Saturday, May 15, 2021

Bloomday for May, 2021

May's Bloomday... this is what it's all about! Carol at May Dream's Gardens created Garden Blogger's Bloomday to celebrate the idea we can have flowers in our gardens all year-round. However—as her blog name indicates—she still dreams of May, one of the loveliest months in our gardens. 

So, on to the blooms!

This NOID lewisia has been blooming in my garden for weeks now.

Ditto for the Leucothoe fontanesiana 'Rainbow' (rainbow because the foliage takes on many colors when the weather cools)

This bright lewisia was a gift from my friend Bridget before she moved away. It reliably blooms every spring, and when it does I think of her.

Grevillea x gaudichaudii

One of the fabulous bougainvillea gifts from my friend Peter, it's settling into it's new home quite well I think.

Loropetalum  chinense var. rubrum 'Hindwarf'

Parahebe perfoliata

Okay that was the flower bounty in the front garden, now we've walked around to the side of the house. Paeonia 'Smith Opus' (Misaka)

Cerinthe major 'Purpurascens' 

And into the back garden now, where we see these tiny little Saxifraga hypnoides flowers.

Disporum cantonese ‘Night Heron’

Polygonatum, Solomon's seal

Lots of future blooms on the Callistemon viridiflorus

High in the sky blooms on Embothrium coccineum

Paris quadrifolia

Unfurling Paris polyphylla (Heronswood form), side view...

Top view...

The white bells visible in the background (above) are Disporum cantonese 'Green Giant'.

Podophyllum peltatum

Quesnelia marmorata 'Tim Plowman' (still in a small container so I held it over a nice green backdrop to take this photo).

Lonicera x brownii 'Dropmore Scarlet'

The last Magnolia laevifolia bloom (way up at the top of the plant!).

I tucked a supermarket succulent under this agave last summer expecting it to be an annual, but what do you know? It lived and is blooming (an echeveria NOID)

Podophyllum pleianthum

A better shot...

Podophyllum 'Red Panda'

I cut all the blooms off this patch of Saxifraxa 'Primuloides', but this one was a late comer. It got to stay.

A final few Epimedium 'Amber Queen' blooms.

Darlingtonia californica

The new Darlingtonia californica pitchers are still tiny, so those flowers loom large.

Sophora prostrata 'Little Baby'

Periscaria runcinata 'Purple Majesty'

Ajuga reptans 'Black Scallop'

And another bougainvillea! This one 'Sharon Wesley'

She's a beauty!

Akebia longeracemosa 'Victor's Secret'

The beginning of Scadoxus puniceus blooms...

I couldn't decide which photo to use.

Fertile fronds of Osmunda regalis.

Bilbergia nutans

Thalictrum ichangense 'Evening Star'

Aporophyllum 'Shirley' (orchid cactus) puts an end to this very long Bloomday post—well, unless you count yesterday's "prequel"—with Echium wildpretii blooms

Weather Diary, May 14: Hi 80, Low 55/ Precip 0 

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  1. those Disporums...I wonder if I can figure out a spot. It seems unlikely-but that has rarely stopped me . Pefectly justifies posting both Scadoxus photos ! I can't decide which one I like best, but I'm leaning towards Number 1.

    1. It's an amazing year for the disporum, both have multiple beefy bloom stalks.

  2. The variety of blooms is mind-boggling! Some were a big a surprise, e.g. epimydiums in May? Isn't that a bit late?

    Also, I didn't know you had an epiphyllums. I assume they overwinter downstairs?

    1. I have many epiphyllum, and yes... winter is in the basement. There are only a few blooms on the epimedium... they're definitely winding down.

  3. So many beautiful flowers I wish I could grow! I'm most envious of the Disporum cantonese 'Green Giant' and the Epimedium (both of which I tried to grown in my former garden even knowing the odds were against me). I should try the Lewisia as that's at least sold locally, suggesting it has some chance of survival here. Happy Bloom Day, Loree!

  4. Wow, so many unusual and delightful blooms you have this month, Loree. A happy month!

    1. May is such a wonderful month. Although as I've said before, I'd give it up if it meant no winter.

  5. Beautiful blooms, every one of them!
    That's the best photo of a May Apple bloom! (Podophyllum peltatum)
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  6. Had to laugh at the Ajuga as it is one of the few plants I recognized and can grow. Only one of my 3 Evening Star plants made it through the winter. Love that shot of the Paris leaves. What a gorgeous bit of drama.

    1. The ajuga is really happy now that I've removed the overgrown ceanothus. It was actually starting to wane but is coming back strong now.

  7. So many beautiful blooms. A very lovely garden.

  8. I'm getting a little obsessed with epimediums and want to try them in containers where I can give them more moisture. 'Amber Queen' for sure, and Jimi Blake says 'Domino' is the best of the many he's tried. Happy happy May Bloom Day!

    1. I have to admit to not being particularly fond of epimediums in general, but I love the ones with spiky leaves.

  9. I admit to being very covetous of your fabulous bougainvilleas. How does Peter manage to find them so early??

    1. I do not know, but I am glad he does!

  10. Beautiful and luscious garden.

  11. I 100% bought a leucothoe Rainbow because of your pictures :) I can't wait to see it get bigger!!


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