Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bring on the sun!

The early morning sun lighting up the yucca leaves
And decorating the palms
And shimmering through the blood grass
The late afternoon sun on the Ensete leaves
And showing off the veins in the Colocasia
And the shadows on the Aeonium
Ah summer…here’s to a long holiday weekend with lots of sun and heat! Hope you enjoy the 4th of July weekend wherever you are and whatever you do. And play safe with those fireworks ya hear!


  1. Lots of sun and heat here in Austin. There's never a lack in July! I hope you enjoy a nice, hot, sunny July 4th in Portland too.

  2. Thanks, Loree! Your photos are beautiful, and so is the sun that's making those pictures possible.

    I love summer sun in Portland. Happy 4th weekend!

  3. I love the last picture of the aeonium most! The shadow makes the rosette more insteresting ;-)

  4. Beautiful photos. I especially like the ones of the Ensete leaves :)

  5. Thanks Pam, we are looking at a long stretch of 90+ days...very nice, although I wish we had a/c for the night sleeping.

    Jane, isn't it wonderful (the sun)! Makes those days with grey and rain fade away!

    Stephanie, I am so glad I bought that plant, it's just so simple and gorgeous.

    Sandy, thank you! Even though I have to grow them as annuals they are so beautiful I can't imagine not having at least one.

  6. Beautiful images !
    Especially enjoyed the red banana shot. Very Arty !

    Have a sun and fun filled weekend .

  7. Nice pictures! Im trying to be a better sport about summer this year. The way the sun filters through leaves is one of the benefits Im trying to remember to appreciate. These photos are a good reminder for me.

  8. Thanks Michelle, our weekend has unexpectedly turned to caring for a kitten that turned up in our yard during the fireworks last night. Not what we planned but she's pretty cute and Lila (the pugster) is infatuated! careful you might just turn into a sun worshiper! Want a kitten? She's very cute...

  9. I am not the best in heat/sun, plus a lot of my plants prefer a bit of rain, so this is a tough year for a lot of them since I'm not watering very much (due to time constraints and also guilt). This is a good year in the NW to garden with dry/hot weather plants, it seems! Ah, poor kitty, wonder where she wandered in from? I think animals must suffer so much during 7/4. Too loud! :(


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