Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Thai take-out green-wall, a (better late than never) update...

I first posted photos of this green wall back in Oct of 2013, and then did an update in December of the same year, after we came out of a deep freeze. Hard to believe that was almost ten years ago!

Since we still get Thai take-out nearby I see this planting at least once every couple of months.

It's held up pretty well, better than most I'd say.

A Google search for VeraWall returns nothing useful, and the link in my original, 2013, post goes nowhere. Sadly it seems the maker of this long-lasting green-wall pocket system is no more.

The hour was late and all I had was my phone for photos, so the color is a bit off, but the plantings were pretty lush.

I love that there's moss growing on the pockets. The fact that it's still green after a historically dry and warm summer tells you they must irrigate fairly regularly.

You can see the irrigation hoses as they traverse the hanging.

I may have gotten a bit snap-happy, but the plants had so much personality.

Interestingly this piece hangs on the side of a Thai restaurant—Mae Ploy—that we've never tried. Instead I park next to it and walk up the street to Thai Noon. Perhaps I need to rethink that and support the restaurant that's supporting the plants.

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  1. Green walls are amazing. This one appear to have new plants added / replaced those that didn't make it over the years: I actually find it looks better than it did in 2013.
    Definitely worth trying their food, as the wall is so wonderfully maintained.

    1. Green walls are amazing, when cared for.

  2. It's looking pretty good after being in place at least 9 years. Most vertical gardens seem to require regular upkeep so I expect someone's taking care of it, even if it's on an automated watering system. I found an old posting by a "visual designer" who may have had some involvement with this wall as she was actively promoting it between 2013-2016. She seems to have moved on to other roles, though.

    There's a really neat wall garden running up a building in Manhattan Beach I'd see every time I went to the dentist. I told myself I needed to stop and take some photos but parking and other plans prevented action on that plan and now I have a new dentist...

    1. Once again your Google skills come through! Interesting rabbit hole to fall into, thank you!

  3. Much more interesting than a plain stucco wall. You should give the restaurant a try. Spice of life so to speak.

  4. Love the plant combos on this wall. A ton of inspiring ideas.


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