Friday, May 7, 2021

Another week in phone photos...

It was another busy week in the garden—well, actually a busy hour here, a couple hours there. Unfortunately the entire week was not spent in the garden. However, I have more phone photos of spring in my garden...

Variegated lily of the valley... so darn good! And interesting too that the subtly different variegation on the two plants I bought a year apart is holding up over time.

The foliage is so good I wouldn't mind if there were no blooms, but there are!

Maytenus boaria 'Green Showers' was a gift from Sean Hogan 7 years ago, just a tiny whip. It's now grown up to be a real tree with a trunk and those namesake "showering" branches. It also has tiny green flowers! Who knew?

Have I mentioned how much I love the foliage of my Akebia longeracemosa 'Victor's Secret'? I love the flowers too, but they're not quite ready yet.

This seems to be an exemplary year for Corokia cotoneaster blooms.

They're perfect little yellow stars.

Erica arborea var. alpina is blooming too...

And I am thrilled to know that Daphne x houtteana responds to light pruning (that's the plant to the left of the agave). It was getting a little leggy and not looking great after our freak week of winter in February. All is good now.

Leucothoe fontanesiana 'Rainbow', planted for the foliage, but loving the flowers.

My first—and most successful—experimentation with Lewisia. 

They are stellar performers every single year.

Echeveria agavoides 'Lipstick' with Stachyurus salicifolius confetti

New foliage of Schefflera delavayi.

I threated to toss it and what do you know, it's best bloom flush ever! Loropetalum  chinense var. rubrum 'Hindwarf'.

Love the croziers of Blechnum spicant.

This is why daphniphyllum are sometimes referred to as "red neck rhododendrons"... even though they are NOT rhododendrons.

Aporophyllum hybrid, finally blooming outdoors (rather than in our basement).

A moment of sun, on the patio...

As you probably know, I love moss. All moss. But this strange little patch that looks like flowers when you look really close...

Extra love, whatever it might be.

Saturday I'm taking part in the May Marché at Pomarius Nursery, here I was setting up my table in advance, at home—troubleshooting.


My first peony (Paeonia 'Smith Opus 1', Misaka) bloom of the year! Brought inside and stuck in a vase.

The second bloom of the year, outdoors, on the plant. Both colors are correct, it sort of changes over time.

Just a couple more photos. The Embothrium coccineum is blooming...way way up there! At least the hummingbirds like the flowers up high.

New foliage of Sinopanax formosanus.

And finally Sophora prostrata 'Little Baby' flowers, blurry because no matter how hard I try, that's what I get. I hope you enjoyed another round of phone photos!

Weather Diary, May 6: Hi 68, Low 49/ Precip .01 

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  1. All these photos are fabulous, Loree. I wasn't even able to pick a favorite - any and all of those plants would be welcome in my garden. Best wishes with Saturday's event!

  2. Looking good, all of them. But...a peony? What's next, roses? ;^)

    1. Nah, already did the rose thing with Rosa sericea ssp. omeiensis f. pteracantha.

  3. So many droolworthy photos! My corokia bloomed, too, but nothing like yours. Keep the phone photos coming!

    Your trial display looks fantastic. I love the burlap sacks--coffee beans originally?

    1. Yes they were coffee bean sacks. Been collecting for ages!

  4. The Sophora and the Sinopanax got to me. Although I can’t grow the Sinopanax, the Sophora looks promising. Everything is looking so lush.

    1. The sophora is a wonderful plant, good luck with it!

  5. Love the color variation on the Peonies. How do you keep the lily of the valley from taking over? A lot of great foliage there.

    1. It's new, so it's only slightly bulked up, but a friend really wanted a piece so I managed to pull one of the "runners". It was a good experiment to see how easy (or not) it would be in the future. Since the planting is in a large stock tank the soil it a little more "fluffy" (easy to work my hand into) than if it were planted in the ground.

  6. With the Echeveria agavoides 'Lipstick' do you have to clear them of the Stachyurus salicifolius confetti? If so, how do you do that?

    1. Everything under the Stachyurus salicifolius needs to be cleared. The echeveria was fine with just a blow of air (from me), others needed a blast of water with the hose.


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