryngium yuccifolium
And for those of you always on the hunt for black foliage: Ligularia Britt-Marie Crawford
My second visit to Joy Creek has me hooked, I’ll be back again. And if you’re curious but don’t want to drive out to Scappoose then check out the Joy Creek booth at the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon Plant Sale this weekend! Joy Creek will be there along with my other favs Cistus, Xera, Dancing Oaks, Gossler Farms and Rare Plant Research all under one roof (danger!)…or if you aren't in Oregon check them out online...they do mail order! (link at the top of the page)...


  1. One of my earliest gardening buddies blew me away by hunting down a full-grown Manzanita and paying $400 for it. 'Sexy' is the only way to describe that bark.

    Fun to see Joy Creek through your eyes.

  2. After reading which nurseries will be at the plant sale, it's a good thing I don't live in Oregon...I'd be bankrupt. I'll take the Eryngium and Ligularia, thanks;)

    Christine in Alaska

  3. Patricia C, Portland ORApril 14, 2010

    I've got the Manzanita bug too, but dang it, I didn't see them at Cistus when I was there Sunday. And one other little thing, I'm not exactly sure I have space, but looking into the neighbor's yard, hmmm...

    1. Sneak one in their yard in the middle of the night and they will probably never notice it!

  4. Looks like a place I would like. We can only enjoy the Rogersia in pictures here.

  5. Private front garden Hey, that Saxifraga macnabiana is once viberant plant. We received a couple small clippings about 2 months ago we threw in the garden in random spots. So random, that I forgot where they are...and brings a smile to my face when I come across one when weeding. Matti

  6. Your growing manzanita obsession - I love it! (and you know I can relate.)

    I hope you got to see the eucalyptus test grove in the south canyon. It was spectacular last time I was there, but I wonder how it fared after the past winter. Time for a research trip.

    And Hardy Plant Society sale, here we come!

  7. ricki, oh my. While I would jump at the chance I can't see spending $400...

    Meg, speaking from experience?

    Christine, do you ever buy plants over the Internet?

    Patricia, space? Who worries about space?

    Les, if you ever make it out this way you must it's right by Cistus!

    Matti, I bought a couple...I am looking forward to their spreading.

    MulchMaid, No! I missed that, darn...I guess I'll just have to back out for another visit! Perhaps I'll see you on Saturday!

  8. I think your rodgersia could still be coming along. I have one that I just see hints of leaf bugs at the soils surface. I didn't even notice them until I was weeding in that area.
    I really must go to Joy Creek more, for some reason it's been quite a while. I remember that wonderful bamboo grove. Standing in it is practically a spiritual experience.

  9. Loree~~ You should be arrested for torture. About halfway through your post, I could feel my blood pressure rising, my mouth beginning to water, my cranial wheels shifting into high gear. Plant Lust. I recognize the symptoms.

    I've been to Joy Creek's website many times and now I'm thinking I've simply got to plan a trip. I need to see if Means has a website site and make it a two-fer.

    When the policemen arrive tell them I was just kidding.

  10. AnonymousJune 20, 2010

    Just for the sake of accuracy (I know, a bygone standard in these days of blogging) the owners do not live in that house.


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