Friday, July 31, 2009


Yesterday I declared I was on strike until the heat lifted, well things are getting better. The oppressive heat is actually dissipating and it looks like we are coming out the other side of this thing. So instead of striking today I’m taking a little virtual vacation, to Hawaii. Sometimes I feel like I am the only person who hasn’t been to Hawaii…everyone I know has been and comes back with reports of spectacular foliage, amazing flowers and towering palms. My friend Andrea was there earlier this month and took some fabulous pictures - enjoy!
Anyone have a clue what this little creepy crawly is? Was it once alive?


  1. The plants and flowers in Hawaii are all so beautiful!
    Thank you dg and Andrea for the lovely reminder that I need to convince Mr. Mulchmaid (who also has never been there) that we need to go, soon!

  2. I like that last picture of the two trees shyly "holding hands".

    Damn! I have to go to Hawaii. My neighbor left for Hawaii on Wednesday. So yes, now everyone has been there but you and me.

  3. I soooooo love Hawaii.
    Thanks for the virtual tour.

    Hope that you can enjoy the islands for yourself someday soon.
    I love all the islands but Kauai is my favorite.

  4. It was exactly a month ago today that we went, what fun! Hope you're having a fabulous and cool weekend Miss DG. I ended up getting an iPhone....eeeee!!!

  5. I've been to Hawaii only once. I went with the side of the family that likes a vacation that involves lots of lying on the beach. It sounds nice in theory, I suppose, but lying around bores me silly. So whenever people talk about Hawaii, I picture that experience. However, checking out the tropical plants is a whole different matter. That kind of vacation I could get behind.

  6. Ive been to Maui and Kauai and loved it-esp the sightseeing and hiking. The "creepy crawly" is the frond from a bunch of coconuts after the coconuts have been cut/fallen off.

  7. Jane, yes...go soon! And please show us all your version of Hawaii afterwards.

    Sylvana,it's good to know I am not the only one. Do you have any plans to go?

    DD, when we do finally go it will be so hard to decide what island(s), everyone has a will we decide!

    A+M, god time flies! A month? And I can't believe it took you this long to get your i-phone...

    Megan, what you describe is my Hawaii nightmare. Why would you go there and just hang out on the beach! It's a tropical paradise...check it out!

    Nicole, THANK YOU for solving the mystery!


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