Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our year of living dangerously

Is this what the “climate change” thing is all about? It has been a year of weather extremes in Portland. Last December we experienced record setting cold, snow and ice, for days on end. Currently we are in the midst of record setting heat. Miserable heat. Monday was 103, Tuesday and Wednesday both topped out at 106, and today is heading to 102. I know many other places regularly get much warmer, and stay warmer for longer, but here in Portland we just don’t, and because we don’t it is rare to have air conditioning at home. Thank god for my office job!

I plead guilty to being a little weather obsessed. One of my favorite gadgets is this thermometer.Besides telling you the current temperature inside and outside it also records the high and low for the day out in my garden. The best part is the display screen sets on the kitchen counter so I don’t even have to go outside to see the current temperature or the extreme for the day! The bad part is that’s been going on the fritz when the temperature exceeds 100, just like me.

Who wants to think about gardening when it’s this hot? Cocktails in a nice air conditioned restaurant, that’s what I’m talking about. Just look at that ice cube! Burrrr….
Gardening talk to resume again as soon as the temperature stays below 100, until then I’m on strike.


  1. Those drinks look delish! I'm with you - a nice icy drink in a place with AC until this heat leaves for a while.

  2. People were talking about your record-breaking heat in the grocery store this evening. Not good! That's as hot as our highest highs, and of course we're air-conditioned to the hilt since that kind of thing can go on a while here. Without A/C I'd be a puddle on the floor. Hiding out at work and in restaurants and movie theaters sounds like a good bet until things cool off.

    Ironically, we barely hit 90 today thanks to cloud cover, and we even got four-tenths of an inch of rain. Yippee!

  3. Ugh - living in Portland like you, I can verify - it's hot! How hot is it?

    LOL, those drinks look scrumptious.

  4. yah! good for you going on strike! hope the drinks were delicious! they look lovely and cooooool :)

  5. D + M, you are correct!

    K & V, oh my...I just looked at Boise's temps! We've cooled off a bit but it looks like you guys are still pretty toasty!

    Pam, rain! Congrats...I bet it smells lovely there after a rain when it has been so hot? Thankfully we seem to be getting back to normal here. I should have gone on strike sooner!

    Steve, it's too damn hot! Better today though right?

    A + M, they were very delicious!

  6. What a fancy gadget - I need one of those! And then maybe one that has multiple sensors for different parts of the garden that could help you detect your microclimates. And then, sensors for moisture levels in the soil, and then... well, I guess I'm a gadget geek. I suppose I could also go out there and stick my hand in the ground.


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