Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Wednesday Vignette, brown with green sparkles

I bought this Comptonia peregrina last fall and didn't get it in the ground because I needed to remove the Ceanothus 'Dark Star' first. That project is on track but in the mean time I've loved watching the sweet fern here (tucked in a protected spot at the back of the garage) as it moves through the seasons.

I'm almost considering buying another because I love how how it looks against the dark brown paint, especially now that the new leaves are making an appearance.

Weather Diary, March 16: Hi 55, Low 30/ Precip 0 

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  1. Fascinating information in the link you provided: a fern that's a deciduous 'shrub', has fragrant leafs, potentially 5'x8' tall and wide, "fixes its own nitrogen"... all of which are amazing details.
    "Once established... it can spread rapidly to form colonies." Maybe a second plant isn't necessary.

  2. It's as if it were performing a fern ballet. Very intriguing but the zone 2-6 designation doesn't bode well for its success in my zone 11a despite the claim that it tolerates drought. Sunset is mum on the genus.

  3. It is an unusual looking plant. It first reminded me of a sea dragon specially in that first photo before I read the caption.

  4. I love the scent of sweet fern and its very cool zigzag leaves. I know of a big wild patch close by. It seems to love acidic, infertile, gravelly soil and full sun. 'Disturbed' soil, I guess they call it.

  5. I love that plant! Sadly, I just discovered that mine finally died. It kept getting more and more overgrown. Had planned to move it, but missed my January window, and now it's too late. Have you seen the little red tassel flowers yet? Adorable...


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