Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Wrapping up the coastal experience...

Before we hit the road last month at the end of March, I asked my fellow plant people for their recommendations of things to do during our stay near Florence, Oregon. That's how I learned of Laurel Bay Gardens nursery. Once there I discovered there was no missing it, their large A-frame building was right on the 101, just south of the Darlingtonia Wayside.

Things looked promising right away...

The tall luxurious cordylines growing all around the area were something I didn't tire of seeing. I wish I would have taken more photos of them, but this one will have to be a stand in for all the rest.

Rhododendrons! There were so many, all waiting in tidy rows.

I was rather taken by the foliage of Rhododendron 'Trocadero'... had I bought it I would have forever referred to it as Rhododendron 'Pinky Tuscadero'

This beauty tempted me. I think it was a small-leaved hebe?

The grounds were quite large, I was actually a little relieved to learn what I could see in the distance was off-limits.

Large leaved hebes...

And Yucca rostrata...

Agaves, mangaves and dyckia... oh my!

Mangave 'Tooth Fairy'

I was happy to see coastal residents have agave options.

This plant tempted me. In fact I carried it around for a bit...

Then I decided I could probably find it back in Portland. Have I? No. But I haven't really been on the hunt.

Another day out exploring, and we decided to drive south to Coos Bay. As we entered the tiny town of Reedsport we caught sight of the Jedediah Smith marker and Andrew needed to stop to take a look.

I was kind of enthralled by this large stone marker.

Then once we saw this sign we had to travel on to see the unusual sight.

It was all very green.

And finally... the dead trees!

Weather Diary, May 3: Hi 64, Low 48/ Precip .06 

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  1. I'm almost surprised that there are any plant nurseries/garden centers in Oregon you haven't visited! That memorial marker was disconcerting. I went so far as to do a cursory search for some kind of reference but all I found was another photo of the marker with speculation as to what may have happened to the children.

  2. Loved the look of some of those big pots. Always on the lookout. The Leucothoe is gorgeous. I admire your restraint.

    1. It was more not wanting to listen to my husband complain about another plant in the car...

  3. As I always tell you, the lush green ALWAYS makes my heart sing living in the desert. But that Leucothoe was brilliant. Damn.

    1. It's a Monrovia plant... there will be another.

  4. Area looks...rainwashed (a great virtue for these eyes. The "Pinky" link was interesting (served jail time for hitting a man with her cane). I looked up Jedediah Smith while I was there--fascinating adventuresome man, ahead of his time.

    Looks like it was a great trip--plus, Agaves!

    1. Ya that was March and we had just had some rain. Since that week? Not so much. Driest April ever (just .37") and on track for the driest spring.

  5. Worth going to for the pots alone. And I must source myself a Mangave 'Tooth Fairy' here soon...

  6. You got me with Leucothoe Scarletta... now I want one too!

    1. Monrovia has a plant finder feature on their website. I bet a nursery near you has it right now!


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