Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The danger garden annex has it's own blog!

If you've enjoyed my posts about the McMenamins gardens, especially Kennedy School, you might want to check out their new Gardener's Blog (click on the link). Written by Erich Petschke (the fellow who has answered my many plant i.d. inquiries), the inaugural post is about the making of the "new" Xeric bed, the one with the agaves and great spiky plants.These are pictures of the Xeric garden from a walk last Friday. It's looking especially fabulous right now! I can't wait to see the Echium boissieri bloom!


  1. Oh, that's so cool! I hope they link to you, lots. :) Is that fuzzy leaf some kind of salvia? I think I saw it at the plant sale. Dang, shoulda coulda...

  2. Salvia argentea! Oh my gosh. I buy these and they always rot. And the Echium!! My Lewisia, progeny from my friend's mama-plant, is finally up and growing and ready to bloom.

    I look forward to seeing this blog. I bet the site owner was influenced by you to start it, wasn't he, Loree?

  3. Well, gosh, I hate to throw cold water on the love fest, but what a disconnect between the wonderful garden and the blog. The blog does reflect the general McMinn's aesthetic, which is kind of funky-cool, but the garden is cool-cool, and could sure use a better platform.

  4. Now I want that echium too. Nevermind I've already planted 3 in the shade.

  5. Karen, it is! Yep...Grace called it...Salvia argentea.

    Grace, rot really? I just bought one...maybe I'll go the pot route. And I was certainly hoping he would start one since I saw that others were on the McMenamins website were.

    ricki, I appreciate your point. Maybe it will evolve?

    Megan, ya...I am IN LOVE!


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