Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The prettiest damn yucca bloom and a must-see open garden...

If you're on Instagram you might have seen the luscious Hesperaloe whipplei blooms posted by the Ruth Bancroft Garden starting in February...

Or maybe you saw photos on Gerhard Bock's blog (here). As Gerhard points out... "The flowers on this plant [the Ruth Bancroft Garden plant] are particularly attractive because of the purple picotee effect. Typically, Hesperoyucca whipplei flowers are creamy white, with no contrasting color."

Well those of you who follow Portland's @linda.callahan on Instagram know that the RBG isn't the only one with a fancy Hesperaloe whipplei (syn. Yucca whipplei) bloom happening. Here's a photo from her plant's early bloom-days, posted by Linda on May 4th...

And here's what it looked like when I stopped by for a viewing on May 7th.

Pretty gorgeous don't you think?

Here's the very tip top of the spike, still closed up tight.

And here's a context photo, although in hindsight I should have pulled back a little further so you could see more of Linda's fab garden

Why? Because I want to tempt those of you who are locals —and HPSO members—to plan to take advantage of an open garden event she's having next weekend (the 15th and 16th). Check the weekly HPSO email or log onto the website and search the open garden's feature for Linda Callahan. She'll also have a few spiky plants available for purchase (adoption?) during the open so you will DEFINITELY want to go. 

Now I wrap with a photo of my poor, long suffering, Yucca whipplei in it's container.

Based on how fantastic Linda's plant —and it's bloom—look I am oh so tempted to put it in the ground. On the other hand this is one of the sharpest, meanest, plants in my collection and I am just not sure where I can put it that it won't fatally injure someone...

Weather Diary, May 10: Hi 71, Low 49/ Precip 0 

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  1. Ah, the danger of spiky plants. The Hesperaloe bloom is really unique. The long sepals(?) give it a bit of menacing look as if they were very sharp thorns. Very cool.

  2. It is spectacular! I covet it but your warning about its spikiness makes me apprehensive too - my 'Bright Stars' are bad as it is! Maybe it could work on my back slope...

    1. Oh boy, if 'Bright Star' is bad then stay away from this one!

  3. That flower is gorgeous, but the spikes sure are scary!

  4. Beautiful examples! Good luck with the spiky Yucca. :)

  5. Yucca flower beauty always surprises me. The plants are so tough, the flowers so delicate, and for the size of the spike, ephemeral.


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