Friday, September 9, 2022

Jungle Fever, a must see when you visit PDZA

Last July (when we had decided rather spur of the moment to visit Tacoma) I had a few free minutes after leaving the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, before I needed to pick up Andrew. I decided to make a stop at Jungle Fever Exotics—just a quick drive up the street from the zoo. 

Interesting to think I first visited this nursery back in 2010, twelve years ago!

I bought a pair of Yucca desmetiana 'Blue Boy', but neglected to take a photo. 

After I paid for my plants I walked up the street to check out Jerry's garden—the owner of the nursery. I think I usually see this bottle tree without leaves!

Looking up the sidewalk...

And back down the sidewalk, towards our car parked by the nursery.

Baby palms...

...and some very happy bamboo.

I really wanted to walk up those steps and peek at the private back garden... but I was a good visitor and stayed on the public sidewalk.

Pseudopanax ferox

It looks good with the bamboo.

Agave parryi at the corner, we'll see more of this one in a bit.

There is a very rangy Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca' working its way around the front garden, depending on other plants (and rebar) for support.

And more steps. these are in the wide hellstrip in front of the house and a bit of design masterwork. You don't really need the steps, but they add interest and planting opportunities.


Magical dierama.

Those steps again...

Maybe not a Genista aetnensis as I mistakenly thought when I snapped this photo.

It's definitely in the legume family though.

I love seeing such big leaves on a short tetrapanax (and there are those steps again).

Finally the corner agaves...

One of them bloomed a few years back, that was quite the spectacle.

Ferns on the side of the house!

I do love an "all in" plant person.

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  1. You never miss a garden - or an agave. I love the steps with plants tucked alongside and I like seeing a bottle tree that sports actual leaves too.

    1. I love those steps so much, I wish my hellstrip was wide enough that we could do something like that.

  2. Oh, to have a wide hell strip like this... so many possibilities of incorporating it into the front garden. I'm quite envious. Seeing the sidewalk photos, I was reminded of The Outlaw's voluptuous garden.

    1. Funny you mention the Outlaw. I hate to give people no warning when I ask to stop by their garden... otherwise I would have definitely gone to visit him and his garden.

  3. I'll have to get out there one of these days. Thanks for the tour!


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